Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Last thoughts before another meaningless election

Wisdom from George Carlin

by Larry Simons
November 4, 2008

Here we go with another meaningless election that has already been decided by the bankers, the Bilderbergers and the Committee of 300. I am still going out tomorrow to cast my vote for the best person who I’ve ever witnessed run for President, Ron Paul. Because he will win? Of course not, because he won’t. I am doing it to take personal gratification in giving the middle finger to my corrupt government by fighting them with the one thing it is working hard at destroying, the Constitution. I’m throwing it back at them.

Of course, I realize that voting for anyone outside of the two major parties will automatically shift my vote into one of the slots of the two stooges that have been pre-selected to be our “choices”. We have no choice. It’s been decided folks. The powers that be already know the winner. The rest of us find out tomorrow.

Instead of browsing YouTube for political commentators or pundits who might recap how I feel about how things are in Washington or about voting in general, I decided to go to the one man who is not even a “political” person, but spoke more truth about how the system is more than any other person I’ve ever heard speak, George Carlin.

You’re missed George, especially this time of the year

Carlin on voting

Carlin on government and how much Americans LOVE war (this is for all the so-called "Christians" who claim to love peace yet vote for warmongers)

Who REALLY owns America

Carlin’s last appearance on
Countdown with Keith Olbermann

We have no rights


Anonymous said...

Carlin would puke through his nose if he knew you posted his material on your pathetic truther site.

Real Truth Online said...

Oh really??? Sure of that? well, we dont have to wonder, do we??? Lets listen to his OWN words:


Im sure you wont view the clip---because you hate truth. Next time, do research before you open your big fat lying trap.

Laura said...

You are what is wrong with America and mankind in general. People like you go into buildings and shoot people just because they think everyone is out to get them and life is so unfair. You will have God to answer to some day, and for that I truly pity you. What will you say to him then... I went to Bible College, I was a follower of yours... oh, and then I told people you didn't exist.

If having your child's pic somewhere they could be viewed by a pred. is such a concern you should never have your daughters pic in a newspaper. I'm sure you also know that it has been proven that predators have a way of accessing private MySpace accounts without the user even knowing it...and guess who they look for... young teenage girls. I would never let a 13 year old be on MySpace. You would though, wouldn't you? Oh, and on your quest to save the children you should email every major artist or musician or actor who has a bio page or mom who has a blog, or person who enters their child in a contest, or has their child's picture in an article in the paper and tell them that they are going to cause their child to be preyed upon because predators can see it. I do monitor my site. I can see who is visiting it and how many times per day. I can see how many times you visit it, for that matter. I *could* make it private if I so chose... once again, you have NO CLUE Larry. You think you do, but you don't.

I know more about you than you might think... I wonder if you know what YOUR OWN WIFE tells people about you? Also, you should think twice before you talk to your friend's mother about topics involving you private life and mistakes you've made. I won't stoop to your level Larry and publicly air your disgressions. I could, but I am not like you. Do you think I don't know my husband has made mistakes in his life? Do you know that I have, too? We all have. I realize that you are human and therefore capable of making mistakes... in your case, some really big ones.

Please tell me where the Bible says christians are perfect and don't make mistakes or unwise choices? It must be in the same Bible with "christians don't drink alcohol" and "christians don't celebrate halloween". The imaginary made up Bible of Larry... just like all of your other made up garbage.

You are a huge waste of my time... and I want nothing more to do with you. I will not even read the comments you leave me at my blog. Besides all you say over and over again is... blah, blah, blah, you're stupid, blah, blah, blah, you're a Neocon, blah, blah, blah. If I see your name it will be deleted without being read.

commonsense4u said...

Laura I agree with you entirely... I have been personally threatened by Larry and know of his instability first hand. Don't waste your time on him, there is no reasoning with someone who is so easily misled and filled with anger. It is dispicable Larry puts pictures of people he knows on his website. I would be intersted in your blog if you would post the link.

Real Truth Online said...

First of all, let me address "lackofcommonsense"---personally threatened by me? Id LOVE to know when and what the threat was. Hmmmm. So much easier to just SAY you was threatened then to provide PROOF huh? I can say it too----"commonsense" threatened me and my family. See, I just said you did it---does that make it true?

Laura, just a few points because I will not even address the childish portion of your post (which is 99% of it). People "like me" go into buildings and shoot people because we think people are out to get us? Gee, another example of FOX News sensationalism---if you just 'say the words' it's meant to get others to build up anger against me. Nice try. Name ONE example of people "like me" (oh, and define that, by the way) who "go into buildings and shoot people"---just one...ONE. Cant? Thats what I thought. People "like me"---you mean people who call you out on your foolishness and LIES and simply just TELL you you're a liar? People who criticize your views and ask for PROOF of your claims and then grills you more and more when you continually FAIL to provide the proof? I dont have a clue what youre talking about when you say I talk to my friends mother about things---not even a clue what you mean about that. Are you talking about ONE conversation I had with Tony's mom about 5 years ago? Gee, there's one to talk. She leaves her husband for his brother----something right from a Jerry Springer show.

Laura, I know Christians are people too who make mistakes----but what pisses me off is when these are the very people whose political views are the MOST DANGEROUS in this country. Religion ITSELF is dangerous---look what it has caused all over the world---death, destruction, hatred, racism and every other "ism" you can fill in the blank with. All in the name of God---ha! At least Im being HONEST with myself. You people live in a Mr Rogers alternate universe where there are WMD's, terrorists on every square inch of land and where America does no wrong at all. You can live in la la land all you want----but YOU are the one who never refutes anything I say or anything on this blog. I criticize your posts point for point and all you do is come back with personal, generalized talking points and statements like "youre so full of hatred, blah, blah.." and never ONCE defend anything you have said point for point. In other words--you dont debate, nor do you know how to. Thats why you never refute anything here, you just attack it and say "kook", "kook" all day long and think you've done your patriotic duty. You vote for people who say they were tortured and yet votes FOR torture and wants to bomb innocent Iranians and any other country he so chooses if he gets pissed off enough at. You study NOTHING about McCain and yet claim he's the "way to go". Your political views and your religious views couldnt be father apart---and MY political views are more in line with the Bible (ironically) and yet you call ME dangerous! You admit the Bible is dangerous Laura?

Oh, and Laura, one more thing---how did it feel to FREELY post on a blog and not be censored like this was 1930's Germany??

Want nothing to do with me? Yippie!!!!!!

OBAMA!!!!!!!! said...

Like I said don't waste any more time on him Laura :)

truth said...

way to drag children into it laura. just go back to your whore monger and get a life. thump the bible harder and hopefully god will forgive you. heres the last words youll hear from your god, be gone from me you worker of iniquity for i never knew you.. get used to it.

time to evolve said...

give me a link to laura, i want to be bored out of my skull to.

Anonymous said...

great posts on carlin larry.