Sunday, October 19, 2008

Glenn Beck to join the Neocon bunch at FOX News

Hannity to Glenn Beck: "You’re a perfect fit for FOX News". Finally, me and Hannity are…..agreed

by Larry Simons
October 19, 2008

From Think Progress: On Thursday, Fox News announced that CNN’s Glenn Beck would join the network next spring, hosting the 5 p.m. daily news program. Yesterday on his radio program, Beck read a congratulatory e-mail from Fox’s Sean Hannity, welcoming him to "the Fox family":


Welcome to the Fox family. I can honestly tell you working with Roger [Ailes] has been one of the BEST things to ever happen to me in my life. You’re a perfect fit, a great addition to family. I look forward to seeing you.Sean.

Here’s the audio of Beck’s announcement

My only question is, ‘why didn’t this happen sooner?’ One of FOX News’ first brainwashing sessions they hold for Beck will no doubt include making sure Glenn Beck never, ever says he is a libertarian again. (We here in sane-ville know Beck is really a Neocon. Calling yourself a libertarian when you’re really a Neocon doesn’t make you a libertarian anymore than calling yourself a Republican makes you one)

Here are a few quotes from Beck over the past two years that qualified him for the job at FOX News:

BECK: War with Iran is no longer a question of "if." I believe it’s a question of when. … Now we have no longer any other options but to go into Iran. [10/9/07]

BECK: You need to torture, I mean, within reason. … You do what you have to do to get the information if it’s pressing. [12/21/07]

BECK: Waterboarding is torture now? You’re dead wrong! [1/15/08]

BECK: I was against Abu Ghraib and I said, because it didn’t look like it was done by professionals, what was that, stacking people in a pyramid. [11/1/07]


Anonymous said...

Why don't you put Larry Simmons on the poll question eh? Scared aren't you? lmao.

bibile thumper said...

beck should be with us in this neo con bunch. hell hide behind the bible like us. bah bah bah lord bush.

Anonymous said...

becks a piece of shit. he has no ratings on xm. he got knocked off one station by pastor jim on xm. put jas eerrr jizz on that poll.

Mark said...

I totally agree, this site's creator won't put himself on the poll question b/c it'd be a landslide.

Davon said...

Hi Larry,

I don't know much about this stuff that you are talking about. I am about as politically ignorant as they come. Shame on me for that. I just want you to know that I am praying for you and your family. Jesus is my King and because of that I don't have a lot of worries even if the worst does happen. God bless you and I hope to hear from you soon!

Be joyful always,
Davon Huss

Anonymous said...

Larry's too much of a dolt to let you be happy with your religion. He's too angry at his father to accept anyone who's found happiness in whatever form. Low sef-esteem is a killer. I bet he won't put himself on that poll either. What a pity.

Real Truth Online said...

Davon, good hearing from you. Are you suggesting by the "praying for me" comment that there is some help I need? I'll assume (since I cant ASK Dave, since he has banned free speech at his site like Joseph Goebbels) that you found out about my site from David Willis and the mindless zombies who visit his site. You might want to pray for Dave for continually spewing forth his namecalling and attacks through his many monikers (mostly "anonymous") on my site. He claims to be a Christian, yet he had one of his little buddies call my house 2 weeks ago and said these very words "I'll come to your house and kick your ass". And when I posted this exact same comment on Laura Wolf's site, she joined Dave's assault on the first amendment and banned me from her site to, just for quoting the above line (what someone ELSE said to me).
Dave is just crying like a baby because I hurt his little feelings about becoming an agnostic and asking him to prove a snake once spoke and asked him how a 500 year old man built a boat the size of the Titanic by himself. Now, as a result, he attacks my political views---95% of which are documented FACT and can even be found in media stories from around the world, including the US. He likens my beliefs to bigfoot and UFO's even after I provide fact after fact that he has NEVER refuted, even once---and while he doesnt refute my claims, he also doesnt say anything that proves the Bible even after Ive repeatedly asked him questions about issues I had with it.

Ive invited him continually to debate me in public---every invitation IGNORED. That's why Dave Willis is up for the Fraud of the Year. I believe he just might take home the statue.

You dont have to pray for me. Ive stopped believing in invisible men in the sky who can hear billions of prayers at once---until I have proof. The Bible simply stating is true is circular reasoning..not proof. I have NO problem whatsoever with people having FAITH, but when you say you KNOW it's true, that's what makes smoke come out of my ears.

An old friend of Larry's said...

And yet Larry believes 9/11 conspiracy garbage with absolutely no proof... go figure. He has not one fact about 9/11 just questions. Larry is a dangerous person, he threatens others routinely in real life and on this blog. I would encourage you to stay away from him at all costs as he is mentally unstable and often when he goes off his anti-psychotic medications (haldol and risperdal) he becomes a danger to himself and others.

Real Truth Online said...

and you have no proof of the official story either David Willis (posting under one of his 30 monikers, so he can say ANYTHING he wants.....God is watching though Dave, lol) And yet AGAIN< more attacks without ONE refutation. Same old shit---im dangerous, unAmerican, off my meds, a kook, blah, blah, blah----let's have FACTS Dave...actual refutations. Oh, thats right, you have NONE)

Anonymous said...

jas eerrrr jizz and your flock robbing bible thumper dave look like idiots. one day theyll refute something here.

Anonymous said...

hey larry, the reason he cant answer your questions about the bible is becuse he barely reads it our understandsit nor does he really believe in it. what a shame. begone from me dave you worker of iniquity for i never knew you. that will be daves, jizzs, davons,marks, ericsand his other bible thumping buddies last words they hear from the lord.