Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah Palin welcomed at Philadelphia Flyers hockey game with deafening boos; FOX News edits it out and calls crowd reaction “mixed”

Obama-Biden signs seen in crowd

by Larry Simons
October 12, 2008

VP candidate Sarah Palin was on hand in Philadelphia on Saturday night to drop the ceremonial first puck at the Philadelphia Flyers’ home opener. As she makes her way to the ice you can hear the crescendo of boos that permeated the Wachovia Center.

When “fair and balanced” FOX News aired the footage, naturally they would not want their mindless sheep watching at home to see their favorite hockey mom get greeted with a tidal wave of deafening boos, so they are left with no choice but to do what FOX News does best-----edit it out!

After all, that’s FOX News’ motto: “If you don’t see it or hear it…it’s not there!”

Wow, getting booed in the city of brotherly love? Maybe she should have been accompanied by Rocky Balboa!

One blogger, here, said this, “The Alaska governor and self-described “hockey mom” heard a few boos when she walked onto the ice, but that soon turned to polite applause as she headed to center ice with captain Mike Richards of the Flyers and alternate captain and Alaska native Scott Gomez of the Rangers.”

Really? What clip was he watching? The boos are clearly heard nearly the entire length of the clip!

Christian Red of writes, “Cars honked in support of the protestors, with some motorists leaning out their windows and shouting, "Go Obama!" After awhile, the protestors began a chant that mimicked the "Let's go Flyers, let's go!" cheer with the substituted words, "Go home Palin, go home! A few miles south, a man handed out Sarah Palin hockey trading cards near the SEPTA subway entrance. On the card was a photo of Palin winking on the front with a burst that said, "Rookie Right Winger" and a banner above her name that read, "The Alaska Disasta." The message on the back of the card read, "Pucked Up!"

Here is the original video

Here is the video that FIXED News aired and is on their website here [with boos still heard but very faintly]

Here’s a split screen of the original video and the one unfair and unbalanced FIXED News aired.


Anonymous said...

great story larry. see if those biblr thumpers who like trannies will go against this story. you took the lead in his site , youll probably be the head of his family next. his wife will be calling you daddy. thump that

Anonymous said...

The "real truth" on the quote from my site is that it originated from If you will go back and re-read my post you will see it's a quote! C'mon, get your version of the "truth" straight. If you've got issue with what I've got posted, take it up with NHL, not me.

Real Truth Online said...

You didnt attribute the quote to anyone within your actual text. I have a philosophy...if you dont care enough to type out the actual words " says..." then you must have wanted people to think they were YOUR words. That being the case, I attribute them to you. At least I didnt use your name in my story. Plus, my sentence, as is, is correct---I said "One blogger, here, said this". You DID say it---not ORIGINALLY but then again I didnt use the word "originally" did I. So, therefore, my sentence is true. People can assume while reading my story that you originally said it just like they can read YOUR story and assume you originally said it.

By the way, how did you find out about my site?

Real Truth Online said...

Plus, the mention of that quote doesn't change the point of my story. I can completely delete it and my story's message would be exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

this is a way better story than wind shield wiper

hitler wiilis stallin all the same type of person said...

sig heil. well support her just like we support that trannie ann coulter no matter what.

Anonymous said...

The text in question from my post was plainly a quote, preceded by a colon and indented, a method used frequently in blogs. Why else would it be formated like that? There was also a link to the article I quoted. I did forget to put the quote in italics, which I will correct later.'s stats provide a list of links pointing to my blog. Your link came up as the newest.

On a final note, you're really stretching it trying to make a point about booing at a hockey game. I'm told Philly fans booed Santa Claus. Breathe in, breathe out.

Real Truth Online said...

Every time I have EVER seen an indention for a quote, the author has STILL included the source BEFORE the quote (Ex: Jim Smith from USA Today said...") So, putting a indented quote just out of the blue is misleading and just bad writing skills.

I'm "stretching" it huh? Then why did FOX News feel the need to EDIT IT OUT if it was "no big deal"--why didnt they show the clip AS IS? Also, why was there people with Obama-Biden signs unless this was an anti-Palin crowd? You can spin this as much as you'd like, but when the spin comes to a stop, it will STILL end up reading "you're a moron".

Anonymous said...

