Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bill Maher on his new film “Religulous”

Bill Maher’s quest to find the truth in his new movie “Religulous” begins October 3, 2008

by Larry Simons
August 21, 2008

This looks like a pretty funny and enlightening film, and I’m not saying that as a huge Bill Maher fan. I’m a moderate fan of Bill Maher. I agree with Maher on certain things and I disagree with him on others. One area we both agree: Religion. I’m not one of those people who, just because I disagree with Maher on 9/11, throw the baby out with the bath water. I usually give credit where credit is due when people are right, sensible or logical on a particular issue.

Bill Maher appeared on Larry King Live a few days ago to discuss the new film. Several highlights of the clip (below) is when Maher says, “The idea that any person on Earth can tell you with such specifics what happens when you die just blows my mind. That somebody on Earth, another person, can just say to you, ‘Oh yes, and what happens when you get to heaven---yeah, you’ll meet Jesus, he’s wearing a white robe, there’s a little gold piping on the sleeve, and then you go in this room, we eat eggs, you watch F Troop.’ Are you kidding? What are you talking about? You’re just a person like I am. You are clueless. You have no idea what happens”.

Watch the clip

Maher then says (about religious people), “Unless a god told you personally what happens when you die… It all came from another person with no more mental powers than you have, and you don’t know…so just man up and say ‘I don’t know’.

The most interesting thing Maher says is when he’s talking about how the film is not trying to be judgmental and not pointing fingers and says, “At some point mankind is going to have to shed this skin if he’s going to move forward. I do have a serious intellectual problem with it. And on a mental level, it just ticks me off. It’s just the ultimate hustle. I asked Jesus (the actor who plays Jesus in the movie) this, ‘Why can’t God just defeat the Devil and get rid of evil? You know, it’s the same reason the comic book character can’t get rid of his nemesis---then there’s no story. If God gets rid of the Devil, and he could, he’s all powerful, well, then there’s no fear, there’s no reason to come to church, there’s no reason to pass the plate, we’re all out of a job…ya know, it’s gotta go on.”

I agree 100%. It makes absolutely no sense. The Bible says God is selfish and the Bible says God is jealous. It also says that God is love. Is love selfish and jealous? Seems to me, those should be #1 and #2 on the list of things that make it NOT love.

I have just recently become agnostic after years of believing in the Bible word for word. What changed in me? I began to THINK. After years of being very heavily involved in political and social activism, I began to grow sick and tired of the current administrations use of FEAR to make the blind masses submit. It didn’t take me long to realize that this is exactly what God does in the Bible. So I began to question things. Yes, I know, just as questioning 9/11 makes me an America-hater, questioning the Bible makes me a child of Satan himself. I know that is what the average religious person would deduct from that.

My christian friends of yesteryear would say that I’ve strayed and the Devil ‘got to me’. Well, obviously I don’t think I’m evil or I wouldn’t be an activist against evil institutions like the Federal Reserve, the CFR and the Bilderberg group, or against the pure evil of attacking other sovereign countries who did nothing at all to us, killing their innocent citizens and then continually lying about it.

You see, it’s the majority of the religious, “christian” population who support the fact that we are over in Iraq fighting “terror” because of 9/11. It doesn’t phase them that 9/11 had nothing to do with Iraq. Nor does it phase these people that one of Jesus’ central teachings was that we are supposed to turn the other cheek against our enemies. I have intertwined religion with politics because I can’t separate the two anymore. I just can’t and I won’t do it. Our world and more importantly, this country, have been ruined by religion.

I’ve always struggled with certain questions that I don’t believe anyone can answer, at least logically, without the same old mundane “we can’t comprehend God’s ways” bullcrap answer. One question is this: Let’s say one has a child who is just pure evil. They lie, curse, cheat, steal, shout profanities, break the law on a daily basis or even commit crimes. They are the worst of the worst. I’m pretty confident that the majority of parents would admit they would still love their own children despite the fact that they turned out to be the most rotten, God-awful person one could imagine. Even though their child may deserve to be locked up away from society, most parents would not want them tortured, beaten, treated inhumanely and definitely not put to death.

