Friday, May 23, 2008

Troop hater John McCain skips the vote for the GI Bill

Neo-con fraud “Songbird” McCain flies the coop on the GI bill vote….continuing his traitorous record with U.S. troops

by Larry Simons
May 22, 2008

The Senate overwhelmingly passed the new GI bill yesterday by a vote of 75-22. The bill includes a 13-week extension of unemployment insurance, home heating assistance and other domestic spending add-ons.

48 of the 75 votes for the GI bill were Senate Democrats. An amazing 25 Republicans voted for the bill as well, with 2 Independents voting ‘Yea’. Of the 25 Republicans who voted to support the troops with more benefits, one name you can’t find on that list is that of Arizona Senator “Songbird”/”Never tortured” John McCain, who skipped the vote yesterday to raise money for himself in California.

The 72-year old fraud McCain, who builds his entire campaign off of “I was tortured” and “I’m a war hero”, couldn’t be there today for our REAL, modern heroes. He was too fucking busy thinking about HIMSELF to be concerned for the well being of our servicemen, who sacrifice everything to fight Bush’s phony terror war, mulled in flawed foreign policy.

ALL 22 ‘Nay’ votes for the bill were REPUBLICANS. Shocker. The ONLY Democrat who did not vote for the bill was Senator Ted Kennedy, who was understandably absent because he is recovering from his hospital stay for a diagnosed brain tumor.

Bush will attempt to veto this bill….naturally, since he hates the troops TOO. The bill now gets sent to the House.

This is now the 2nd bill in a row in which McCain has betrayed America. First, he votes for torture, now it’s not showing up to vote on troops’ benefits



Messianic Akratist said...

I heard that McSame said Obama had to right to speak to veteran's issues, since he had not served.
Does that mean Obama can say to McSame that, since he has never been Muslim, he cannot speak to Islamic issues?

Real Truth Online said...

good point messianic----also add to that, that McSame doesnt have the right to speak about being tortured either since he never was