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Billo’s answer to blaming rape victims: Posing as rape victim advocate? A new low, even for this prick

Once AGAIN, Billo uses the “out of context” bullshit only to cover up the fact that the context was worse than the edited clip!

by Larry Simons
March 24, 2009

Just when I keep thinking Billo could not reach new lows, he does just that. It’s incredible how loofah boy continues to accomplish the miraculous. He’s the gift that keeps on giving. All kidding aside, this time it gets a bit more serious.

Monday on FOX News’s #1 propaganda outlet, The O ‘Reilly Factor, Billo had the audacity to attack bloggers, calling them “far left loons” for, once again, simply posting word for word portions of his own 2006 radio show in which he blamed rape/murder victim Jennifer Moore for her plight.

Calling it “a preposterous lie”, he then went on to say that The O ‘Reilly Factor has done more for the victims of crime in America than any other TV program with the exception of America’s Most Wanted, but naturally, offered no proof of that.

Billo then mentions the 2006 Radio Factor broadcast and tells his zombies that the entire commentary of that program has been “posted at Bill O’” incase anyone wants to hear it. What Billo fails to reveal is why he does not just play the clip of him blaming Jennifer Moore for her rape/murder on the air. No, instead he tells his sheep to “go to his website” to listen to the full clip.

Yeah, Billo, as if your own fans are really going to follow up on that and actually go to the website and check it out. The fact that they watch your show to begin with means that they have no interest in facts or doing research, so going to your website will be the last thing they do. They take your word for everything and follow like good, obedient sheep. That’s why they are sheep. Sheep do not research and investigate.

Then Billo accuses NBC News of “encouraging the loons” to protest The Alexa Foundation “causing Alexa and her family major grief”. Again, no proof NBC News did any encouraging, and no proof Alexa Branchini or her family suffered any grief. Branchini herself was not even on the show during this segment. Does Billo want us to believe this woman and her family suffered grief and then didn’t have the thoughtfulness to ask her to be a guest so she could share her story?

Billo then says, “perhaps the worst garbage came from the far-left group ‘Center for American Progress’ headed by John Podesta. A woman named Amanda Terkel led that charge.” Then Billo plays a clip of his stalker/thug producer Jesse Watters ambushing Terkel while she was on vacation in Winchester, VA over the weekend.

Watch the clip

Notice in the clip, as with all ambushes done by FOX News, that Watters asks questions that require Terkel to automatically be prepared for a response, as if it was a scheduled interview.

Naturally, when Watters asks questions like, “What did Bill O’ Reilly say?”, unless a complete word for word dialogue doesn’t instantly pop out of Terkel’s mouth, it will be viewed as ‘ahhhh, she has no clue what she’s talking about---liar!’ I thought she did well despite being ambushed. My only complaint was that I thought she was too nice. I would have taken that microphone out of that fucking little twerp Watters’ hand and shoved it so far up his ass, he would have thought it was one of his butt-fuck sessions with Billo.

During the ambush, Watters asks Terkel, “What was the Mel Gibson component to Bill’s analysis?” Then, when Terkel has no clue what the hell this prick is talking about, Watters says, “You didn’t hear it, did you? Because you’re just dishonest.” Well, needlenuts, I heard the “Mel Gibson component” and here’s the facts asshole. When the entire clip is played in it’s context, it incriminates Billo MORE! This is the very reason why Watters, after hearing that Terkel didn’t know what it was, didn’t simply just tell her what it was!

For those not following this story, this is the “Mel Gibson component”: On Billo’s radio show on August 2, 2006, the same program in which he made the Jennifer Moore comment, he compared Moore’s situation with the Mel Gibson arrest in July 2006 when Gibson was drunk and admitted anti-Semitic remarks. Billo said this:

“I think it’s safe to say that if Mel Gibson didn’t get drunk, he wouldn’t be in this terrible situation he finds himself in. And if a young woman, 18-year-old Jennifer Moore of Harrington Park, NJ, didn’t get drunk, she’d be alive today.”

