Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Reagan's "Apology": Weak, Perfunctory & Disingenuous

Wannabe baby killer should be kicked off the air, but Radio America protecting neo-con host

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
June 17, 2008

Radio talk show host Michael Reagan's weak, perfunctory and disingenuous "apology" to Mark Dice for encouraging the activist be murdered for sending 9/11 truth material to U.S. troops only further necessitates the case for legal action to be taken in order to end the spiraling cycle of Neo-Con intimidation and smear.

Furthermore, it now appears that Radio America representatives have failed to inform the President of Radio America about Reagan's comments in an attempt to protect him from any potential discipline.

According to Mark Dice's website, "Radio America has said that they will NOT fire Reagan for his comments. The communications director refused to answer whether the president of the company was aware of Reagan's comments, leading us to believe that they are keeping this information from him, in order to protect Reagan."

Had Reagan prostrated himself and vigorously displayed remorse for his disgusting comments during the interview with Dice yesterday then Dice may have considered taking the high road, but the fact that Reagan still views his statements as no more obscene that Mark Dice's efforts to inform the soldiers underscores the fact that further action needs to be taken.

You won't have heard about it in the corporate media so we'll happily reprint Reagan's original statement once again.

Last week on his nationally syndicated show, Reagan stated, "We ought to find the people who are doing this, take them out and shoot them. Really. You take them out, they are traitors to this country, and shoot them. You have a problem with that? Deal with it. You shoot them. You call them traitors, that’s what they are, and you shoot them dead. I’ll pay for the bullets."

Mark Dice's decision to report the death threat to the FBI and pursue an FCC investigation of Reagan led to the talk show host offering his "apology" yesterday before scurrying out of the country.

In reality, the interview with Dice was merely exploited by Reagan as an opportunity to make himself appear as the victim while hardly allowing Dice to get a word in.

Listen to the interview via You Tube.

Isn't it ironic that after 19 minutes of Reagan continually fading down and interrupting Dice, he has the gall to claim, "You're talking over me!"

In response to Dice's analogy of what would happen if a left-wing radio host called for the "unequivocal tracking down and murder" of an individual, Reagan claimed that Mike Malloy and Randy Rhodes had called for the murder of George Bush - a complete lie and another probable case of slander in and of itself.

The interview was pre-recorded and so Dice's most powerful statements were most likely edited out. There is a notable piece of editing when Dice questions Reagan's claim that he is still in the country despite telling Dice in an earlier private conversation that he was imminently leaving the country. During this sequence, Dice is completely cut off while Reagan talks over him.

Reagan invoked death threats against his father Ronald Reagan, who died four years ago, and also calls made to his cellphone by "your people" as an excuse to downplay the serious nature of his comments.

The only time when Reagan shut his mouth completely was when Dice read out California's Penal Code 422, which clearly illustrates that Reagan's comments fit the bill for terroristic threats.

Reagan's macabre obsession with violent murder was no more evident than in an August 2006 radio segment when he encouraged Arab babies in the Middle East be blown up by shoving "a grenade up their butts," while also stating that "there'll be peace when everybody in the Middle East is dead."

Reagan's foul, Hitlerian, racist and criminal statements can no longer be defined as free speech. When a national talk show host publicly calls for killing babies and puts out a contract on someone's life with 4 million people listening, action must be swift and severe.

At the very least, Reagan should be fired and never allowed to broadcast again. Don Imus was fired for much less and became the subject of national media obsession, yet not one mainstream news outlet has reported on Reagan's disgraceful comments.

Once again it is up to us, the alternative media and truth activists, to pressure the FCC into investigating Reagan by filing a report and kicking this cretin off the airwaves for good.

In addition, you can contact Radio America President Jim Roberts.
Jim Roberts 703-302-1000 ext 215.



jiz/jas/whateverlol said...

Funny how "realtruth" has a problem with this but he tells anyone who doesn't believe 9/11 was an "inside job" to kill themselves. Way to go hypocrite Billo jr. Keep up the lies and hypocrisy. This site is FAKE.