My question: Why does a loving God do this then? If we as mere mortals could love our own children despite the horrendous things they’ve done and not want them to suffer, why does God (who is supposed to be all loving, with a love that is supposed to transcend that of mere mortals) send people to Hell---not just to suffer and burn, mind you, but to suffer and burn FOREVER?

I can hear the bullcrap responses now: “God didn’t send them there, they did”. God is all-powerful right? He’s all loving right? Obviously not all loving enough to not want someone to suffer FOREVER, and not all powerful enough to reach into Hell to snag them out of the flames before FOREVER was over.

If someone has a logical answer to this question, I’d love to hear it. Until then, I’ll be looking forward to the new Bill Maher film “Religulous” which opens October 3.


Anonymous said...

LMAO, Larry Simmons says... "I’m not one of those people who, just because I disagree with Maher on 9/11, throw the baby out with the bath water. I usually give credit where credit is due when people are right, sensible or logical on a particular issue."


For the record you could agree with Larry on everything except for 9/11 and he'll tell you you're a pathetic neocon, ignorant sheep of amoron.


That's the real truth.

And what "Christian friends" are you talking about Larry. You not only don't have any friends now (or family that likes you) but you never had any friends EVER. That's why you have to resort to creating fake posts on your own pathetic website congratulating yourself on your intellectual superiority.


This has been MORE REAL TRUTH provided by none other than Larry's own brother who he can never touch or effect in any manner. You're just a jealous dumbass. Period.

Real Truth Online said...

No, you're wrong. You can disagree with me on 9-11 all you want, but it's the lack of research and facts to back it up that prompts me to call a person a moron---not just the disagreement itself. When have I EVER said to anyone on here that just disagreeing ALONE makes anyone a moron? You wont be able to find ONE example.

The rest of your post was just ad hominem attacks (which is your usual since you never have ONE fact to back up what you say). Ive posted MANY times for you just to answer ONE question of mine or to post ONE fact that backs up what you say, only to come online the next day and find more ad hominem attacks.

You just cant do it----answer questions or research facts. I believe now it is a physical and mental incapability you have, not just a childish game you play. You're lazy and you're a coward---because I have also invited you on MANY occasions to debate me in public---and of course you're a chickenshit, because you have yet to accept the offer. Also, you still post under 'anonymous'----what nearly ALL cowards post under.

Oh and by the way, I called the Housing Authority. They are looking into it and will be in touch with you soon. Have fun packing and paying a shitload of back rent!

commonsence4u said...

wow larry, another pathetic loser coming to your site that debates nothing nor do they refute or debunk. just name call and spin. its realy sad that these people come here to get destoyed by you and make your side even more relevent. i wonder who won that losers fake dice rollings baseball world series?

timetodesolve said...

puts religion in a new perspective larry, good post.

Larry is scared of me, jealous of me, and all alone in the world said...

Bill Maher sees through the 9/11 bullshit conspiracists, but then again so does anyone with a friggin' brain.

Anonymous said...

Larry I have an response to the question about Hell. I have read the Bible and I came to the conclusion that it does not teach that we go to a fiery hell to be tormented forever. But I found plenty of scriptures supporting the idea that death is a place of unconciousness and inactivity. You are obviously the type of guy who researches things for yourself,so go to the source.Here are some scriptures that, according to the bible, discuss what conditions the dead are in: Ecclesiastes 9 verse 5 and 6. Psalms 146 verse 3 and 4. In this next scripture Jesus says Lazarus is sleeping but he knows full well that he is dead, John 11 verses 11,12,13,14.Just maybe he is saying that the dead are basically unconcious? Ecclesiastes 9 verse 10 supports this idea. Also Acts 7 verse 60. The Bible also talks about a future time when people will be resurrected to then be judged, the righteous and unrighteous - John 5 versus 28 to 30 and John 11 verses 23 to 27. Ezekiel 18 verse 4 shows that the soul itself dies, it (the soul) does not live on. Job also prays to go there in Job 14 verse 13 - why would he do that? There is one passage of scripture that people use to support the idea of a Hell full of torment it is at Luke 16 verse 22 to 31. I believe this passage is talking in a way that suggests it is symbolic as if you were in fiery torment you wouldn't just ask for a drop of water to quench your thirst i believe it has a deeper meaning. But if I am wrong, then this passage of scripture contradicts all the others i have quoted, and the bible is obviously flawed and not the word of God.It also contradicts the scripture you mention that God is love as you point out it is commonsense that a God of love wouldn't torture a creature he created in the first place, especially for eternity.Maybe the saying "Rest in Peace" is more true than most Christians realize.

