Thursday, June 12, 2008

John “I want as many troops as possible to DIE” McCain now ADMITS the troops are “NOT TOO IMPORTANT”

Troop hater John McCain tells Matt Lauer it’s “NOT TOO IMPORTANT” when our troops come home. Why didn’t he just say “I want them all dead”?

by Larry Simons
June 11, 2008

I’m really getting sick of this mother fucking asshole. Yes, I’m speaking of fearmongering, Neo-con, Bush-clone John “I was never tortured/I hate troops and America/songbird” McCain. This morning on the Today Show, Matt Lauer says this to McCain:

Lauer: “If it’s [the surge] working Senator, do you now have a better estimate of when American forces can come home from Iraq?”

McBush: “No, but that’s NOT TOO IMPORTANT…what’s important is the casualties in Iraq…”

Of course, this isn’t shocking coming from the biggest troop hating Neo-con scumbag in Washington outside of Bush and Cheney. What is shocking is how many stupid ASSHOLES in this country support and vote for this un-American glob of slime.

Does this shithead even know what comes out of his mouth? I think he may have multi-personality disorder. One of the personalities keep saying “I know how the families are hurting”, “I want casualties down”, blah blah blah. Another personality says “Let’s stay in Iraq 100 years”, “The troops coming home is NOT TOO IMPORTANT”, “the surge is ‘working’”. If the surge is working (and it’s NOT), then why can’t the troops come home and declare VICTORY?

McBush needs to take some basic math classes again. Is it just ME, or would the number of casualties NOT come down dramatically if they were…uhh….. HOME???????

Here you go Johnny retard, let’s do some simple word association:


Let’s do that again….


You see Johnny boy, there’s a greater chance that the troops LIVE when they are nowhere near roadside bombs, gunfire, explosions and suicide bombers. Amazing, isn’t it? No bombers to blow you up-----you LIVE. Gunfire all around you, you DIE. If you care so much about the number of casualties, then send them to a place they will LIVE…………HOME to their families!

Who in the holy hell is voting for this mutant? Apparently the ones who are too afraid to fight for the phony “war on terror” themselves and have no fathers, sons, brothers, sisters, mothers, daughters, aunts, uncles or friends----OVER there!

Watch the fucking worthless cretan…if you must

Hey Johnny boy---I’ll tell you who’s NOT TOO IMPORTANT……..YOU!
Drop dead you piece of rat filth!!


Anonymous said...

any one who like mcshame is a unamerican homo.

commonsense4u said...

That's just great ethical journalism when you attribute quotations to people when they never said such things. McCain has more patriotism in his pinky toe than you can ever hope to have you America-hating liar.

commonsense4yu said...

To quote your lame ass... "2nd grade namecalling only solidifies my stances and and is proof that what we say cannot be refuted."

So I guess by your logic you calling McCain a "shithead" and a "MFing asshole" only means he is an American hero and proves you wrong right?

Real Truth Online said...

just because you insert the gist of what someone says AS a quote, doesnt mean it HAS to be a quote. More patriotism in his pinky-toe huh? Oh, is that why he supports war that is a PROVEN FACT was started from LIES? And before you think its just "conspiracy nuts" who say the war was started with lies, you might wanna pick up the book "The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder" by Vincent Bugliosi----who is NOT a conspiracy theorist! But I know you wont buy or read it---you hate FACTS.

About namecalling. The difference between my namecalling and YOURS is I can back up and PROVE that people like McCain ARE assholes by the things they say. You, on the other hand, call me a kook or a nut without offering ONE SHRED of evidence that my claims are false. I can post video after video of John McCain contradicting himself, lying, distorting the truth and saying things that just indicate he has NO CLUE what he is talking about---whether it's Iraq, the economy, gas prices---or ANYTHING he talks about. Just the fact that you actually think McCain was tortured PROVES you have no clue what is really going on. There are troops that McCain served with that say he was not tortured and he told the enemy everything they wanted to hear to AVOID torture. Yet, McCain VOTED for torture a few months ago!

I have asked you REPEATEDLY to back up your namecalling to me by addressing the things I say about 9-11. You have yet to do so, because you are AFRAID of facts. I wouldnt mind being called a name if it was TRUE---but when you call me names about the claims I make and then just ignore, ignore, ignore when I ask you to refute my claims---it makes YOU the asshole, not me.

Do you really want me to PROVE McCain is the contradicting, multi-personalitied FRAUD that I say he is? I can do it VERY easily---but just like when I posted my 10 smoking guns of 9-11 for Jas, I will never hear from you again. If John McCain loved America like you claim----he wouldnt support TORTURE, the war in Iraq started by LIES and he wouldnt even believe in entanglements with other countries which is a violation of the Constitution. I can name ALOT more things McCain believes in that violates the Constitution---------so ask yourself, do you really want me to name them and embarrass you?