Real Truth Online said...

If you cant see the colossal difference between telling someone to kill themselves/even wishing someone would die and someone saying they would COMMIT the murder themselves, then you are a bigger idiot than I already know you are! PLUS, me wishing someone would die or saying "kill yourself" is NOT (to my knowledge) a crime...BUT someone threatening to kill another person themselves IS a crime (at least in California--and Im sure alot more states), so Michael Reagan CAN be charged and sent to PRISON for his threats to KILL someone, whereas I CANNOT be charged or sent to prison because I made NO threats.

Understand now? Or do you need me to draw a picture? Ive already asked you SEVERAL times to make your OWN site and STOP coming to mine if you think my site is so evil----but you just cant stay away, can you, you little stalker?

Real Truth Online said...

Youre even too cowardly to reveal who you really are, whereas you know who I am, dont you? That means Im not afraid of your little pansy-asses. But you and your several personalities are too cowardly and chickenshit to say who you are, or accept my challenge to a public debate on the facts---NOR will you even do the easiest of them all...make your own site.

It's just like those who oppose the war and who support it. You chickenhawks LOVE this war as long as someone ELSE is fighting it, but if YOU had to fight it, you'd piss your water-carrying, Neo-con pants, wouldnt you? And yes, before you make the ridiculous comment that IM not fighting it either----uhhh, its because I WANT THEM HOME and the war is ILLEGAL and Bush is a war criminal---thats why! Plus, I know several people who DID serve who feel the SAME way I do!

Anonymous said...

see jizzs excuse, he just proved billos a hypacrite. one for larry. now honestly JIZZ please come to the site with some facts and truth. and by the way if the site is fake, why do you come here to get humiliated by realtruth on his site? hes owned you for two years now.

Anonymous said...

he calls himself JIZ. lol lol

commonsense4u said...

jas/jiz wheres your comments realtruth deleted about 9/11? If you dumb ass conspiracy morons don't know jas/jiz is a left wing oberman freak and hates O'Reilly you are dumb as a bunch of rocks... which is pretty clear anyway lol. Unfortunately for you guys Bill is more of a patriot than anyone on this anti-American site, including jas/jiz.

jas/jiz lemme see that post!

jizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz said...

Ladies and gentlemen, if you come to this site know that the site's creator will not stand for debate on his fantasyland 9/11 issues and will delete posts that differ from his views (note the dozens of "deleted by site administrator" comments stemming back to 2006 in which others have called Larry on his bullshit). He calls himself a patriot and blames Fox news for showing only one side of the argument. Who's the real hypocrite Larry? The only reason he’s opened posts again is because I contacted some of the “truther” websites he linked on his page and informed them of how he hurts their cause, ridiculous as it is.

I'll be shocked if this post lasts more than an hour.

The following are quotes made by this site’s creator when someone disputes his lies regarding 9/11. Keep in mind I have been a staunch critic of nearly everything this current Bush administration has done. I am an avid liberal, secular progressive who does not believe in any religion whatsoever and hasn't voted Republican in my life. I also believe Bush should be impeached for the Iraq war deception among other things. My friends would tell you if anyone would like for the 9/11 conspiracy to be true it would be someone like me but I’m way too intelligent to believe in anything that can’t be proven.

As quoted from this site's creator Larry Simons when refuting 9/11 claims:

"You're a total SHITHEAD, and if I was you, Id kill myself."

"You’re a fucking CHICKEN"


"You don’t know SHIT!"

Here’s only one of my responses:

For the record I believe my own eyes and reason along with most of the 9/11 Commission Report on 9/11, the Popular Mechanics report on debunking 9/11 myths, staunch anti-government leftist and MIT Professor and father of modern linguistics Noam Chomsky's scholarly articles along with reporting from Keith Olbermann, Arianna Huffington, Bill Maher, Brian Williams, Dan Rather, the videotape of bin Laden explaining how he helped mastermind the 9/11 attacks, the thousands of eyewitness accounts on the matter and the hundreds of reputable scholarly publications and FACTUAL websites that report the truth about 9/11.