This is silly to continue on the quoting thing. You can get the final word on the quote, but it is always plain on my blog when I quote. I have read stuff quoted with credit given both before and after the quote, and I use both methods. I can't speak for what you've read. On my site credit is always given where credit is due.

Regarding the video, it's very plain that there are boos at the beginning, but it gets muddy after that.

Also, do you realize you're looking at two totally different videos? There was no editing involved.

Finally, as I've said before, Philly fans booed Santa Claus, so apparently they will boo anybody. Nothing special there.

Real Truth Online said...

lol---it was the SAME hockey game at the SAME moment--why would FOX's cameras' boos be quieter?? It was the SAME event! lol----and it wasnt just the boos---it was the entire audio of the entire clip---even the announcer and music was quiter---they had to do that to balance out the sound in order to edit just one thing out. I guess the people holding the Obama-Biden signs were just doing that to make it "appear" as if they were voting for them when they're really not---lol.

Anonymous said...

its kinda funny here that a person comes to this site, but says hes site is right. why come here unless its the

Anonymous said...

Good grief, put the glass of cool aid down. It's obvious that for some reason the embedded video is of amateur quality. The audio is inferior. If you're looking for biased coverage, change the channel to the Communist News Network or PMSNBC or one of the big three networks.

Real Truth Online said...

so you ADMIT that FOX News used an AMATEUR quality video! LOL---Now why would they do that when there is the one that plays the audio louder? So you ADMIT that although there was a BETTER quality video to use---FIXED News chose the one that was BAD quality???

All networks are corporate controlled propaganda--but FAUX News is by FAR the worst. I PROVE on just THIS site alone how many times they lie, spin, deceive and censor. Look at just my Bill O Reilly stories ALONE! Of course, you WONT because then you would be faced with having to ADMIT that FOX News is a bunch of right wing, warmongering water carriers that Joseph Goebbels would have worked for.

Anonymous said...

hey elbert, elvis is dead, relax. its a video. get over yourself. your making yourself look like a complete asshole. why do you want to come to a site to get embarrassed? larrys got the truth here.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, if you come to this site know that the site's creator will not stand for debate on his fantasyland 9/11 issues and will delete posts that differ from his views (note the dozens of "deleted by site administrator" comments stemming back to 2006 in which others have called Larry on his bullshit). He calls himself a patriot and blames Fox news for showing only one side of the argument. Who's the real hypocrite Larry? The only reason he’s opened posts again is because I contacted some of the “truther” websites he linked on his page and informed them of how he hurts their cause, ridiculous as it is.

I'll be shocked if this post lasts more than an hour.

The following are quotes made by this site’s creator when someone disputes his lies regarding 9/11. Keep in mind I have been a staunch critic of nearly everything this current Bush administration has done. I am an avid liberal, secular progressive who does not believe in any religion whatsoever and hasn't voted Republican in my life. I also believe Bush should be impeached for the Iraq war deception among other things. My friends would tell you if anyone would like for the 9/11 conspiracy to be true it would be someone like me but I’m way too intelligent to believe in anything that can’t be proven.

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There's no use arguing with you crackpots. I've seen the conspiracy crap all over the internet. These "theorists" have a so-called answer for everything when in fact all they have are questions.

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If you had any proof, people like your heroes Olbermann and Huffington would be reporting it or are they complicit too? Can I put them on the list of co-conspirators?

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My final comment:

Larry I do so pity you as well as those who you say agree with you. Funny how few of your fellow “truthers” out there actually come to your site or to your defense. Sad, but not only do you not have any “truther” friends but you obviously have no real friends as well. I’m certain you live alone or in your mother’s basement and have no education or steady employment and you’re 38 years old. I’m willing to bet you’ve never had a girlfriend in your entire life. I’ve come to realize that you likely have borderline personality disorder with schizoaffective tendencies evidenced by delusions of grandeur and persecution (look it up). You are as big a hypocrite as any of the right-wingers you so despise and you are so filled with hate that you are likely going to snap one day and go to the nearest water tower with a gun and start offing innocent civilians.
You disrespect all those who perished, were injured, or lost a loved one on 9/11 and you make honest secular liberals like myself look foolish. So good job Larry you true patriot and fighter of truth, justice and the American way.

Have fun wasting and living out your life vicariously through your pathetic excuse for a blog. I’m going to go play with my beautiful wife and son who although only a toddler already knows more than you ever will.

Anonymous said...

this guy posting the same long boring post is pathetic. get a life.