Saturday, June 7, 2008

Obama's Office Won't Deny Senator Attended Bilderberg

Tight security around Westfields Marriott suggests Illinois Senator and Hillary Clinton met at elite confab

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
June 6, 2008

Senator Barack Obama's office has refused to deny that the Democratic nominee attended Bilderberg last night following reports that he and Hillary Clinton were present at "an event in Northern Virginia."

As we reported earlier today, Obama's press entourage were not informed of his secret meeting with Hillary Clinton in Northern Virginia until they were literally locked inside a plane that was taxiing down the runway on its way to Chicago.

Reporters were duped into believing that they were getting on a plane back to the campaign headquarters in Chicago with the presumptive nominee, while in reality Obama's motorcade instead sped off in secrecy to Northern Virginia, which is also the scene of this week's Bilderberg conference. The plane was stationed at Dulles International, which is less than a 20 minute drive from Chantilly Virginia.

Bilderberg sleuth Jim Tucker called Obama's office today to ask if he had attended Bilderberg. A campaign spokeswoman refused to discuss the matter but would not deny that Obama had attended Bilderberg.

According to Alex Jones, security is so tight around Bilderberg that it does befit the visit of a potential future President.

Armored cars, men in suits hanging out of vehicles with guns and what looked like Marines have all been spotted in the vicinity of the Westfields Marriott.

Despite the controversy of Obama and Hillary's secret meeting and its obvious link to the ongoing Bilderberg conference, not one U.S. corporate media outlet, or any mainstream media outlet, has reported on over a hundred of the world's most powerful people meeting in secret on U.S. soil.

There was one reporter from the Fairfax Times who showed up today but they were not completely confident that any such report would make it to print.


commonsense4u said...

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Real Truth Online said...

and I suppose you say the Bilderbergers DONT hate America? Oh yes, of course, IM the America-hater for pointing them out and exposing them! LOL. I love how you, Jas and others just give blanket statements that I "hate America" yet never, NEVER, EVER give ONE example of it. Care to name just ONE example?

Real Truth Online said...

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great come back larry.

MR VET said...

if this asshole was so american, hed join the service. but he wont because he hates america.

Real Truth Online said...

yeah, and he'd also stop visiting "anti-American" websites

9/11 truthers are fags said...

There's UFO's in Kansas but media isn't reporting that either. Google 'E.T. and Wichita Kansas' and you'll see blogs like thia one that will show you proof that Bush is covering up the aliens before he unleashes them to prey on all of us.

Real Truth Online said...

oh my---now THAT'S original! Gee, Ive never heard the word "fag" before----you must have graduated from Harvard! The namecalling continues, but refuting our claims has yet to begin. When will the REAL debate start? Your 2nd grade namecalling only solidifies my stances and and is proof that what we say cannot be refuted......or you would have already done it! right??