Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ron Paul on FOX News

Ron Paul to Cavuto: Maybe McCain will have an epiphany and say….bring our troops home

by Larry Simons
May 7, 2008

Ron Paul was on the White House channel on May 6, 2008, speaking with Neil Cavuto. Congressman Paul was asked if he would support McCain in the race. Paul said, “No, not unless he changes his views.”

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Then, Paul said, “Maybe John McCain will have an epiphany and say ‘I agree with Ron Paul and say ‘I wanna get rid of the Federal Reserve and the income tax and bring our troops home’”.

Cavuto replies, “He’s not gonna do that”

That’s right Neil, he won’t. It’s not like McCain ever believed in a non-interventionist foreign policy and the Constitution.

Oh wait…………

(play clips to hear the old John McCain, before he was abducted by aliens from the planet NEO-CON and morphed into the globalist scumbag we have walking among us today)

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MR.VET said...

go ron go. all vets support dr ron paul.