Sunday, September 28, 2008

From the “More truth in comedy than in Washington” file, Jon Stewart gives us the truth about Bush’s repeated use of fear

Commenting on Bush’s bailout speech this week, Stewart points out that Bush gave the same speech about Iraq 5 years ago

by Larry Simons
September 28, 2008

On Thursday’s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Stewart gives a hilarious but frightening reminder of the eerie similarities between George Bush’s speech on Iraq in 2003 and his speech just this week on the bailout bill.

It’s a must watch

Unfortunately, how true the use of fear is in this disastrous, treasonous administration. What’s even sadder than Bush's use of fear is the millions of brain dead Americans who sat and watched this Hitlerian manifesto and bought it hook, line and sinker.

Of course, those of us whose heads are still outside of our asses know that the 2003 Iraq speech was a giant cavalcade of lies (which was based on a re-written version of the original N.I.E. report from the CIA that said Saddam Hussein was NO imminent threat to the United States); in which Bush can legally be charged with murder for.

The question with the current speech on the bailout is not “did Bush lie?”, but rather, “how many lies was this caked with?”

As I watched this speech (with my usual look of combined hatred, disgust and unbelief that people could vote for a man this stupid), I had the following visions in my head…..

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