There's no use arguing with you crackpots. I've seen the conspiracy crap all over the internet. These "theorists" have a so-called answer for everything when in fact all they have are questions.

I saw the planes hit the towers. I saw the towers eventually fall starting where each plane hit those towers yet there's websites telling me no planes hit the buildings... it was all done with blue screens just like in Terminator 2, or it was done via controlled demolition from a black-ops team from our own government. I'm not stupid enough to believe that and I'm joined by your heroes, Olbermann, Huffington and Carlin.

If you wanted to I'm sure you could give me 100 websites that tell me Bigfoot felled those towers. My granddaddy used to tell me... "Son, there's no use arguing with a fool."


And I’m sorry Larry but you continue to show your lack of intelligence with eloquent quotes like these...
"We’re in BIG trouble if this guy is our next President. He truly is a piece of shit." - Larry Simons

"Of course, as a reflection of how stupid America is, I get the occasional idiotic comment like, "Look what Ray Nagin did in New Orleans!" - Larry Simons on how stupid America is. You must really love your country Larry. You call the American people "stupid cowards" and then make baseless claims our own government (corrupt as it may be) is directly responsible for killing 3000+ of their own on 9/11.
Another Larry quote: "I’m tired of talking to stupid, ignorant, mind-controlled, unpatriotic American citizens like you."

Larry I've read more books from respected scholars and ex-government officials criticizing American foreign policy than you ever will. I've also taken several Master's level courses on related subjects which is more than you can say with your high school education and your complete and total reliance on unreliable and discreditable websites for your ridiculous 9/11 theories posted by crackpots with no education like yourself.

You hate America and its people, fine, but don't accuse me of being a "stupid, ignorant mind-controlled American" when you yourself exhibit more ignorance, stupidity and hate for your fellow countrymen in nearly every post you display.

If anyone is being "mind-controlled" it is you from all those other "truthers" out there."
You're speculating about things you don't know and making baseless accusations as usual scooter. You and all the other "truthers." Everything with you clods is a case of one plus one equals three. It's a piling up of improbabilities.

Speculation isn't a fact scooter and questions aren’t either.

The burden of proof isn't on me. It’s on you. If you truly had facts the entire world would know. Its similar to science vs. religion debate... the burden of proof is not on non-believers. Fact is the National Academy of Scientists believes your 9/11 theories about as much as they believe the Bible or Koran is the word of God, and reasonable men know this.

If there was a "mountain" of evidence surely you should hire a lawyer and sue all the people who are involved in this massive conspiracy of yours... Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the entire BBC, ABC, NBC, FOX, owner of building 7, the editors of Popular Mechanics, the CIA, FBI, NSA. Wow that's a lot of people to keep quiet on such a major conspiracy and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, think of the countless others involved we don't even know about!

If you had any proof, people like your heroes Olbermann and Huffington would be reporting it or are they complicit too? Can I put them on the list of co-conspirators?

So you and your high school education are more intelligent than Noam Chomsky eh? I've read practically everything he's ever written and he'd be reporting the "facts" if there were any and he doesn't resort to telling people who disagree with him to kill themselves or write moronic sentences like "It's another to swallow jizz for a living for all the world to see."

The answer is no, your heroes will not report your baseless claims because they would lose all credibility. They don't report your false claims just like they don't report when someone claims the Loch Ness Monster is real even though I can give you 1,000 websites that give the same type of "proof" you're spewing. Can you prove the Loch Ness Monster doesn't exist Larry? I didn't think so.

So go ahead Larry ask me a specific question if you can pose an intelligent one without resorting to insults and homophobic slurs. I'm waiting. Oh and when you do so could you also prove to me that Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster don't exist because I have proof that clearly shows otherwise.