The idiocy of this comparison is mind-numbing. Gibson’s drunkenness altered his own behavior. Moore’s drunkeness, although it may have made her more vulnerable and unaware, did not cause her rape and murder. Getting drunk does not control the behavior of someone else. Her rape and murder resulted because of the criminal and sick actions of another. This is what Billo and his stalker/thug Jesse Watters did not want you to hear. This is why neither Billo or Watters said it out loud during this segment or played the clip. Once again, the full context incriminates Billo even more, as I highlighted previously.

Since Billo or Watters refuse to play or even SAY the full context, I downloaded it and made a YouTube clip of it, so the whole world can hear it. Sad when you have to come to Real Truth Online to get Billo’s FULL CONTEXT!. Enjoy.

Here is the full context of Billo's comparing the stories of Mel Gibson and Jennifer Moore: (I highlighted the segment that most media outlets reported to which Bill cried "out of context", so that you can see that the remainder of Billo's dialogue provided no justification for the outrageous things he said nor the "out of context" complaint)

“…and then you have young people like Miss Moore. Let me tell you her story. On Friday night, July 28 (2006), she went out with a girlfriend into New York City to club, and what these young girls do, they have phony ID’s because it’s 21 to drink in New Jersey and New York, and they go from club to club in downtown Manhattan, and they get bombed.

And, uh, then they come out and God knows what’s gonna happen to them, ‘cause there’s predators everywhere in a big city like this. So, anyway, these two girls come in from the suburbs and they get bombed and their car is towed because they’re moronic girls and, you know, they don’t have a car so they’re standing there in the middle of the night with no car.

And, then they separate because they’re drunk, they separate, which you never do. Now Moore, Jennifer Moore, 18, on her way to college, she was, uh, 5 ft 2, 105 lbs, wearing a miniskirt and a halter top with a bare midriff. Now again, here you go. So, every predator in the world’s gonna pick that up at 2 in the morning. She’s walking by herself on the west side highway, and she gets picked up by a thug, alright?

Now, she’s out-of-her-mind drunk. And the thug takes her over to New Jersey in the cab and kills her and rapes her and does all these terrible things to her. And the thug is so stupid, he uses her cell phone and the cops trace it back to him, and they arrest him, charge him with murder. He had a prostitute girlfriend with him, she’s charged an accessory to murder. But, Jennifer Moore is in the ground, she’s dead.

Alright, now she’s 18..18 years old, and she lives at home. So, what, what’ there a parental responsibility here? Now, I think back to my own when I was 18. When I was 18, I was pretty much on my own here, on my own. Alright, I was in college and I came back and lived at my parents house on Long Island during the summer. But I was never there and I didn’t have any curfew. My parents didn’t know what I was doing. I worked during the day painting houses and I’d go out with my dopey friends at night and raise hell.

Now I never drank. I didn’t get drunk, so I didn’t have to worry about that. But I had a car and I was zipping around, and you know, if I wanted to stay out all night, I was gonna stay out all night. Nobody told me what to do when I was 18. …But today, if I’m a, if I have an 18 year old daughter, and if it was a guy, ehh, probably not the same standard, but if I had a daughter who’s 5’ 2”, and 105 pounds, I’d say that daughter would probably have a curfew living under my roof. I’m not letting a daughter run around all night…uh, just for safety reasons.

OK, so, the reason the reason that Jennifer Moore is dead is ‘cause she got drunk…alright. The reason Mel Gibson is in the trouble of his life, and you know, his family, you gotta really feel bad for them. He’s got a bunch of kids and his wife and all that, is ‘cause he got drunk.”

Then Billo talks about Mel Gibson and other celebrities for the next minute before he takes phone calls. According to Billo, here are the things (in order) that Jennifer Moore did that made her deserve a death sentence:

1. Got drunk
2. Came out of the bar
3. Let her car be towed
4. Stood around in the middle of the night
5. Separated from her friend
6. Wore a miniskirt and a halter top with a bare midriff
7. Walked by herself
8. Gets a ride

You could call some of these things ‘not so smart’ maybe, but deserving of being raped and killed?

