Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Jesse Ventura silences Hannity & Colmes on the 9-11 attacks

The former Governor bounces back from not mentioning 9-11 to Colbert, to silencing the two biggest propagandists on TV

by Larry Simons
April 9, 2008

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura appeared last night on Hannity & Colmes to discuss politics and his new book, “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me”. As Sean Hannity discussed portions of the book, he said, “The one thing that I read in the book that I just totally found...just alien to me is this idea that you believe in 9-11 conspiracies.."

Ventura said, “Let me tell it to you this way. Why is it that when you ask any question about 9-11, you’re immediately attacked..?”, in which Hannity replied, “I’m not attacking you”.

Ventura mentioned the differences between kerosene and propane by stating, “First of all, jet fuel blew up at the start. Jet fuel is 4/5 kerosene, it doesn’t burn hot. So, using the analogy that it could melt the metal, then propane burns hotter, so if you turn on your camp stove for 3 hours, shouldn’t it melt the grates? But it doesn’t, does it? It doesn’t!”

Then, as Ventura was trying to make an additional point about the speed the towers fell and saying the towers turned into powder, Hannity replied, “He’s going ‘Rosie O’ Donnell’ on me here”, then said “That’s Rosie O’ Donnell”. 45 seconds after Sean Hannity told Ventura, “I’m not attacking you”, he attacked Ventura by saying, “You’re going ‘Rosie O’ Donnell’ on me”.

Watch the clip

Of course, we know that Sean Hannity despises Rosie O’ Donnell. So, in essence, the comparison of Ventura to Rosie O’ Donnell can’t be taken any other way than an attack on Ventura’s credibility. Hannity acted as if he has never attacked anyone for their alternative 9-11 views. As you will see, all Hannity has done in the past is attack 9-11 activists!

In the following clip, Hannity calls Charlie Sheen, who went public in early 2006 about his 9-11 views, a dimwit, a lunatic, crazy, a blowhard and an idiot. Yeah, that’s right Hannity, you NEVER EVER attack anyone!

In the next clip, Hannity calls Rosie O’ Donnell’s 9-11 views “ignorant rantings and ravings” and then deceives his audience by suggesting that Rosie’s views hurt many family members of 9-11 victims when in reality, many family members agree that 9-11 was an inside job. No, Sean, these aren’t attacks either, huh?

Here’s Sean Hannity attacking 9-11 truth activist Kevin Barrett in 2006, calling him a “nut” and an “extremist”.

It was interesting to see that both times in the segment when 9-11 was brought up (by Hannity at the beginning and Colmes near the end), both of the hosts clearly wanted to move on to the next topic and end the discussion on 9-11 when Ventura was making too much sense and making excellent points.

I have never before seen a 9-11 truth activist silence both Hannity & Colmes before on the subject of “conspiracies”. Jim Fetzer, Kevin Barrett and others I have seen have made great points and stood their ground, but Ventura was the first one I have ever seen silence the two propagandists and force them to “move on” in the discussion.

It was a sight to see.


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