I've identified myself repeatedly as a proud liberal who despises what the Bush administration has done over the last 6 years. I also have expressed myself as an unabashed O'Reilly, Coulter, and Fox News critic. That said you could probably assume I don't think being gay is a disease and firmly believe gays should be able to marry, adopt or have their own children and openly serve in the military. They should have every right as the rest of us. And to insinuate that I am gay in such a judgmental way screams of homophobia or plain hatred for homosexuals. Why would you attempt to make such an insult and laugh about it unless you felt otherwise?

You are quoted as saying, "Live and let be gay, I always say...(not really)" What Larry? Are you one of those intolerant hypocritical types like O'Reilly and Coulter who believes God cares what people do while naked? And the line, "It's another to swallow jizz for a living for all the world to see." won't be winning you any Pulitzers let me tell you.


Don't stoop to Larry's level (he is "real truth") and tell your debate opponent to commit suicide. Larry's just showing his true colors. If he took all the garbage about 9/11 off this site it would actually be worth visiting but my guess is he's invested too much money in 9/11 "truthers" t-shirts to turn back now. Plus he's a lot like George Bush and Bill O'Reilly in that he will never ever admit he is wrong despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

I'm sure you're narcissistic enough to think you're just like King, Murrow, Paine and Lincoln but every one of them would roll over in their graves regarding the crap you're spewing about 9/11. And its one thing to be embarrassed by your government and to question your government. It’s entirely something else with what you're doing with baseless accusations re: 9/11. You come across as hating this country whether you like it or not.

I'll say it again, you've yet to give any proof whatsoever and this is coming from someone who despises what those in charge have done to our country over the last 6 years.

This site has no credibility because of your foolish 9/11 conspiracy bunk. If you took all the 9/11 crap down and focused on the Iraq war, Katrina/FEMA, record deficits, tax cuts for the rich, Scooter Libby, 40 million without healthcare, Abu Gharib, warentless wiretaps, Abramoff, Cunningham, Delay, Foley, Ney, Enron/Halliburton, gas prices, No Child Left Behind, Fox News and the startling hypocrisy of a so-called "Christian" president people might actually take you seriously. But until you throw away all your 9/11 "truthers" t-shirts saying how the BBC, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the owner of building 7, popular mechanics ect ect ect were all involved in this massive conspiracy you have absolutely no credibility.

You have no proof Larry. None. Just cutting and pasting crap from websites no one in their right mind would believe.

Without me you'd have no one to insult but if you are going to go all Bill O'Reilly on me and delete my posts because they hit too close to home go ahead, I'd expect nothing less from you.

Fire away Bill O Jr. We can't have anyone disagreeing with you're posts now can we? And you say you strive for truth. My arse.

And by the way you've done more name calling and insulting than I have by miles and miles. You're just as bad as the hypocrites you try to bring down.

Dude seriously, I saw your picture... you're young and that gives you somewhat of a pass but that still doesn't mean you're not in need of some serious medication. I'm one of the folks that think Bush and the lot should be tried for war crimes for the Iraq fiasco but every bit of "evidence" you provide on 9/11 is looney toons. The people you quote and provide stories from are nutbags and have absolutely no credibility. I bet you've never even heard of Chomsky who would never let something like this B.S. conspiracy go unstudied.

Yes, let us all bow to Larry Simons who sits at home at night in his mommy's basement cutting and pasting junk he finds on the internet and thinks he's smarter than the thousands of scientists, scholars, journalists and eyeball witnesses who know more about 9/11 than he could ever hope. Thanks for providing the truth for us “uneducated cowards and complacent morons” Larry. And to think how comfortable we all were not questioning authority until you came along and opened our eyes to how government is corrupt. God Bless you Larry Simons and God Bless America!

Go ahead Larry and now pull a Bill O'Reilly and tell me how I made your argument stronger. No spin from you eh? Your argument transcends anything any of us morons could imagine right?

You keep making my argument for me Larry. All you can do is insult others and not debate the facts like an adult. Don't you realize that alone makes me right?

