Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ron Paul on Israeli invasion: There is no benefit for us (USA) to be involved in this fight over there

by Larry Simons
January 4, 2008

Dr. Paul discusses the implications of the Israeli invasion of Gaza and how our administration has given the green light to do so. Paul says, “We have just antagonized the Muslin-Arab world even more so than ever before.”

The Congressman then says that the big story of this year just may be the rapid deterioration of our dollar because of the fact that we continue to escalate and remain involved in these conflicts overseas. Paul says that the more we remain involved in these needless conflicts, the more we have to keep printing and borrowing money, and along with Congress continuing to bailout banks and car companies, it will only lead to more inflation.

He then says that the only “solution” that Washington has come up with is what has caused the problems to begin with: spending too much money, borrowing too much money, having too much debt and printing more money.

The Congressman says that this “change” administration has endorsed the militarism that has sunk this country into debt and continual war, so don’t be looking for any change in philosophy from the upcoming new tenants of the White House.

How will this get any better? Obama has appointed Rahm Emanuel, who actually fought in the Israeli army in the early 90’s, as his Chief of Staff and his father, Benjamin Emanuel, was a Zionist terrorist in the militant group Irgun in the late 1940’s and was responsible for killing hundreds of Palestinians. This is the “change” people voted for? To not only continue to support and defend Israel, but to install people in the White House who have ties to actually blowing up Palestinians?

We will experience change all right, but it won’t be the change that was expected.

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