Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9iu11ani canned as keynote speaker at RNC tonight

This is shocking on several levels: It's September 2. It's 9 days away from 9-11. 9+2=11. Tomorrow is September 3. It's been 7 years since 9-11-01. 3+7+1=11. 3+7-1=9! 9-11....see what I mean?

by Larry Simons
September 2, 2008

My oh my how the GOP could have milked 9-11 for everything they could get from it from the one man who is obviously a true hero of 9-11....Rudy "Mr. 9-11" 9iu11ani.

How could the GOP do this to the very man who saved thousands of people from death on America's most tragic day? Canning him as keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention after I personally witnessed him, with his red cape and blue suit, fly through the air and snatch bodies falling from the World Trade Center? How could they do this? It's an outrage! (oh wait, that never happened)

How could they do this to the very man who ordered that every single body (from the WTC rubble) be found and searches should never end until they were? (oh wait, he DID order the searches be stopped)

How could they do this to the very man who would never tell someone that he knew the WTC towers were going to collapse before they did and then months/years later lie about it and say he never said that? (oh wait, he DID say he knew they were going to collapse before they did and told Peter Jennings that on live TV on 9-11, and DID lie about saying it months/years later)

Why the hell is he a hero? Oh, that's right. Because he just happened to be the Mayor of NYC on 9-11. I guess just being there witnessing the death and destruction and running for your life automatically makes you a hero.

Anyway, for the diehard 9iu11ani fans, here's what you missed this year at the RNC with the cancellation of Mr. 9-11 as speaker:

"Things were bad on 9-11"

"We are living in post 9-11 now"

"The Democrats obviously don't remember 9-11"

"In NYC (on 9-11) I had a front seat to terror"

"I would like to invent the first 9-11 pancake"

"It's 9-2.....that's 9 days from 9-11"

"In the year 2021, when 20 years has passed since 9-11, I want people to remember the significance of the number 20. After all, 9 and 11 equals 20"

"I was America's first 9-11 Mayor. If anyone else claims to be a 9-11 Mayor, they are an imposter, and they should be shot dead"

"Elect John McCain as President, because if you do, you will be electing the party against terror. I know 9-11 happened on the watch of a Republican president and Republican mayor, but please understand, we didn't ask those terrorists to attack us on 9-11. They did it because they are terrorists and although they should care about how it would make the Republican party look, those evil bastards didn't think about that.....I suppose, because they're terrorists.........9-11"

"9-11 is as 9-11 does"

"If 9-11 builds it, 9-11 will come"

"Show me the 9-11"

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typiical nonthinking american sheep said...

hey, rudys a ground zero hero...baah.......george bush is a christian..baah...a 757 can make a small hole in the pentagon..baah....9/11..baah