Real Truth Online said...

oh, and before you respond and say something dumb like "....uhhhh....the Constitution should be changed so that we can attack our enemies who attack us..uhh, duhh..."---remember this---even if what you believe (that the official story of 9-11 is true) then keep in mind we wouldnt have even been attacked to begin with if we were following the Constitution!! Our Constitution says we should not interfere and meddle with the policies and affairs with other countries. We should only talk with them and trade with them-----had we followed that--we wouldnt be attacked by them----moron! This is why Ron Paul annihilated McCain in the debates about this---but since our government and media hates the Constitution like you do, Ron Paul never got any press and was ignored. Thomas Jefferson would have been saying the SAME thing on that stage, and he would have been ignored by the media too---and you call yourself American? You call McCain American? He wasnt even BORN in America----which makes him INELIGIBLE to RUN for President!! You have to be NATURAL BORN to RUN for Prez. Remember, I didnt say you have to be natural born to BE A US CITIZEN----I said you have to be NATURAL BORN to RUN FOR PRESIDENT--------BIG difference!

Anonymous said...

Facts are facts, you don't claim to have a reputable site do you because he's right. You can't just make shit up and quote people and I'm for Obama before you call me some name too. You definately can't call this journalism.

jas/jiz/whateverlol said...

No, this site is not journalism. It's spin and lies. If you like Bill O'Reilly and believe everything you see on the internet like "there's no such thing as peak oil" or that 9/11 was an inside job or the Loch Ness monster really exists then this conspiracy garbage is for you.

Glad to see everyone still misses me (even though "everyone" is actually Larry posting as other people). Sorry I can't post more often, my old lady says I pick on Larry too much and should let him have his hate-mongering, anti-American site but I'll drop in from time to time.

BTW, I absolutely do not support John McCain but at least he served his country. Even Bill O'Reilly wouldn't write or say something like "Drop dead you piece of rat filth." Just goes to show how pathetic this site is.

Have a nice day :)

Real Truth Online said...

Oh, I hurt jas' feelings-----but anyone who's reading these posts---have you ever noticed that no matter how many times Jas complains and criticizes my stories----not ONCE does he ever DISPROVE them by offering any evidence to the contrary? Interesting, huh? He calls it spin and lies---but yet fails or doesnt bother to prove HOW its spin and lies----whereas I DO prove it. It just goes to show you what level of intelligence Im dealing with here when he believes in Peak Oil--lol. Yeah, we are SO low in oil that we STILL dont bother to ration it! If the supply was SO low as you claim, why is ANYONE still able to go to a gas pump and get as many gallons of gas as they wish anytime they want? If we were low on oil, they would ration it like they did before in the 70's. He mentions Peak Oil, but fails to prove it. Besides, in all of the stories Ive seen about why oil is so high, they actually ADMIT the supply is adequate. They even admit that demand is low---yet the price still remains the same. We have PLENTY of oil. We have so much oil, we dont even need to get any from foreign countries. Supply and demand has NOTHING to do with oil----nothing. The Bilderbergers, the Rockefellers and Rothchilds control the cost of oil. What they say...goes. The value of the dollar has alot to do with it too, but these same people control that too. Bernanke was at the Bilderberg meeting too. But yet, this is all a big conspiracy to you huh? Tell me how in the world HUNDREDS of world policy makers and big name politicians can meet for 4 days and there is a TOTAL media blackout on it----not even ONE local news station covering it? My God, if Tiger Woods was staying the night at a hotel there would be media on it----but HUNDREDS of big name politicians and world policy makers assemble and not ONE word of it on TV or newspapers? Only evil is done in secret pal. Wake up asshole. Oh, and by the way, I notice you STILL visit the site you hate so much. I dont even visit sites I claim to hate! You claim Im anti-American, but yet you STILL come to my site. You fail to refute ONE thing I say and you still come here. Why is that Jas????? oh and by the way, the word "refuting" doesnt mean just saying "you're lying"----it's actually DISPROVING something. You've failed to do that ONCE. Since when did serving the country all by itself mean you love the country? I think Tim McVeigh served too. And if serving is the only criteria you use for being "American" then tell me why you love Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz----or ANYONE in the Bush administration????? Hmmmm??? NONE of THEM served!! God, it's so FUN crushing you with facts!

jiz said...

What facts? And its jiz, not jas... get it straight Billo jr.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I agree, this most certainly isn't journalism. You make shit up and I'd like to see some facts about 9/11. Anyone with half a brain person sees through that crap.

Real Truth Online said...

hey jiz and jiz's 2nd personality "anon":...who said my stories is JOURNALISM? I dont nor have I ever made the claim that Im a journalist. Im a blogger---not a journalsit, but there's more truth on this site than probably any 3 networks that you watch on controlled TV. Your childish assertions that I just "make stuff up" and "i dont report facts" without offering ONE refutation of anything I say is becoming very very tiresome. Unless you can offer SPECIFIC examples and refutations---please shut the hell up.

And about 9-11, I posted a incredibly long post for you last year (in March) of my 10 smoking guns of 9-11. I know youre jas and I know you looked at it---Im sure you never read it. Know why? Because youre a spineless, mindless moron. Dont like my site? Stop visiting it! Its that simple.

timetoevolve said...

Sounds like realtruth has no proof which isn't suprising because there isn't any lol. Like the Peak Oil proof right?

Anonymous said... refers to himself as jizz. he even sees his own bullshit.

Obama '08 said...

Stupid "truthers" lol. jiz is right he has no facts.

time to desolve said...

as usual larry, they come to the site with no truth or facts but just their lame ass opinions.