Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Billo condemns free speech...says “atheism” sign is “denigrating religion”; continues his insane ‘war on Christmas’ crusade

Fails to inform his zombies that atheism is also a religion and the sign denies the existence of ALL religions…which would include Atheism

by Larry Simons
December 3, 2008

Psycho Billo is once again demonstrating his clear and present lunacy by declaring to his viewers/zombies for the 6th straight year now (on cue, right around this time of year) that there is a “conspiracy” against Christmas, or as he puts it, a “war on Christmas”.

Last night on the no-fact zone, Billo reminded his sheep of the past “attacks” in the “war on Christmas” and how they snatched victory from those “evil” Christmas haters who apparently were conspiring to end Christmas forever by uttering the most vicious and vile words one can muster, “Happy Holidays”. Billo said this:

“Remember, certain companies ordered their employees not to say the words ‘Merry Christmas’, it was outrageous. We identified those companies and many Americans, many of you stopped doing business with them. Presto! The words ‘Merry Christmas’ came back fast to the retail world---a major victory for traditional Americans.”

First of all, there was never any evidence that companies ordered their employees not to say ‘Merry Christmas’. In fact, one of the stores in the big national ‘conspiracy’ was Crate & Barrel. C & B spokeswoman Betty Kahn said none of the employees and C & B were told not to say it. They had the liberty to say it or not to. I personally spoke with Betty Kahn on the phone in November of 2006 and she told me this. She told me that neither FOX News nor Billo’s minions had even contacted her store. My story on that is here.

Stores like Wal-Mart who had switched to ‘Happy Holidays’ and then back again to using the word ‘Christmas’ did so out of business interests, not to preserve traditions in America and sure as hell not because Billo and his goons protested it!

Second of all, there was never any evidence that because of Billo’s protests companies began using the phrase 'Merry Christmas' again or that they had lost business because of it. All of this was simply made up by Billo. In fact, Wal-Mart had said in 2006 that they were labeling more things with ‘Christmas’ on it to boost business after a “sluggish fall”, not because of poor Christmas holidays in the past. Leave it to the “no spin zone” to do just that…spin.

Then we come to Billo’s ridiculous segment last night about the “atheism” sign put in front of the state building in Olympia, Washington by the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The sign reads:

“At this season of the winter solstice may reason prevail.
There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven or hell.
There is only our natural world.
Religion is but a myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.”

What I find interesting is that Billo says this sign “denigrates religion”. No Billo, it doesn’t denigrate it, it says religion doesn’t exist. He also calls the sign an “atheist” sign. Atheism is a religion. The sign is saying no religions exist and doesn’t mention atheism at all.

The word “denigrate” means “to attack the reputation of” and “to deny the importance or validity of”. This sign did neither. It didn’t attack religion’s reputation, nor did it deny the importance or validity of it. It denied the existence of it. Billo is simply pissed off that the entire world doesn’t accept God, Jesus, the Bible or the Christmas story.

Personally, I only have one problem with the sign. Since I am an agnostic, I have an issue with the makers of the sign being just as unequivocal that religion doesn’t exist as I do with believers being unequivocal that it does.

If anything, Billo denigrates religion by calling Jesus just “a religious man” during the segment. To Christians, Jesus was the Son of God, not merely a ‘religious man’. Billy Graham is a religious man. Jesus is just a tad more important than that to believers.

What amazes me the most is why Billo feels so threatened by small little insignificant things like this. Just one man’s sign will end the Christmas holiday as we know it? Why do religious people feel so threatened by this kind of stuff? Isn’t God more powerful than this sign? Isn’t God more powerful than the Freedom From Religion Foundation?

Billo then condemns Washington Gov. Christine Gregoire for “allowing” the sign to remain in front of the state building. Maybe she’s not “promoting” anti-religion. Maybe she’s “allowing” freedom of speech. Billo should be applauding her lack of action. This is America, and the last time I checked Billo, even people who deny the existence of religion are still Americans! But, we all knew Billo was anti-Constitution, didn’t we?

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