Monday, June 9, 2008

Tables turn for Bill O’Reilly attack dog; ambusher becomes ambushee

Bill Moyers embarrasses O’Reilly ambush goon, then news correspondent follows him and spoon feeds his own medicine to him….O’ Reilly-style

by Larry Simons
June 9, 2008

Bill O’ Reilly attack dog and ambush journalist Porter Barry confronted journalist Bill Moyers on Saturday at the National Conference for Media Reform. Barry was sent out once again by his Mafia boss, Bill O’ Reilly, to do his dirty work of ambush journalism and to rough-up Bill Moyers with the same tiresome requests to “come on Bill’s [O’ Reilly] show”.

Watch the video

Things didn’t turn out so well this time for O’ Reilly’s ambush thug. Like most times when Billo’s henchmen stake out their next victim after popping out of a bush or into a parking lot, they are successful in accomplishing their goal: Capturing clips of their victims trying to escape an interview or soundbytes that are aired in ‘out-of-context’ snippets in order to deceive Billo’s stupified sheep into thinking they are too scared to sit next to Bill Almighty and be interviewed.

After Moyers completely ripped Porter Barry a new asshole on Saturday, one wonders how Loofah boy will chop this clip up to deceive his faithful zombies. My guess is, he won’t be able to. So Billo will just have to fill in the 5 minutes he was planning on airing the Moyers bit with more scantily-clad babes he will somehow work into a human interest story.

Barry confronted Moyers and asked him why he won’t appear on The Factor. Moyers responded brilliantly by saying he will appear on The Factor after two things happen:

1) When Billo appears on HIS show first (since Moyers asked O’ Reilly FIRST some years ago) and
2) When Rupert Murdoch tells Moyers 'where the $20 a barrel oil is?'

(Rupert Murdoch, in February 2003, as he was beating the drums of war in support of Bush invading Iraq, said this, "The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil. That's bigger than any tax cut in any country.")

Click for the story of Rupert Murdoch’s $20 a barrel dream:

As Moyers points out, the price of oil currently is $137, a FAR cry from the $20 a barrel that Murdoch was predicting. Murdoch, like O’ Reilly and everyone at FOX News, is a lying, water-carrying, Neo-con criminal who should be rounded up with everyone who was responsible for the invasion of Iraq (which was not only illegal and unconstitutional, but the birthplace of the many war crimes Bush and his administration are guilty of), and convicted of high treason for the lies and propaganda that was thrown onto the laps of the American people that has now caused over 4,000 American military deaths and nearly a million Iraqi civilian deaths.

The media, who trumped up the war as moral and just, are just as complicit in these war crimes for lying repeatedly to the American people as Bush and his minions are.

After Barry gets embarrassed and equally speechless, the crowd begins cheering for Moyers. The ambush of Moyers ends and Barry walks away. Then other journalists, including Uptake correspondent Noah Kunin, gave Barry a dose in O’Reilly-style ambush journalism by following him around while he tried to dodge the "FOX News-style news reporting" bullet that Barry dishes out to others.

Don’t count on this entire clip to make The Factor tonight. My guess is Bill will trash the entire story unless he feels confident that his viewers really are as stupid and as computer illiterate so as to not have the knowledge to take 10 seconds to view it on YouTube!!

Your thugs were brought down Loofah-boy! Next time, confront Moyers YOURSELF you goddamned spineless COWARD!


Billo mentions the confrontation between Porter Barry and Bill Moyers, but ONLY during the most ridiculous segment on Billo's show, the "body language" segment!!

I had predicted Billo wouldn't mention this confrontation at all...OK, I was wrong. What Billo DID do though was practically equal to not mentioning it. Billo had NO choice but to mention it during the most ridiculous and pointless part of his show (and there are many), the BODY LANGUAGE SEGMENT!

For anyone fortunate enough not to know what the body language segment is, it's basically one of the many distractions from REAL news on Billo's stupid show where a body language "expert" [Tanya Reiman] analyzes hand gestures and facial expressions, usually from clips of celebrities and politicians.

Since Billo could not address the fact that Bill Moyers completely embarrassed Billo's faggotty little stalker/reporter by citing a plethora of facts (like the famous quote by Rupert Murdoch in 2003 where he says that "$20 a barrel oil will result from the Iraq war"...[it is now at $135 a barrel]) and the fact that Porter Barry ended up walking away from Moyers speechless (only to have the tables turned on him when another correspondent grilled him "O' Reilly ambush style"), Billo had no choice but to show only a brief snippet from the 10-minute clip and to use it only in a meaningless "body language" segment where one of Billo's many bimbo guests analyzed Moyers' hand gestures!

