Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It’s baaaaaaaaccccckkk: Billo’s delusional ‘war on Christmas’

Billo’s love/hate relationship with Christmas. Hates the “conspiracy”, but LOOOOOOVES that money!

by Larry Simons
November 11, 2008

General O’ Reilly (only in his own mind) has rallied his troops in the past to “defeat” the ‘enemies of Christmas’, which is just about everyone who uses the term “holiday” to describe Christmas (as in ‘happy holidays’): department stores, politicians, singers, ‘left-wing liberal’ bloggers, Santa Claus himself and humans in general around the globe. Well, Billo can add one more hater of Christmas to his list: News Corporation (the media conglomerate that owns FOX News).

The website mediabistro.com on its TVNewser section has posted this story:

“TVNewser has learned News Corp. is canceling its extravagant holiday bash normally held at the Hilton in midtown Manhattan. The annual party is for all News Corp. employees, including Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network the New York Post, the TV stations division, 20th Television, etc., etc.”

It appears Billo was ‘defeating’ the ‘enemies’ of Christmas on the battlefields but was losing in his own house. You’re pretty effective Billo. You can’t even get the people in your own building to call it Christmas! Why has “fair and balanced” Billo kept this story from us? We have proof he still subscribes to this ridiculous fairy tale. On Billo’s website, he is now offering a new “we say Merry Christmas” bumper sticker, as long as you make the mandatory purchase of $19.95 from any item on his website store.

So, let me get this straight. If you buy products from a phony (O’ Reilly), you get a bumper sticker that represents a phony claim (that there’s a war on Christmas), but you have to send him REAL money! Nice, Billo. That’s the Christmas spirit.

Actually it all makes sense. Billo the phony is simply using phoniness to profit from a holiday (and that’s what it is, a holiday) that is a common belief among millions and millions of phonies (religious people). And here’s the irony of it all….I would bet my left gonad that the majority of people who believe loofah boy’s insane conjecture that there is this big conspiracy to do away with Christmas are the religious! I thought Billo and religious people didn’t believe in conspiracy theories?

A News Corp HOLIDAY party. Notice there's no religious scenes, no Jesus, no manger, no wisemen....and most of all, no objections!

Maybe it’s an inside job? Maybe Billo created the phony war on Christmas so he could get you to buy those stupid little trinkets from his website. $19.95 gets you the “we say Merry Christmas” bumper sticker. $29.95 gets you the “we say Merry Christmas” loofah. $39.95 gets you the “we say Merry Christmas” strap-on dildo (an additional $10 for Billo’s autograph on the shaft). Billo seems to love conspiracies when it’s those evil liberals who are “out to get him”, but when you mention things like 9-11, Billo will call you a “kook”, probably because he hasn’t found a way to profit from it yet.

Yes, the “war on Christmas” does exist, I’m afraid to say; but in the only place it has ever existed….in the heads of Billo’s other personalities.

Worst Person tonight was a smorgasbord of Billo----a 3-fer! He won the silver for his Christmas crap!


Anonymous said...

billos a pile of shit, im surprised that your bible thumping buddy hasnt ordered the strap on for his alter boys. lol

Real Truth Online said...

Notice the morons in the above post didnt post on THIS thread? Because it cant be refuted! Of course, they dont debunk ANY story now, do they?