Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Billo once again a traitor in his imaginary “war on Christmas”

Has used the word “holiday” on his own site to describe ornaments, has had a “holiday” reading list……now writes “The great American "holiday" quiz”

by Larry Simons
December 9, 2008

As if we needed yet another example of Billo turning traitor on his own imaginary “war on Christmas”, he has delivered one anyway. For 6 years now loofah boy has been declaring from his bully pulpit that there has been a “war on Christmas” brought to you courtesy of those secular-progressives who are hell-bent on destroying the Christmas holiday forevermore by using that evil word….”holiday”. The reality is that this “war on Christmas” only exists in one place on Earth...Billo’s imagination.

Because even Billo himself knows this is imaginary might be one reason why, on many occasions in the past 6 years, he has hypocritically used the word “holiday” on his own website, TV show and in things he has written like the latest “Great American Holiday Quiz”, featured here on Parade.com. Of course, those of us who still live in saneworld know the main reason he uses “holiday” is because he is a complete fraud.

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Not only is the word “Christmas” left out of the title of the quiz, but some of the questions in the quiz have absolutely nothing to do with Christmas (in the religious sense, of which Billo claims is being destroyed) like the following:

Who created the American image of Santa Claus?

What does Hanukkah mean in Hebrew?

Who created Kwanzaa?

Poinsettia plants came to America from what country?

The hilarious thing is, when you take the quiz (which means answering some evil, liberal, secular-progressive questions unrelated to Christmas) you could win a copy of Billo’s book, “A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity”!! It’s not even a Christmas-related prize! It’s a copy of his stupid book! A true Christmas lover would have at least offered the winner a book from his “holiday” reading list (below)!

Just last month on Billo’s website he listed books as a part of his “holiday” reading list, here.

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Yes, those evil liberals want to banish the traditions of Christmas and the entire Christmas holiday altogether by “ordering” others to use the word “holiday” and placing “atheism” signs in front of state buildings, etc, etc.! What does it say about Billo when he uses the word “holidaywithout being ordered to use it, and by not being an atheist?

I’ll tell you what it makes him. The world’s biggest FRAUD, HYPOCRITE and LIAR.

Bill O’ Reilly……hater of Christmas!

Billo wins Worst Person for being the Benedict Arnold of Christmas!

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