Monday, May 12, 2008

Billo goes nuts! And this was BEFORE Franken, Olbermann, Mackris and loofahs! (Oh my!)

An unearthed clip of Inside Edition shows Billo the way he REALLY is… out of control NUTBALL who is a ticking time bomb (chock full of F-bombs!)

by Larry Simons
May 12, 2008

In this old clip from Inside Edition (date unknown, between the O’ Reilly years 1989-1995) Billo is seen ending the taping of a program. He seems to have trouble saying the words, “To play us out” as he ferociously shouts at the stagehand, “I can’t do it!! I don’t know what that means….'to play us out'”!!! The stagehand calmly tells psychopath O’ Reilly the phrase “To play us out” is to be used to ‘play the rest of the show out’ with a song by Sting.

Watch Crazy Bill turn into Satan right before your eyes
(YouTube will not let this clip be uploaded)

If Billo can get THIS angry THIS fast over something so trivial, imagine how he must react 4 nights a week when Keith Olbermann awards him “Worst Person in the World” on Keith’s show “Countdown”!!

This is the same guy who writes these stupid books for kids?

This is the same guy who wrote a book in 1998 called, “Those Who Trespass: A Novel of Television and Murder”, about a television journalists’ revenge on network staff after disputes that were eerily similar to O’ Reilly’s real life conflicts with CBS? The revenge results in a series of murders. In the book, the murders are as follows:

Throwing the woman who had the antagonist (Shannon Michaels) fired from the TV station, off a balcony.

Burying a research consultant, who had advised the station to fire Michaels, in beach sand up to his neck and letting him slowly drown

Slitting the throat of the station manager

I guess the stagehand was lucky that all he got was a good ear full from the future Sultan of Spin and not thrown off a balcony!

Why wasn’t psycho Bill fired immediately after this? Why was he allowed to walk the streets freely after this?

Keep in mind, this was all because Billo couldn’t read a few simple words from a teleprompter. Imagine what he must do during commercial breaks after he’s been completely shellacked by Phil Donahue or Chris Dodd!

Never to fail us, Olbermann talks about psycho Billo on Countdown


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