Larry you do more to damage your cause than you'll ever know. Its people like you who make it easier for the "right wing" to garnish support for their pathetic causes.

HERE’S SOME EXAMPLES OF PREVIOUS POSTS BY PEOPLE WHO HAVE COME TO THIS SITE AND DISAGREED WITH LARRY SIMONS (Check out the posts from 2006 and note the hypocrisy from this site’s creator and his lack of debate skills as he can only respond with threats, insults and deleting others posts when they completely refute his baseless 9/11 claims):

“Unlike you, I do not hate you Larry. I really feel sorry for you. You go through life, angry, full of hate, rage, screaming for attention, trying to get people to believe your crackpot conspiracy theories.”

”I do pity you. I cannot think what your life is like as you wake up every morning thinking what a terrible country you live in, never seeing anything good in life, and as you sit in front of your computer and spewing your hate toward anyone who disagrees with you.”

”The last thing you want to have the light of truth shown on you.”

”At the same time I find you somewhat funny. To read your posts as you meltdown and launch into a profanity filled posts is good for a good chuckle.”
“One cannot reason with someone engulfed in hate as you are.”

”Not one major newspaper, or TV news show will give you the time of day. Or are they part of the grand conspiracy as well??? (Twilight Zone music is now playing in Larry's head)”

“I may be at fault for feeding your rage. Like a spoiled child who craves attention, when I pay attention to you, you smile and start pounding the keyboard once again. I see I am the only one posting on your piece of shit website, so I am at fault. I hope your shrink does not hold it against me.”

“All I can say is I've answered your questions, and you've answered none of mine, looks like to me your doing the ignoring, but why let facts get in the way?
You've never addressed anything I’ve asked, why?
No one threatens as a bluff, they use it when they have no other choice, you know, like when you have no answers.”

“You couldn't beat me with facts, so you used threats, your only weapon. I beat you with facts you couldn't dispute, cause if you could have you would have answered my questions, so you used threats, not to beat me, but to quiet me, your pathetic, you complain about not debating, then you don't debate, you run and hide, delete posts, and threaten.”

”The only responses we get from you is cursing, name calling, and threats, that’s your answers to everything? That’s the answer you give when questioned by someone? Looks like you don't have much "truth" in your arsenal, but you do have a ton of crap.”

”This is my last post to you, since there's no point because you refuse to answer anything I ask, but we both know who won, the one who answered questions won, which would be me. The one who refused to answer anything lost, which would be you. c/ya!”

“You do the exact same you bitch about; once again you accuse others of what you do. You never answered any on my questions, you dodged, and weaved, and your answers were cursing, and name calling, lol.”

“Is that what the truthers do when they have no point, name call? Cause that’s all you do when you have no answer, you ignore, and name call, does your eyes burn when you read the truth? Be careful you'll go blind reading the truth, your more of a nazi than anyone, you spew more propaganda than Hitler ever did.”
Anyone see a recurring theme here?

My final comment:

Larry I do so pity you as well as those who you say agree with you. Funny how few of your fellow “truthers” out there actually come to your site or to your defense. Sad, but not only do you not have any “truther” friends but you obviously have no real friends as well. I’m certain you live alone or in your mother’s basement and have no education or steady employment and you’re 38 years old. I’m willing to bet you’ve never had a girlfriend in your entire life. I’ve come to realize that you likely have borderline personality disorder with schizoaffective tendencies evidenced by delusions of grandeur and persecution (look it up). You are as big a hypocrite as any of the right-wingers you so despise and you are so filled with hate that you are likely going to snap one day and go to the nearest water tower with a gun and start offing innocent civilians.
You disrespect all those who perished, were injured, or lost a loved one on 9/11 and you make honest secular liberals like myself look foolish. So good job Larry you true patriot and fighter of truth, justice and the American way.

Have fun wasting and living out your life vicariously through your pathetic excuse for a blog. I’m going to go play with my beautiful wife and son who although only a toddler already knows more than you ever will.







jizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz said...

