Tuesday, October 21, 2008

From the “Christians are idiots” file: Why I LOVE being agnostic

And yet another example of the uneducated, hypocritical, psychotic right wing religious nuts in America

by Larry Simons
October 21, 2008

A clip taken from “Now on PBS” illustrates the complete and utter idiocy of the religious right. Senior correspondent Maria Hinojosa asks a voter named Tracy Kerlee, “What is the most important issue for you in this election?” Tracy answers, “The one who has the most faith in the Lord”. Well, not only does Tracy not answer the question (Hinojosa asked what issue is important, not who she is voting for), but she seems to be stuck on stupid. She sounds as if she just left a brainwashing session. Notice how in nearly every response she gives she is fixated on “The Lord….the Lord this…the Lord that…the Lord, the Lord, the Lord. I don’t care about reality…the Lord….”

Hinojosa then asks Tracy if she is concerned about voting against the interests of her own husband as an American worker. Tracy’s answer: (see if you notice a pattern here) “The Lord will take care of us”

Tracy is clear that she will be voting for McCain who, to her, is the obvious “Christian” candidate, despite the fact that John McCain has never really been or has even claimed to be a religious person. In fact, Obama is the one who is attributed to actually being a Christian, whereas McCain was raised Episcopalian (many Episcopalian churches ordain openly gay priests and women priests. They are also split on the abortion issue. I included this in my story for all the morons who think Episcopalians and protestants are the EXACT same thing. Many teachings are similar but they are quite different in practices and ordinances. In fact, many consider the Episcopal church just a watered down version of the Catholic church, and I know for a fact that Christians don't consider Catholics to be "Christian"). McCain cheated on his first wife in the years following his return from Vietnam when he found that his wife gained weight and was less attractive after she had nearly died in an auto accident in 1969. He began dating his [now] wife Cindy in 1977 [while still married to his first wife]. McCain has been involved directly with scandals (Keating Five) and is linked to criminals such as G. Gordon Liddy…(pssst…but he’s the “Christian”)

Why is Tracy so anti-Obama? Because of some major scandal? Because of infidelity? No, because there haven’t been any scandals or infidelity linked to Obama. Instead, Tracy is against Obama because of the biggest crime anyone could commit…….having a name that sounds like Osama!

“I can’t imagine having a President of the United States being named President Obama. I really have a problem with that, and I’m not the only one", bellows Tracy. Yeah, she’s right. She’s not the only one, but what Tracy fails to mention is that the others that do have a problem with it are other uneducated religious nutballs like her!

Hinojosa then asks, “Because that means what to you?”, in which Tracy replies, “His background….uh….a mother that was an atheist…uh….that really gets to me…um, a father that was a Muslim…that should get to everyone.” According to Maya Soetoro-Ng, Barack Obama’s half sister, she said her mother [Ann Dunham] was more agnostic than anything and said of her religious views, “Jesus, she felt, was a wonderful example. But she felt that a lot of Christians behaved in un-Christian ways.” Hmmm, could she have had people like Tracy in mind when she had this feeling?

Naturally, as is the case with most religious nuts in this country, Tracy fails to give one example of how having parents who were Muslim and atheist (despite being incorrect about this) or having the name “Obama” would make Barack Obama unable to fulfill his duties as President of the United States. Who needs proof and facts when she has the Lord on her side, right??

One comment posted on YouTube [to the video below] says it brilliantly, “A perfect example of a person who takes pride in ignorance. This is the person who would, according to her own logic, pray for her child to get better instead of taking the child to a trained medical professional, God will make it better, remember. It is hypocrisy at its finest. It is sickening. Separation of church and state was such a good idea, its too bad most Americans cannot see how their version of religious extremism is much the same as many middle eastern populations they claim to hate.” Excellent, excellent point.

watch the stupidity and be very, very frightened

The original video was pulled by YouTube [my guess is because Tracy may have been receiving death threats or receiving a lot of junk mail from weight loss programs], so I found it again on YouTube [above] 

Hinojosa then asks Tracy, “And when Barack Obama and his wife Michelle say ‘we’re faith-based, we’re Christians’…”, Tracy replies, “The church they were members of? That’s not the Christianity I know. That’s not the Christianity that’s in the Bible”. Fuck you! Who are you to judge anyone else’s faith? Didn’t Jesus say a great deal about judging? I suppose that’s the Christianity you know… the Christianity that is racist, that ignores facts, that judges people, that condemns another’s faith, that places you high upon a pedestal and looks down on others. It’s people like Tracy that makes people agnostics and atheists! If I were associated with uneducated religious morons like Tracy, I’d jump off a fucking cliff. If I only needed one reason to be agnostic….people like Tracy is it!

Christians who would denounce people like Tracy and call her a fringe element are simply living in la-la-land. This is exactly my entire point. These loonies are not a fringe element. They’re EVERYWHERE. Look at the videos of the McCain-Palin supporters. It was nearly EVERY SINGLE person that said something hateful, vile and racist. This is what is very scary; people like Tracy are not the minority, they are the majority.

