Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ron Paul gives Rachel Maddow a dose of the truth about McCain and Obama

Obama supporter Maddow hears the hard truth about her candidate

by Larry Simons
October 30, 2008

On Wednesday’s Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel’s guest was Republican Congressman Ron Paul, who was on to talk about the direction and future of the Republican party. During the last few minutes of the interview, Ron Paul dished out some ‘not so nice’ hardcore facts about the similarities between McCain and Obama, which had to be unbearable for Maddow to hear. Some of the Congressman's highlights were:

“But our message is very attractive to young people. They like the idea of self reliance and individual liberty. They like to get out of these wars. They love the idea of talking about monetary policy which neither McCain or Obama will dare talk about. Why do we have a federal reserve?”

“You know, bringing us down overseas in a war like they did to the Soviets, bankrupting this country. So we have fallen into a terrible trap. And right now, we`re expanding it. And unfortunately, the two major candidates aren`t even talking about Syria and Pakistan and the things that are important because they essentially both agree with that viewpoint.”

“They both say, "Send more troops to Afghanistan." And quite frankly, I am not expecting the troops, regardless of whether Obama wins, that they`ll be home in 16 months. That is just pure political talk. Both candidates support the same foreign policy, same monetary policy. Neither one talks about, you know, balancing the budget so the young people want to hear something different. They love the message of individual liberty. They love the idea of defending the constitution, you know, that old fashioned idea. And that`s what has energized our campaign. Actually, it`s given me a lot of energy as well.”

I'm guessing it will be quite a while until Ron Paul is invited back.

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ron paul schools another neocon. just like beck and the others. go ron go. her first lesson in