Gosh I'm sorry Larry, but it seems your pathetic 3 readers can't get enough of me so here we go again with some real truth. As long as you and your multiple personalities post about me I'll post the same old tired thread... back to comment moderation/censorship eh?

Glad to see some real intelligent people on here nowadays, of course they're the one's who don't believe anything on here lol.

commonsense4u, O'Reilly is the Devil but at least we have this in common, lol. Why don't you post on herald mail anymore anyway.

timetoevolve, what did I tell you. This guy's crazy as batshit and hates his father. Doesn't believe in peak oil hahahahahaha. Real truth my ass.

Anonymous said...

"You're a total SHITHEAD, and if I was you, Id kill myself."

That pretty much says it all, thanks jiz, you hit it out of the park on that one.

This site is for the easily misled.

Real Truth Online said...

hey anon---if this site is for the "easily misled"---then that makes YOU easily misled huh? since you keep visiting it!!! Hahahahahaha

Real Truth Online said...

the same old mile long post is back---which means only one thing: this psychopath has saved this long post on his computer somewhere and he waits for comment moderation to be removed to post it again---LOL. Thats a true psycho! Funny---in such a LONG post, there is not ONE refutation of anything I have claimed-----not one. Just rants, ad hominem attacks and namecalling. Not ONE refutation!

Anonymous said...

dear JIZZ. get a life. larrys destroyed you yet again. but you keep coming back for the beatings, we feel sorry for you and pitty you for the neglect your mom showed for you. one day here youll get a job that pays ok and then you can get off the tax payers back. you and your three friends havent debated nor debunked the truth here. its all name calling, deflection, spin and when larry has you, which he usually does, you turn to the always it doesnt matter anyway. and if this site is unamerican. what does that make you? when you cash your disability or welfare check do you wear a mask? because your robbing the working man dick. as usual the fights over, your on your back, larrys standing over you with the ref raising his hand.. congrats larry you won. no contest.

Anonymous said...

hey JIZZZZ we saw tom cruise kill someone on tv last night. is he going to get arrested?

commonsenceless said...

weres your evidence jizz? im with you. see my name goes right with you guys. one day well come here with some facts and truth. one day not yet. youve won again larry.

Anonymous said...

jizz the only book you can read is a comic book...lol..lol..lol.

Anonymous said...

jizz is back with his same lame ass post ...time to evolve and get over yourself, pull the blinders off and see whats realy going on.. you havent even left hagersbush.lol..lol

Anonymous said...

I know jizzzs disability... its pure laziness.lol

intellect4commonsence said...

patriot. what do you know about that? any one can see clearly youve never served. get over yourself. the only thing you know about serving is when you ask larry if he wants fries with his meal. give me a break.lol..lol

Anonymous said...

hey intellect. mr vet served in pannama and the first gulf war. commonsence wouldnt last through the first week of basic trainning.

Anonymous said...

the sadest thing is some of these retards actually believe this crap from some dumbass who works at burger king instead of every other reliable journalist and scholar in the world, unless as you say, he's just posting as other people.

Wake up retards. I think Noam Chomsky would be all over the "facts" this website pretends to have. Anyone who believes this shit is a fucking moron.

Real Truth Online said...

But yet you cant name ONE of these reliable journalists or scholars, can you? Noam Chomsky doesnt count. Hes a 9-11 official story gatekeeper. He actually tells his followers to IGNORE evidence in the 9-11 investigations. He believes in peak oil and a lone assassin in the Kennedy assassination. He says the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission and the CFR are "nothing" organizations and the CIA is not a rogue corrupt organization. This guy is TRULY a NUT.

Here, asshole. read this article (I know you wont)


Real Truth Online said...

Your EXACT words were "EVERY OTHER reliable journalist in the world". That implies there's more than ONE. Chomsky, as I have just proven, is a NUT who probably would believe the "time to make the donut guy" kidnapped Jimmy Hoffa and killed him because he was trying to Unionize Dunkin Donuts. So, please, feel free to list more "reliable journalists" on your endless list.

