Wednesday, September 3, 2008

An analysis of the complete and utter BULLSHIT of George W. Bush

Bush’s speech last night at the RNC (live - via satellite) is, not surprisingly, riddled with bullshit and lies

by Larry Simons
September 3, 2008

Last night, President Bush delivered an address from Washington D.C. (via satellite) to the RNC in St. Paul, Minnesota. Let’s analyze Bush’s blatant lies and complete, 100% BULLSHIT, shall we? (George Bush's dialogue followed by my responses in purple)

“As you know my duties have me here in Washington tonight to oversee the federal government’s efforts to help citizens recover from Hurricane Gustav”

(Because you failed miserably 3 years ago in New Orleans)

“I stood in the ruins of buildings knocked down by killers and promised the survivors I would never let them down. I know the hard choices that fall solely to a president.”

(What have you delivered to them? Where’s Bin Laden? You prolonged an investigation of 9-11 for 441 days and that was ONLY because of the constant pressure from the victims families!! [Jersey girls]----AND you nor Cheney testified openly, nor released the transcripts of that testimony! Don't the survivors at LEAST deserve OPEN testimony from you? I GUESS THEY DON'T!)

“40 years ago, in an enemy prison camp, Lt. Commander McCain was offered release ahead of others who had been held longer. His wounds were so severe, that anyone would have understood if he had accepted. John refused. For that selfless decision he suffered nearly 5 more years of beatings and isolation. When he was released, his arms had been broken but not his honor”

(Hmmmm, the North Vietnamese broke his arms? Really, Georgie-boy? Let’s read an excerpt from John McCain’s OWN account of 5 ½ years in the hands of the North Vietnamese:

“I pulled the ejection handle[of his airplane], and was knocked unconscious by the force of the ejection—the air speed was about 500 knots. I didn't realize it at the moment, but I had broken my right leg around the knee, my right arm in three places, and my left arm. I regained consciousness just before I landed by parachute in a lake right in the corner of Hanoi, one they called the Western Lake. My helmet and my oxygen mask had been blown off.”

So, you see Bushie-boy, John McCain’s arms were broken when he was ejected from the plane--------NOT from torture! Besides, why wouldn’t you DENY that McCain was tortured since your OWN definition of torture is EXACTLY the same types of things McCain claims he had to endure?: sleep deprivation, the withholding of medical treatment, stress positions, long-time standing, and beating. Aren’t these the EXACT same torture methods you approve of with terror suspects? YES, it is! YOU, Mr. Bush, have called long-time standing “enhanced interrogation”-----NOT torture; yet when McCain claims he endured long-time standing, it quickly becomes torture! Hmmmmm.

Blogger Andrew Sullivan says this, “No war crimes were committed against McCain. And the techniques used are, according to the president, tools to extract accurate information. And so the false confessions that McCain was forced to make were, according to the logic of the Bush administration, as accurate as the "intelligence" we have procured from "interrogating" terror suspects”

Sullivan continues, “In the Military Commissions Act, McCain acquiesced to the use of these techniques against terror suspects by the CIA. And so the tortured became the enabler of torture. Someone somewhere cried out in pain for the same reasons McCain once did. And McCain let it continue.”)

“John McCain is a leader that knows human life is fragile. That human life is precious. That human life must be defended”

(Unless you’re a terror suspect or a member of the U.S. military!)

“John is a steadfast opponent of wasteful spending”

(What’s more wasteful than the unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, undeclared war in Iraq? Yet, McCain is 100% for it!------for 100 years if need be!)

“He (McCain) will invest in the energy technologies of tomorrow and lift the ban on drilling for Americas off-shore oil today”

(Even though we will not see the product of that drilling for about another 20 years, but you make it appear as if lifting this ban today will bring immediate price drops at the pump. Why is the truth so hard to tell Georgie-boy? Why don’t you tell them that even your father was against offshore drilling?)

“We live in a dangerous world… and we need a president who understands the lessons of Sept. 11, 2001: that to protect America, we must stay on the offense, stop attacks before they happen and not wait to be hit again.”

(Stop them before they happen? Like YOU failed to do while vacationing the ENTIRE month of August 2001? And at one point standing right beside Scott McClellan who was carrying the August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing titled, “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.?)

“Laura has been a fantastic First Lady”

(Please tell us ONE thing she has done….just one! I’m making it easy)

“God bless you, and God bless America”

(If you and McCain are God’s blessings to us, I officially pledge my allegiance to Satan today)

watch the bullshit…if you can stomach it


ryanshaunkelly said...

Glenn Beck & his paymasters + 911 leaks = cold sweat.
Cindy & the Tillman family want answers too.
"To hell with the Patriot Act!"
Neocon cover via Dems...
Operator? Intel

Nader Paul Kucinich Gravel
McKinney Ventura
Perot charts

Anonymous said...

mcshame, tell bush and his nazi past to shut the hell up.

Larry hates his brother... sad but true said...

you call this an analysis? Learn to write for God's sake or stick to quoting other like Sullivan.

You write like a friggin' 3 year old... seriously.

Real Truth Online said...

you call THAT a refutation? Hell, I guess I can't write simply because you SAID I can't! The typical Neocon response: when you can't refute anything we say, you simply just attack and name-call.

Where's YOUR website? Why do you keep coming to mine?

I'm not your brother said...

because I'm your brother.

my website is www.larryisthebilloreillyofthe9/

jizz said...

bush is a piece of shit, and if any one would support him, thier a unamerican ass hole.

truth facts and opinions said...

Hey, im not your brother said... another lie of yours. That is not a website. You are a neocon liar (a bit redundant). Get a life loser.