I personally hope the Bible is right and there is a loving God as Man is obviously not offering much hope.

Anyway I hope this gives you a different slant on the matter.

Good luck on your search for truth.

Real Truth Online said...

well, my whole religious "change" comes from the notion that maybe the Bible isnt true at all, and therefore, if it's not true, then it doesnt matter if you pick individual verses to attempt to study them. I have found many contradictions in the Bible, many cannot be answered. It's the whole concept of the FEAR and the blind faith that the Bible pushes on a person to make them believe it. Why not just believe it because it's true and right, and not because we are afraid of Hell or because we need SOMETHING to accept other than "we're born, we live our lives then we die, and that's it". I appreciate your take on things and your post, but I agree with Maher when he says, "(You're) a person just like I am and you know the details about what happens when you die?" See, thats my whole point. How can we even research the Bible when there is no way to verify it while we are alive? We have to be DEAD to KNOW if it's true or not. I agree with Maher---why don't people just man up and say "I dont know if God exists---I just have FAITH". Many people DO say they have faith and I have no issues with faith, but many people say they KNOW God exists too and that just bugs me like a zit on my back that I cant reach to pop. NOBODY KNOWS what happens when we die, but religious people act like they do KNOW. They dont know. They are merely actors on a stage when they say that. They are pretending to be something they're not----dead.

Anonymous said...

Yes I can understand what you are saying and I agree with you completely - the truth should be clear cut for all to see.

The very concept of faith shouldn't even exist, I still don't understand why it does, as it creates all sorts of excuses for crap religions to exist. As far as im concerned every religious sermon reguarding unproven ideas should end with the statement "what has just been said may well be completely and utterly false so do not take it to seriously".

To my way of thinking, if a wise and loving God does exist then he will make the truth clear cut for all to see, maybe he has a set time to do this, who knows.

And if we believe there is no God and this life is all there is then we should be putting a massive effort into preserving what we can see as REAL - OUR VERY OWN LIVES, making it mankinds #1 goal of extending our life spans as long as possible through science as who wants to slip into non existence when they have their health and friends and family around them.

By the way does anyone know if a massive concerted effort by top scientists to acheive extended life is being conducted? All I can find on the net are a few small operations with limited funding.
You would have to think it would be happening somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, it seems that everyone is pointing to the religious organizations and priests, politicians, lawyers, etc and saying how bull this all is. Do you know who else said they're full of crap?

Please read Matt chapter 23. You will see Yahushua is saying basically what many people today are saying about organized religion. Yahushua regularly condemned the religious leaders of his day which by extension applies today as well.

Also, when Yahushua was killed, the Christ became the high priest of all time effectively abolishing the worldly priesthood forever.

There are many things in the Bible that are deliberately suppressed or misquoted, or taken out of context, even in the very convincing truth videos and articles. One video even goes so far as to say Abraham married his own sister...which is not true according to the Bible itself.

In Matt 5:17-18, Yahushua says the Law stands forever...what Law? The Law dictated to Moses...the Torah. In the Torah, Deut 4:2, YHWH says not to add to or make changes to the Law. Have you read the Law?

The Law prevents megalomaniacs from acquiring massive amounts of wealth over generations (Rothchilds, Warburgs, Rockefeller, the whole Bilderberg group). It prevents these psychopaths from changing laws to fit their needs and deprive the needs of others.

Please have a listen to George Gordon He's got free commentaries on the Law, health, money, politics, etc. dating back to 2002.

Anonymous said...

If you want to know more...please visit

Plenty of articles and some audio plus links to tons of info revealing the true identity and whereabouts of the "lost sheep of the House of Isreal" Isreal the nation NOT the illigally set up state we know today which is in Palestine.