If you hate my site so much---why do you keep coming to it?

Isn't that kinda like complaining that your asshole hurts but you keep letting your fag buddy continue to stick his cock in your ass????

Anonymous said...

jizz/commonsenceless you guys are pathetic. one time i would like to see some of your evidence that you have. you two are about as unamerican as it gets. at what time in your lives did you see that you are losers?

commonsense4u said...

Chomsky is the "9/11 gatekeeper" Oh my God that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

the fact is there is no evidence.

you fucking retards believe some douchbag who flips burgers and not your professed leftwing hero Olberman? Wake the fuck up.

Good job jas even if your a left wing nutcase at least you don't believe this shit.

Fucking idiots, plain and simple. Where's your proof?????? Huh???

commonsenceless said...

jesus christ commonsence, get a grip on life and stop being a punk ass bitch. your pathetic. you want proof , but you havent brought a fact nor proof or truth. get over yourself. wheres your debunking? no where, thats it. a retard has more sence. hell a piss ant has more sence than you. you can get a good strong rope at home depot. get it and hang yourself and give us a break from you. do something that your parents have wanted to do for a long time.

Real Truth Online said...

commonsense---the burden of proof is on YOU, not ME. I constantly post stories and facts on here----its all I do!! Thats what this site is about! You, on the other hand, just come on here (which is a big fucking MYSTERY since you think Im un-American) and say "Nut", "kook" and "its crap" over and over without debunking ONE single thing I say in the stories. I would HATE to have you as my attorney if I was the one you was defending, and Id LOVE to have you as my opponent if I was prosecuting the one you was defending. I would grill your witnesses with facts and all you'd say in response is "he's nuts!", "its not true!", "Dont believe him jury, he's nutty!"

See, asshole, you have to actually DEBUNK something in order to convince others you are right and THEY are the nutjobs. See how that works now? OK, now I will wait for that to sink in and wait for you to begin debunking. Of course, like EVERY other post of mine, you will IGNORE it. Just like youve ignored all the others.

Real Truth Online said...

oh and by the way 'commonsense'--it doesnt take a genius to figure out that you are Jas, anonymous and every other moniker on here. You all agree and even use the SAME words, like 'wake up'. Not many even know who Noam Chomsky is, yet all your different monikers do! Amazing!

Why dont you have the GUTS to tell us your REAL name? Why dont you have the GUTS to debate me in public? You can set it up, where YOU choose. Invite as many as you want. Get all the materials that you want---newspapers, printed pages off the internet, magazines, books---anything you want. I will show up with NOTHING and I will still blow your ass away. Ive invited Jas many many many times to a public debate. Of course, he has IGNORED every single invitation I made----just like YOU will too---know why? Because youre a CHICKENSHIT who's only purpose in life is to blow hot air and criticize others when YOU are the coward. Youre too cowardly to go fight the war you support. You are too cowardly to debate me in public. You are too cowardly to tell us your real name. I, on the other hand, have accomplished every single thing I just listed that you have NOT done. I am WILLING to debate you in public, when youre too chickenshit to. I have given my real name on my site, and although I have NOT served (I admit), I also do NOT support this unconstitutional, illegal war in which Bush started on LIES. I will defend my country to the death when it is really DEFENDING it--in other words---to protect THIS country from enemies----not the "enemies" that George Bush has CREATED in this phony "war on terror" that YOU support but yet are too goddamned COWARDLY to fight.

I also want the troops HOME, something YOU do NOT want. You want more to die for a lie---a monumental LIE that Bush created even when 16 intelligence agencies in THIS country sad Saddam was NO threat to America. Did you hear me you fucking windbag? I said Saddam was NO threat to America. This is FACT----not a fucking conspiracy. Look it up! You wont, because you are a COWARD.

Real Truth Online said...

i notice my above post has been IGNORED, as usual.