Saturday, November 22, 2008

Alex Jones interviews Lindsey Williams about what happens next with oil

Williams correctly predicted oil dropping to $50 in early July when oil was near $140

by Larry Simons
November 22, 2008

Here is yesterday’s interview with Lindsey Williams on the Alex Jones Show

On July 9, 2008 (which was his first radio interview 5 weeks after he had received a threat to stop talking, in which afterward he did shut down his website), Lindsey Williams predicted the price of oil would go to $50 within a few months according to information he had received from a longtime acquaintance he worked with on the Alaskan pipeline. The price of oil at the time of this interview was $138 a barrel after reaching its peak of nearly $150 around the beginning of July 2008.

Here is a chart showing the drop in oil over the past 5 months. Website showing this chart is here. (Click to enlarge)

Williams said getting the oil at $50 a barrel would be done by opening up two major oilfields in the world: one in Indonesia and the other will be north of Russia. He said they will not open up any oil fields in America. Williams said that his source told him that the plan was to bankrupt the Arab world and that war with Iran wasn’t their plan, but breaking them financially by bankrupting them is.

Here is the big problem with this according to Williams. The interest for our national debt is bought mainly by the middle east countries. Whenever our national debt is not monatized, our dollar will be officially dead. Williams said that while people are dancing in the streets that gas is at $2 a gallon, our dollar will be in its last days as being our currency and they will have their excuse to usher in the North American Union and replace the dollar with new currency.

Williams then said his source told him that the next thing that will happen would be that Amrerica would be in a “financial state” like they’ve never seen before. Williams said he wouldn’t use the terms “depression” or “1929”, but he said the “financial state” would take years to recover from.

Here is the July 9, 2008 interview


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Not everybody has high-speed internet. Consider linking to the video rather than embedding.

Real Truth Online said...

Not sure what you mean. Even if I posted the link, you'd be taken to the YouTube website where you'd be watching the same video in the same way you'd watch it on my site. The video doesnt play faster on the YouTube site. It plays the exact same way on the YouTube site.

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I love Alex Jones, everytime he speaks everyone gets a little dumber. Do you have any other morons speaking to cut and paste lol lol lol

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Jones is friggin retarded. Anyone who believes his bunk should just move to a red state and thump a bible.

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great post larry, it hits a home run here. finally the truth on this false oil crissis. were all in for a world of trouble. alex always has the truth just like you. any one that can go against you and alex is hands down a unamerican cock sucker.

Anonymous said...

lindsey has been right for along time. but rollye james got the first interview.