Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama exposes McCain as the lying fraud he is by reminding us that he sang “bomb, bomb Iran”

McCain responds with a blatant lie that he was “joking with a ‘veteran friend’; the video of it tells another story

by Larry Simons
October 8, 2008

One of the finest moments during last night’s Presidential debate is when Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain was responding to the question, “Should the U.S. pursue al Qaeda in Pakistan?”. McCain said this,

“[We need] to get the support of the people. We need to help the Pakistani government….and get them to work with us and turn against the cruel Taliban and others..and by working and coordinating our efforts together---not threatening to attack them, but working with them, and where necessary use force but talk softly but carry a big stick.”

I guess that's true if the "big stick" McCain is referring to is a nuclear bomb!

This was the rest of the dialogue:

Obama: …..Look, I -- I want to be very clear about what I said. Nobody called for the invasion of Pakistan. Sen. McCain continues to repeat this. What I said was the same thing that the audience here today heard me say, which is, if Pakistan is unable or unwilling to hunt down bin Laden and take him out, then we should. Now, that I think has to be our policy, because they are threatening to kill more Americans. Now, Sen. McCain suggests that somehow, you know, I'm green behind the ears and, you know, I'm just spouting off, and he's somber and responsible.

McCain: Thank you very much.

Obama: Sen. McCain, this is the guy who sang, "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran," who called for the annihilation of North Korea. That I don't think is an example of "speaking softly." This is the person who, after we had -- we hadn't even finished Afghanistan, where he said, "Next up, Baghdad." So I agree that we have to speak responsibly and we have to act responsibly. And the reason Pakistan -- the popular opinion of America had diminished in Pakistan was because we were supporting a dictator, Musharraf, had given him $10 billion over seven years, and he had suspended civil liberties. We were not promoting democracy. This is the kind of policies that ultimately end up undermining our ability to fight the war on terrorism, and it will change when I'm president.

McCain: And, Tom, if -- if we're going to go back and forth, I then -- I'd like to have equal time to go -- to respond to...

Brokaw: Yes, you get the...

McCain: ... to -- to -- to...

Brokaw: ... last word here, and then we have to move on.

McCain: Not true. Not true. I have, obviously, supported those efforts that the United States had to go in militarily and I have opposed those that I didn't think so. I understand what it's like to send young Americans in harms way. I say, I was joking with a veteran...I hate to even go into this (yeah, because the "bomb Iran" tune is posted on the net for all to see and there's no way to wiggle your way out of this lie)...I was joking with an old veteran friend who joked with me about Iran, but the point is...."

Watch the clip

Not true huh? Hmmmmm. Not only is it very true, but where is this “veteran friend” he claimed he was “joking” with? In the video clip below, it looks to me like it’s just some guy in the audience asking a question! True, it was a VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) in South Carolina, but how do we know the man was a vet? How do we know it was a 'friend'? And even if there was a real veteran friend there, why would you joke about bombing innocent civilians? This is the guy the religious people support?? Is there a newly discovered “lost gospel” where Jesus says we should annihilate innocent people from the Earth?

McCain’s “bomb Iran” video.…no “veteran friend” in sight


David H. Willis said...

I'm one of those "religious" people and I don't support McCain. Wrong again, huh?

Anonymous said...

What? No admission of error? No surprise...