Thursday, August 7, 2008

Alex Jones schools yet another Neo-con on government fraud

This time, it’s Neo-con Scott Allen Miller on the receiving end of Alex Jones’ fact beatdown

by Larry Simons
August 7, 2008

Talk show host and filmmaker Alex Jones was a guest on John Gibson’s radio show (the ONLY show he has now) Monday to discuss the story of Dr. Bruce E. Ivins, the microbiologist and vaccinologist who committed suicide on July 29, 2008, who the FBI now says was the only one behind the 2001 anthrax attacks. Gibson’s fill-in for that day was fellow Neo-con Scott Allen Miller (above left), a talk radio personality on WROW out of Albany, New York.

As Miller begins the segment and introduction of Alex Jones as his guest, he says to his audience, “What you’re about to hear is a gag….a set-up”, and then proceeds to inform his listeners that he is about to “bait” some of these “conspiracy theorists” (that believe, as Alex Jones does, that the government and FBI is lying about the Ivins story) to call into his show and then trick them into thinking that he (Miller) believes the conspiracy as well. Miller then admits, “It’s going to be a lot of fun”.

As you here Miller say “It’s going to be a lot of fun”, keep in mind that the Boston Radio Hall of Fame website has dubbed Miller as, “…for the most part, a fair and balanced talk show host with a deeply developed thought process and a slight chip-on-the-shoulder attitude”.

Of course, this ‘deeply developed thought process’ and his ability to be ‘fair and balanced’ seems to be nowhere in sight as all he can do throughout the entire interview is flood Alex Jones with endless sarcastic, “Uh-huh’s”, fake, sarcastic interest and, of course, as Alex hammers Miller with fact after fact from cited mainstream sources, Miller provides ZERO facts of his own.

The most unbelievable and laughable segment of this interview is Miller's glaring hypocrisy in continually mocking Alex Jones because he believes in "conspiracies" and "inside jobs" while Miller fully accepts, without reservation, the FBI's story that Ivins is the one responsible for the anthrax attacks, which, since Americans were killed from INSIDE America, makes INSIDE JOB!

This is what Neo-cons do best. When they have the researching skills of a billygoat and are being crushed with facts, all they are left to do is shower their well-informed opponent with fake non-interest and a shitload of sarcasm. They do this to make their zombie-like listeners believe that the only reason they aren’t in an evenly matched, intellectual debate with their opponents is because they are bored and have no interest in the discussion.

Miller fails on all levels.

Listen to the interview


Real Truth Online said...

I guess Jizz or whatever personality he goes under couldn't refute this story, so he just ignores it.

It figures

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We took care of jizz, who was your brother as you suspected. He won't be exposing you as a pathetic easily misled uneducated liar anymore.

Real Truth Online said...

Yet you have failed to even ATTEMPT to debunk ONE thing I've ever said

Real Truth Online said...

In fact Jizz----why dont you comment on the very story that you posted on? THIS one. Whats the matter? Impossible to debunk? Thought so

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