One of the most disturbing elements to this story is the fact that we are talking about a man (O’ Reilly) who has made controversial and outrageous comments about rape victims and kidnapped children (Shawn Hornbeck) in the past. He was invited to speak at a fundraiser for an organization that helps rape victims, and here he has his producer, Jesse Watters, obtain the address of Amanda Terkel, and sit outside of her apartment and wait for her to leave in order to track her down for an ambush interview!

So, not only has Billo showed disrespect for women in the past, calling Jennifer Moore and her friend “moronic” and sexually harassing ex-O' Reilly Factor staffer Andrea Mackris, but now even after the Alexa Foundation speaking event, O’ Reilly still displays very disturbing behavior with women.

Also, two other big fat lies on O’ Reilly’s part is the fact that no one ever criticized the Alexa Foundation in any story or coverage. Amanda Terkel did not, or Newshounds, or Media Matters or MSNBC. No one, but, well… I criticized them, why didn’t I get any negative press? The other big fat lie is the fact that O’ Reilly claimed in August 2007 that:

“The Factor" occasionally sends out producers to confront people who will not answer serious questions about controversial things they do, like judges giving child rapists probation, for example. Now, some object to displays like these. But we feel they're a vital tool in holding public servants accountable for their actions, and we do not go after people lightly. We always ask them on the program first, or to issue a clear statement explaining their actions.”

Terkel is neither a public servant, nor was she ever once asked to be on O’ Reilly’s show to discuss this.

Here is an explanation of what Amanda Terkel said she experienced:

The Stalking: Watters and his camera man accosted me at approximately 3:45 p.m. on Saturday, March 21, in Winchester, VA, which is a two-hour drive from Washington, DC. My friend and I were in this small town for a short weekend vacation and had told no one about where we were going. I can only infer that the two men staked out my apartment and then followed me for two hours. Looking back, my friend and I remember seeing their tan SUV following us for much of the trip.

The Ambush: Shortly after checking into our lodgings, we emerged and immediately saw two men walking toward us calling out my name. Watters said he was from Fox News, but never said his or his companion’s name, nor did he say he was with The O’Reilly Factor.

The Surprise Attack: Watters immediately began asking me why I was causing “pain and suffering” to the Alexa Foundation. He never gave me the context for his questions. Confused, I repeatedly asked him what he was talking about and whether he could refresh my memory, but he just continued shouting his question.

The Evasion: I said that it was inappropriate for O’Reilly to imply that just because a woman may be drunk and/or dressed in a certain way, she should expect to be raped. Watters asked me whether I had listened to the interview (which I had) and claimed that O’Reilly had made the comments in the context of a commentary on Mel Gibson/drunkenness. When I tried to ascertain why he was attacking ThinkProgress in particular — even though other sites had also covered the story — he said that we were part of the “smear pipeline,” which also included the “Soros-funded” Media Matters. He ignored my comments when I asked if Fox News also smears people.

Setting A Guilt Trap: Watters ended the charade by demanding that I look into the camera and apologize to the Alexa Foundation and rape victims. I told them that I don’t speak through Fox News and if someone from the Alexa Foundation would like to personally call me, I’d be happy to speak with that person.

More Stalking: The camera man then continued to film me as I walked down the block. After a few minutes while I waited at the light to cross the street, Watters called him back and they left.

Here’s Jon Stewart’s take on Bill O’ Reilly’s hypocrisy on people’s “right to privacy”. Keep in mind, Terkel is neither a public servant, nor was she previously asked to be on The Factor.

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One glaring thing stands out to me about all of this. From the time that Billo was invited to speak at the Alexa Foundation luncheon until Monday night, guess how many stories Billo did on this? That’s right, ZERO. He did mention it on his site, but just where he was going to be and when. No mention of the controversy surrounding it, or the fact that there was over 900 names signed on a petition created by the Concerned Citizens Against Sexual Violence to have the Alexa Foundation cancel O’ Reilly’s appearance. Billo waited until after his speaking event to reveal the story as to not bring attention to this huge story that had exploded on the internet weeks prior. What a complete FRAUD.

Amanda Terkel was on Olbermann tonight to discuss Bill O’ Reilly, the Fraud:

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