Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jenna Bush gets married.......who really cares????

With gas near $4 a gallon nationwide and Americans selling possessions to buy food and gas, why would anyone on planet Earth give a 2-cent rats shithole that the daughter of the country's (maybe even the world's) most hated man got married?

by Larry Simons
May 11, 2008

The above picture sums it up pretty good. This is how stupid Americans are. Americans are struggling now more than ever with gas and food at record prices and there are people in this country that actually give a shit that Jenna Bush got married? Can anyone tell me WHY????

I thought it would be fun to list 5 stories that would be more important than this story if they were a headline in your local paper tomorrow.

5. Dog pisses on grass

4. Old man crosses street

3. I take a shit, wipe my ass, then flush

2. Ann B. Davis, still alive

1. Richard Simmons, still world's #1 fag

Troops are dying! The middle-class is being wiped out! People are selling the homes they can't afford to live in and selling possessions to buy gas and food!



Anonymous said...

was jennas husband in skull and bones? did he have to suck of george? great post larry. hillarious.

MR VET said...

hey real truth, did her husband serve in the military? if not he can go now, ill pay. see ya later hubby.

truth facts and opinions said...

Ann B. Davis is still alive? Now that is surprising. But you want to know why about the dumb worthless news topics? I am sure you already know, the government is dumbing us down with the worthless news to subliminally labotomize us so we will be mindless drones that cannot think for ourselves. This will cause us to believe everything they say is right. Knowledge is power, and that is what people like us, Alex Jones, etc., are here for to help fight the corruption.