Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We Are Change To Release Assault Videos

Prominent 9/11 Truth organization being harassed, physically attacked by "no-planers" who tried to link group with Times Square bombing

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
April 22, 2008

After months of tolerating verbal and physical abuse from a fringe group of emotionally unstable "no-planers" at ground zero, Luke Rudkowski and We Are Change have had enough, and are set to release video showing the assaults and attempts to smear We Are Change as being complicit in the Times Square recruitment center bombing.

While We Are Change were busy confronting people intimately involved in the 9/11 cover-up like Rudy Giuliani and raising money for the first responders, police, firemen and other heroes of that fateful day, fringe nutcases who advocate discredited and divisive non-issues did little other than harass and abuse Luke Rudkowski and his fellow We Are Change members in New York.

The harassment came to a head when the ringleader of the fringe gang, Nico Haupt, gatecrashed a We Are Change ground zero vigil with a huge sign that read "We Did The Time Square Bombing," in a crass attempt to smear the activist group as terrorists. For weeks, the police completely ignored Haupt despite his brazen attempt to incite hostility.

Nico Haupt

The attempt to link We Are Change with the Times Square incident came just days after Neo-Con talking heads like Geraldo Rivera, who was bullhorned by Alex Jones and We Are Change last September in New York, had raised that same talking point on Fox News.

"Nico verbally sexually harassed our female members, bit one of our members nose, choked and punched one our members and committed other horrendous acts all while the police always let him walk away without checking his I.D. There is video of all his actions, and it will be published in the coming days. It will show what we have to go through, and if there is another altercation, the public will know the truth behind this matter," writes Luke Rudkowski on the We Are Change website.

"This past Saturday Nico came down wearing a fake Hitler mustache on his face, verbally harassing our members. He then walked up to Sabrina Rivera and myself, charging at our faces trying to put the Hitler mustache on us. There was a scuffle, and when the police where called, Nico was seen trying to walk away. The police came and because it was not witnessed by them, Sabrina and Nico were issued summons and will have a day in court," Rudkowski adds.

We too have witnessed the "no-plane" fringe group transform from an idle nuisance into a hostile danger. The group's self-proclaimed "research" is so lacking in credibility that it has been seized upon by debunkers and used as a tar baby to smear the truth movement as a whole. The refusal to allow such kookery a foothold in the mainstream truth movement has resulted in threats and hatred being hurled towards prominent 9/11 truth researchers such as Steven Jones.

The fact that advocates of "TV Fakery" are forced to commit acts of violence against legitimate peaceful activists in an attempt to gain attention only underscores their desperation.

Many have fingered the more prominent "no-planers" as agent provocateurs or COINTELPRO, whose goal is to divide and destroy the 9/11 Truth Movement, and their actions perfectly fit this billing.

"WeAreCHANGE is a peaceful and nonviolent group which is founded on the principles Gandhi’s and Martin Luther King’s nonviolence movement. Nothing can stop the WeAreCHANGE movement in making history and standing up for the people, these recent incidents just show how much of an impact we are making and how far certain interests will go to stop us. Nothing will stop WeAreCHANGE and with every attack on us we will grow and push harder in the name of justice," concludes Rudkowski.

We Are Change have not only faced dirty tricks and smear attacks by no planers, they were also subject of an attempted frame-up on behalf of Larry Silverstein's security guards when they accused Luke of having a bomb and called in a fake bomb threat to the police.

The no-planers' childish antics allied with their dangerous and intimidating behavior will only serve to discredit their baseless disinfo even more.

When it comes to a point whereby peaceful activists who have done so much good for 9/11 truth and the heroes of 9/11 are being physically attacked it's time to stand up in unison and denounce this cancer upon our movement.

Watch Alex Jones' cutting and hilarious take on no-planers below.

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