That's classic Billo for you! When he can't re-air the substance of a story, he is forced to dance around the facts and re-air only 30-second snippets of a clip that is 20-25 times longer than what he lets his brain dead faithful see. His viewers are so faithful, they don't even bother looking up the FULL clips themselves...available at their fingertips on You Tube.

Watch the clip

Notice what Billo says after the clip is played. He says, "It doesn't matter what he [Moyers] says, it's just pure rank propaganda". So, Billo is ADMITTING that the EXACT WORDS of his boss, Rupert Murdoch, is "pure rank propaganda"! Real nice, Billo. You make it SO easy when you ADMIT it!

I don't watch Billo that much, (because to be honest, I can actually feel my brain shrinking as I'm watching), but I have watched the show enough to know one irrefutable FACT. When Billo does these ambush segments (regardless of who it is they confront....a judge, a school official, a councilman, etc..), he NEVER uses them in a "body language" segment.

These ambush pieces are done for a purpose, and it is usually to confront someone in public to ask them about some injustice they had done (a bad law passed, etc...) so Billo can use the clip to expose people running from the camera or being caught off guard trying to avoid the FOX News reporter to show the O' Reilly sheep that "Billo means business!" or "you don't run from Bill O'Reilly!"

In using this confrontation in a stupid "body language" segment, Billo is admitting that Moyers destroyed his sissy ambush hitman. This piece was NOT originally intended for a "body language" segment. When Billo saw that his bully reporter got a dose of his own medicine rammed down his throat, Billo panicked, changed the segment and gave Reiman a call.

Then, a minute later, Billo says, "He's a real fanatic, this Moyers....He's like a crazy guy!"

NO Billo, THIS IS A CRAZY GUY..........


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hey real, truth i heard you sent a reporter/ photo guy to the bilderberg protest? your page is growing great work.

Real Truth Online said...

yeah, but he hasnt got the pictures to me yet and he wont answer my calls when I call him---Im not gonna post the pics on here too far away from the Bilderberg meeting. Unless i get them today or tomorrow, i probably wont post them

timetostopbelievingeverythingyourseeontheinternet said...

Darn, I was hoping to get a grainy picture of a hotel as proof that Obama was responsible for the bildebergers bringing down the twin towers. Guess I'll have to go to a reputable site to get the real truth lol.

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Larry has money to "send a reporter?" Laughing my ass off... on a fast food salary??? I think not. Yet another example how this site's owner posts as other people because no on else believes this mindless drivel.

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"realtruth" is a lunatic who continually got deleted from herald mail and other websites because all he does is insult other people and spread blatant lies like the McCain quotes. Larry works at Burger King, night shift and is section 8 housing so that's the level of intellect we're dealing with here.

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I've seen him at the drive thru. Maybe if I say 9/11 was an inside job he'll give me free fries lol.

Real Truth Online said...

ahhh yes, I love it---more ad hominem attacks and insults without STILL NO refutations or specific examples of any mistruths on my part. A 2nd grader can sit and type all day "youre a kook", "youre a lunatic". What actually takes brains and intelligence is researching things I say and offering a counter argument or refutations of my stories. I have yet to see ONE, from ANYONE. So, commonsense, when you call me a "lunatic" but offer no evidence of what I say is wrong and NO refutations-----then Im a lunatic that knows more than YOU. If Im wrong---PROVE me wrong dumbass---Im waiting. I got kicked off the Herald Mail because like every other controlled form of media in this country, the Herald Mail does not believe in free speech. They post the most ridiculous, unimportant questions that even the most mindless, Britney Spears clone would call stupid and when you attempt to override them and post comments about REAL issues, you get deleted because you didnt fall in line with their "Beavis and Butthead" poll questions. I considered being kicked off the Herald Mail an honor, that Im still proud of. If they want to practice Joseph Goebbels censorship, and you support them for doing so, then both of you are propagandist, Neo-con, un-American shills. All you do with your insulting is further admitting that you dont have ONE counter argument for my claims. Why dont you (for ONCE) ----just ONE time actually point out one thing I said in my stories and tell me that you dont agree and then offer the reason WHY you dont agree and present the FACTS. If Im wrong about something---well, then OBVIOUSLY you have the facts to set me straight, right? If you DO have the facts---LETS HEAR THEM!---and yes, to answer your question--I did have someone at the Bilderberg meeting in VA last week. Ive noticed you havent asked ONCE "who are the Bilderbergers"? That must mean you already know, and since you know---you must be an traitor to this country.

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umm kind off like the censorship on this very site right lol.

jiz, this is fun brother.