Hinojosa ends the interview asking Tracy, “And what do you say to your husband who is still on the fence?” Tracy replies, “I will pray for him”. Doesn't the Bible [in Ephesians 5:22-24] say "Wives submit to their husbands?" If Tracy really follows her Bible, wouldn't she be a swing voter too like her husband? But instead, she's "praying for him", ignoring her Bible and praying for her husband to submit to her!

I love when Christians use the "I'm praying for you" crapola. It is the height of arrogance to tell someone you will pray for them, implying that they have some abnormality or defect that they must shed. If God is really there and he’s just at all, he would tell her husband to pack his shit and drive as far away from his lamebrained douchebag wife as he possibly can!


Obama '08 said...

OH MY GOD I'M ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING MY ASS OFF RIGHT NOW... How completely uneducated are you Larry? You say this and I quote... "In fact, Obama is the one who is attributed to actually being a Christian, whereas McCain was raised Episcopalian."

This is why you shouldn't be writing your own crap and should stick to cut and paste on your site. So tell me Larry... are Episcopalians part of the Christian faith or not?

What a friggin' moron. I guess Episcopalians worship what... the devil? Go back to school or read some books Larry, how terribly pathetic.

Oh and by the way, why don't you put yourself up on that poll question are you scared?

jizzzzzzzzzzzzzz said...

Then you have the hypocritical audacity to write this, and I quote... "Fuck you! Who are you to judge anyone else’s faith?"

Um hey Larry... maybe you should practice what you preach. I guess you can judge right, but no one else. Is that it?

My God how easily made a fool you are. First I tear you to shreds on not having even one little fact to support your 9/11 conspiracy crapfest and now this? Thanks Larry, you made my day lmao.

David said...

This guy Larry is a complete moron. I'm not afraid of him. Let him threaten me all he wants.

Real Truth Online said...

Obama '08---Episcopalians believe many of the same things Christians do but Episcopalians also ordain openly gay priests and even women priests and they are split on the abortion issue---if you want to call THAT Christian, then I guess anything can qualify as Christian! I mean, I understand that as long as you just simply CALL yourself a Christian then you are, right? Didnt George Bush just SAY he was Christian and millions of foolish CHristians just believed him? And I'M the uneducated one? So, in your logic, all you have to do is worship God and you're Christian? I guess Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists are Christians then.

Jizzzzz, name ONE time you "tore me to shreds"----I cannot wait to hear the response. Oh, that's right, you'll just IGNORE me. Oh and Jizzzz, there's a big difference in judging someone and looking at their actions and words ON VIDEO and simply condeming what they are doing. This lady was JUDGING Barack Obama's faith when she doesnt have ONE shred of evidence that HE alone, Obama himself, has done anything that should be called into question. Condeming someone with NO evidence is JUDGING. On the other hand, this woman's stupidity is on video for all to see---therefore, it's EVIDENCE that what she is actually saying is TRUE---therefore she IS judging! See the difference now? Of course you dont, you're a moron.

David---as in Willis? When have I threatened you? I already know for a FACT that one of your buddies called me and threatened me.

Earl said...

Wow, what a friggin moron. He thinks Episcopalians don't worship Christ... that's pretty funny. I agree go obama 08.

Real Truth Online said...

Hey Earl...shithead...can you read? Episcopalians ordain openly GAY priests and even women----do CHRISTIANS do that? Do CHRISTIAN churches even HAVE priests? I dont think so. So youre telling me Episcopalians and Protestants are EXACTLY the same? Of course, you wont answer, because I've owned you, just like I own your site DAVID WILLIS. Mormons worship Christ too---are THEY Christians?

Jeremy said...

Larry's homophobic and bigoted towards women as well lol. God forbid we have women priests of all things... they should stay home, barefoot and pregnant right?

Yes Larry, if you worship Jesus Christ you are a Christian, write it down and hopefully you won't display your stark ignorance again. My God this is just too funny. I'd say you should take a comparitive religion course but I bet like Sarah Palin you probably can't read lol.

Real Truth Online said...

I guess the BIBLE is bigoted as well since the Bible says women should not speak (with authority) in the church. Oh, asshole, did you miss the part of my story where I mention that the stupid fat bitch isnt submitting to her husband---something else the BIBLE says women must do?

WHO is the one not reading???

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in the bible but I know enough to know if you worship Christ in any form you are a Christian lol. The bible is full of bigotry, hatred and violence... so I guess you'd fit right in lol. Nice try moron but you're still an uneducated hick.

Real Truth Online said...

then you dont know enough then moron----the Mormons and Catholics worship Christ too, but they're not considered Christians

Anonymous said...

One more time dumbass, if you worship Christ you are a Christian. There are several different branches of Christianity, er duh. God this is way too easy. Put your lamne ass on the poll question chickenshit hypocrite LMAO.

bible thumper said...

i read the bible every day, and this woman and these knuckle heads look like morons on this site. im ashamed to be a bible reader. how does this dave, jizz, earl, jeremy and obama even consider themselves christians. remeber he who is without sin. the lord sees them as they are. its better to be thought a fool than to post and have it proven. and these already named guys are truely the fool of fools. these people have no knowledge of what being a christian is all about. this dave seems like a pstor our priest, look out 12 year old alter boys.lol. hes surely leading his flock in the wrong direction. well if that direction is hell, hes right.