Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama wins in landslide, becomes 44th President

The "straight talk" express steams back to Washington and Sarah goes back to her igloo

by Larry Simons
November 5, 2008

On Real Truth Online's 3rd anniversary, the country awakens to its new President-elect, Barack Obama, in a landslide victory. I have my doubts that Obama will bring any real change, but one thing has my heart singing songs of glee and dancing through the meadows....that John "bomb Iran" McCain and Sarah "gosh-darnit" Palin have been sent packing. The American people have spoken, and it seems, as Bill Maher said last Friday, "Americans are so sick of George Bush that only 7 years after 9/11 they want a President with a Muslim name". Maher wasn't criticizing Obama's name, he was pointing out 'that's how sick and tired Americans are of Bush!'

Sarah, thank you for being the colossal dunce you have been for the past two months. I'm sure you're a HUGE reason McCain wasn't elected. Thank you, gosh-darnit.

Now Go Away....Far, far away!

...and thank YOU John "never tortured" McCain for being the huge failure you have been your entire life. You've failed at nearly everything you've ever set out to do, and when you DID succeed, it was only because of your family name...McCain, the same last name as your father and grandfather, who were REAL heroes; and because of marrying into a fortune. Anything you have ever done that involved the work and effort of you ALONE you've been a miserable failure at.

Thank you for being a complete replica of George W. Bush and for flip-flopping so many times that your head spin resembles Linda Blair. Thank you for singing "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran", voting for torture, cheating on your wife when she was recovering from a car accident that nearly killed her, saying "my friends" 100 times in each speech, for calling Americans "my fellow prisoners", for picking a running mate that no one but Alaskans had heard of, for being the world's biggest hypocrite by attacking fellow candidates like Ron Paul and Barack Obama for saying and doing things that YOU have done/said in the past, for having friendships with criminals like G. Gordon Liddy and Charles Keating, for mentioning Joe the Plumber, for running the most fraudulent and biggest smear campaign that I've seen in my lifetime, for saying "I always aspire to be a dictator", for saying you were against the Wall Street bailout then a day later saying you were for it, for saying "I think the fundamentals of our economy are still strong", for ADMITTING your own choice of VP was not qualified to be President, for thinking Iraq borders Pakistan, for joking about killing Iranians, for telling Matt Lauer it's "NOT TOO IMPORTANT" when our troops come home, for saying you'd like to stay in Iraq for 100 years, and for your endless list of flip-flops.

You've ran for President twice now. You lost getting the nomination in 2000 to the dumbest man on Earth and yesterday to the first black President. I think it's time to end your attempts at the Presidency before you run again and lose to the first animal President! You duped many, many people including most of the religious right, but people like me with brains know you are a complete FRAUD. Thank you for doing what you do!

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