Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ventura fails to mention 9-11 among the list of government lies

Former Governor is asked for examples of when the government has lied to us; fails to mention 9-11 when just 6 days ago he told Alex Jones 9-11 was an inside job

by Larry Simons
April 8, 2008

Former Minnesota Governor and wrestling star Jesse Ventura made an appearance on the Colbert Report last night and deserves tremendous credit for being very candid about what our Constitution says about what we, as Americans, are to do when we are in the midst of a tyrannical government.

Ventura told Stephen Colbert, “Remember the second amendment with the right to bear arms….that's not done for hunting or fishing, our forefathers put that right in there so we have the ability to rise up if our country becomes oppressive.”

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During the segment, the often sarcastic Colbert asked Ventura, “You think the government lies to us all the time, ok?” Ventura responded, “Well, I think that they….not all the time, but they certainly do lie to us”. Colbert replies, “Name one lie, one lie”. Ventura responds, “"the Gulf of Tonkin…weapons of mass destruction….ties to Al-Qaeda."

What I found interesting is that Ventura did an interview last Wednesday on the Alex Jones show and said the twin towers came down by controlled demolition, thus admitting 9-11 was an inside job.

Ventura said this to Alex Jones, “Jet fuel is four fifths kerosene - which is not a hot burning fuel - and they wanted us to believe it melted these steel structured girders and caused these buildings to pancake collapse to the ground?" he stated. “I was on the site within two weeks after it happened and I saw none of these pancakes - wouldn't they all be piled up in a huge mass on the ground and yet everything was blown into dust - when you look at it from that aspect none of it makes any sense”.

Openly admitting that 9-11 is an inside job is not something you would easily forget; especially in 6 days. Why would Ventura not mention this major government lie when he is specifically asked “When has the government lied to us?” on national television?

I am not crucifying Ventura for this, even though, in my opinion, it was a major omission. Ventura deserves a lot of credit for calling Cheney a “chickenhawk”, mentioning the Gulf of Tonkin, defending the second amendment and blasting George Bush’s so-called military service in front of Colbert last night.

It makes one wonder why Ventura chose not to mention 9-11 though, being that it was so recent that he did the Alex Jones interview and for the fact that the story of Ventura going public actually reached some national media outlets. Was he embarrassed that he admitted it? Or did he omit it on purpose because he knew if he had listed it as a lie, Colbert would have asked more questions?

Of course, my reaction to that is, “Isn’t that what we want? A popular show like the Colbert Report asking questions?” This was a golden opportunity for this message to reach a huge audience, similar to when Rosie ‘O Donnell reached a huge audience by her 9-11 confessions on “The View”. But, Ventura chose not to capitalize on the exposure this would have created for the 9-11 truth movement.

We can only wonder why.

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