Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bill Maher discusses his new film “Religulous”

Maher joins Jon Stewart to discuss his views on religion and his new film “Religulous” which opened October 3

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
October 4, 2008


Anonymous said...

I wonder why Bill Maher predominately goes after Christianity. Yes, he made mention of scientology, but he always attacks Christianity. It seems to me he has a real burr in his saddle.
Jews believe in the same "God who spoke through prophets" yet he never mocks them or Muslims who have similar beliefs.

Real Truth Online said...

not sure----maybe its because Christianity is the most prominent religion in America and he's referring only in the context of America.

Anonymous said...

I would imagine he may have personally had a bad experience with Christians or a "Christian" church. If it had been a Jewish Temple he had a bad experience with, maybe he would go after them. I do think he should be careful - everyone deserves to be treated with some respect regardless of their spiritual beliefs. Atheists, Southern Baptists, those who practice Scientology, Mormons ... I personally follow Jesus but I think there's a big difference between acceptance of someone else's views and treating them with common courtesy and respect. The latter is a no-brainer.

Anonymous said...

It could be that Maher is just an ass.

David H. Willis said...

He's just inflammatory. He'll learn one day.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Maher trough Larry's truther bunch out of his audience. Your boy thinks you're nuts! lol

I guess you'll have to debate him & straighten him out!

Real Truth Online said...

Actually, I COULD debate Bill Maher on it----but since he is a controlled shill like evryone else in the media, he wont give 9-11 truth any air time. You would think people like O Reilly, Hannity and all the other Neocon warmongers would LOVE to have the truthers on their show to debate it so they can show the world that we are such "fools"---but amazingly, they DONT have us on----know why? Because they dont want the FACTS to be broadcast. This is exactly why the media has blacked us out. If Im wrong, then what is the reason? According to YOU, they can EASILY makes us look like nuts right? Then WHY DONT THEY?

I still like Bill Maher despite his stance on 9-11. You will NEVER EVER find a post where I said just because someone doesnt have my views on that one topic, that I think every single thing they say is bad----but youre a MORON, so how would you know that?

I love how Dave offers no PROOF for his biblical views----just more fearmongering by saying "He'll find out one day". So, in other words---you are CERTAIN of the future Dave? You know what EXACTLY will happen in the future? And you criticize ME for my views about 7 years ago--things that are documented FACT? But, yet YOU know events that havent happened yet are TRUE??? Just HOW do you know this Dave? How do you KNOW Maher will face a judgment?? How?? I want to know HOW you KNOW this---please enlighten us. And dont give me your endless, tiresome circular reasoning by saying "It's in the Bible"---that will solidify you have no facts. Thats what you ARROGANT, dumbass Christians do----use FEAR and ZERO FACTS. The Bible is the biggest fairy tale ever written---it is nothing but an extrapolation of preexisting texts from centuries prior to Biblical times.

J. Stalin said...

"but since he is a controlled shill like evryone else in the media, he wont give 9-11 truth any air time."

It's Larry against the world! Go on with your bad self. Maybe you can get a uni with RT on your chest.