Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bill O’ Liar condemns blogger who says John McCain was never tortured, yet the only evidence he can supply is McCain’s broken arm

Blogger tells the truth about "songbird" McCain. O’ Liar attacks blogger and tells his sheep that McCain doesn’t have to prove his "torture" because his broken arm is all the proof he needs

by Larry Simons
May 8, 2008

The White House channel’s Sultan of Spin, Bill O’ Reilly, was caught last night in, yet again, another of his "It’s a lie simply because I say it’s a lie" moments.

These incidents are usually accompanied by a guest parroting his views, agreeing with him and [when he claims someone is lying] offering absolutely no evidence whatsoever that he is right and has no other guests on his show (despite FOX News' claims of being "fair and balanced") to counter his claims.

During O’ Reilly’s 2nd stupidest segment on his show, "Policing the Net" (#1 being the "Body Language" segment), his morbid obsession with the Huffington Post and how "evil" Arianna Huffington is once again the central topic. Loofah boy mentions to his Internet police woman guest Mary Katherine Ham that there was a blogger on the Huffington Post who said that John McCain was never tortured.

Here is the dialogue between O’ Liar and Ham:

O’ Reilly: "Now I picked out the Huffington Post because it’s just so despicable, and ..and all I had to do, this took me about 2 seconds, listen to this…I want your reaction. This is a guy blogging about John McCain, quote: ‘When people learn about the real John McCain who was never tortured by the North Vietnamese, who in fact, collaborated with them’."

"You know, this is why Arianna Huffington has a huge karma debt. She is a woman in disgrace, because, you know, this is what you’re gonna see on the Huffington Post and other far-left blogs, you know?"

Ham: "Right, this is, had some currency both on the sort of wacko right and the wacko left, this theory that John McCain somehow was not, didn’t really refuse to be let go by the Vietnamese, and that he somehow colluded with them. And that’s something that, obviously, the responsible bloggers are going to have to fight back against, and people like Arianna Huffington would help out by saying, ‘hey, this is not allowed on my blog’".

O’ Reilly: "Well, she’d never do that because the woman is, has no standards of behavior at all."

Ham: "But, John McCain is fairly prepared to make the argument against that I would imagine".

O’ Reilly: "You know, I don’t know if he will or not. I think, you know, a guy who can’t left his arm over his shoulder because they broke it---I don’t think he has to say anything…I wouldn’t if I were him on this. I’d just let it go."

It just so happens that the blogger is correct, according to Vietnam vet Jack McLamb, who served in secret operations in Cambodia, was a highly decorated police officer in Phoenix and hostage negotiator for the FBI.

McLamb told the Alex Jones show this past February that the POW’s hate John McCain and that he is a "lying skunk". McLamb also added that the Vietnamese Communists called McCain "songbird", because he would come into the camp singing and telling them everything they wanted to know.

Why didn’t we see Jack McLamb as a guest on The Factor? Hmmm? That would have been "fair and balanced", right? We can’t have any of that now, can we?

O’ Reilly claimed that John McCain’s broken arm was due to the "torture" he had supposedly sustained from the North Vietnamese, but McLamb told Alex Jones that POW’s told him that McCain suffered 2 broken arms and a leg injury from not pulling his arms in when he bailed out of his A-4 Skyhawk when he was shot down over the Truc Bach Lake in Hanoi.

PrisonPlanet writer Paul Joseph Watson wrote an excellent story on this back in February. Click here for the story.

It’s not just O’ Reilly’s blatant spin and deception here that needs to be exposed, but his obvious attempt to kill any attempt to provide him with the facts by saying, "I don’t think he [McCain] has to say anything…I wouldn’t if I were him on this. I’d just let it go."

What O’ Reilly was REALLY saying here was "so, incase anyone has any proof that McCain wasn’t really tortured, don’t waste your breath or my time by emailing me or stopping me on the street with these facts because the only fact I need is John McCain’s broken arm."

This is O’ Reilly’s classic tactic: To denounce what someone is saying and vilify them simply because he disagrees with it, offering no evidence to support it, not giving anyone with an opposing view the opportunity to provide facts to counter his claim and then burying the entire issue with the ‘jailhouse lawyer’ tactic (in this case was to secretly provide advice to John McCain, that he should "let it go" and "..not say anything") under the guise of political commentary with his guest.

Why shouldn’t we question a presidential candidate on matters like this Billo? Hmm?? It would be one thing if the blogger was just making up a story out of thin air and based on nothing. But, sites like Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain and U.S. Veteran Dispatch tell us about the real John McCain from fellow soldiers-----not the "far-left loons" Billo would have us to believe these people are.

Why not have the people that run those sites on the show Billy-boy? Afraid of the truth being exposed? If the people running these sites were really "loons", then making these people appear nutty would be a very easy job, wouldn’t it Billo?

Watch the video

Here is the interview with Jack McLamb on the Alex Jones show

More audio of John McCain, the fraud

Thanks, once again, to the kind people at PrisonPlanet for posting this story


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