Wednesday, April 23, 2008

There is no oil shortage. We are paying the World Bank at the gas pump

Author and former chaplain for Alaska oil drillers tells his story of how there is as much oil on the North slope of Alaska as there is in Saudi Arabia

by Larry Simons/ Google Video
April 23, 2008

With gas prices now near $4.00 nationally, author and former chaplain on the Alaskan pipeline, Lindsey Williams, tells how he sat in meetings with the most powerful oilmen and was told nearly 25 years ago that the amount of oil in Alaska could be the biggest oil pool in the entire world, yet the United States does not use this oil.


Because we have made deals with other countries such as Saudi Arabia to buy their oil and in return they will buy our national debt. Countries such as Iraq had agreed to sign on the dotted line but renenged. Iraq reneged in 1990, and we went to war with them. Iran now refuses too, and now look....we want to attack them.

Yes,'s ALL about oil. Oil controls the world.

Willaims also says that while the oil companies are making record profits, there is one group that is making even more. The IMF and the World Bank. We are paying the loans that the World Bank has given to third world countries when we pay $3.60 a gallon at the gas pump. This is the truth...period. We are told it is supply and demand, yet there is no restrictions of what we can buy is there? There is no rationing of gas, is there? No. Of course not. Because it's not a supply issue at all.

We are told it is OPEC who sets the prices, but of course, this is based on supply and demand.

This has nothing to do with supply and demand---it never has. We are being controlled and sucked dry of our way of life, and the people in Washington know this, and refuse to do anything about it.

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