Saturday, April 26, 2008

Billo adds the title “PERVERT” to his resume by wanting to hold a conference to discuss “teasy, peek-a-boo” pictures of 15-year old singer Miley Cyrus

Never to pass up an opportunity to show footage or photos of scantily-clad, half-naked hotties on his stupid show, Billo has now achieved “pervert” status by showing “teasy, “racy” pictures of a 15-year old

by Larry Simons
April 25, 2008

Just when I think I have exhausted every title I could possibly attribute to loofah-boy Bill O’ Reilly, he goes out of his way to warn me that he is not finished providing me with even more titles to describe his sycophant behavior. Racist, liar, propagandist, corporate shill, stalker, bully, sex predator and Neo-con stooge weren’t enough for Billo. Now add “pervert”to that well-deserved list.

On Wednesday’s telecast of the White House channels’….eh, I mean FOX News’ ‘The O’ Reilly Factor’, Billo felt the need to replace important issues like the Iraq war, the collapsing dollar or people losing their homes on a massive scale with more relevant, human interest stories like someone taking pictures of 15-year old singer Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend and posting them on the net. How can American troops being killed in Iraq compete with this?

Billo tells his guest, Mary Katharine Ham (his “Internet police woman”) that [Cyrus] is a “clean-cut teen then these pictures show up on the they’re not, obviously, as bad as some other pictures, but she’s 14 in these pictures and that’s the problem….how did these pictures surface?”

Here are some better questions Billo: Why do you feel the desire to plaster the pictures on the screen as you’re discussing this? Why do you care about this? Why is this even a story? Are you the world’s biggest pervert or just the biggest pervert on TV? Notice how Billo says in almost a disappointed tone, “…they’re not, obviously as bad as some other pictures..”. How Billo probably wishes they were!

After Ham mentions that Cyrus is a clean-cut kid, says, “I hope she sees that that’s the way to go”. Then perv-boy Billo says this, “I hope so too. I mean, I hope…eh….there should be a conference, and because, you know, look…we have so few role models particularly for little girls in this country…she is one…..I hate to see this kind of stuff”.

First of all Perv-Bill, you LOVE seeing this kind of stuff! You’re disappointed you couldn’t see more. Second, a CONFERENCE Billo? Will you hold this conference yourself Billo? If so, why? Will you call Billy Ray and get this conference going? Will this conference be in any of the offices at FOX News where you told Andrea Mackris that you’d rub her tits with a loofah? Or as you once called it, that “falafel thing”?

I’m quite sure wherever Billy Ray is, he is thanking God that of all the people in the entire world who could be so concerned about the welfare of his daughter, it’s BILL O’ REILLY! The SAME man who sexually harassed one of his staffers 4 years ago and settled out of court by paying her millions to shut up about it! The SAME man who never misses an opportunity to show clips of “Girls Gone Wild” on his idiotic show. The SAME man who defends child molesters by suggesting that their victims had MORE FUN with the molester than in their own parents' home!

Yes Billo, Billy Ray is a proud father tonight! He has the worlds biggest PERVERT looking out for his daughter!

Watch PERV-Bill…if you must

Here’s Keith exposing PERV-Bill and giving him the gold in Worst Persons! It was well deserved Billo!


Anonymous said...

billos a piece of shit. but hes the protecter of child of rapist and luffahs.

Anonymous said...

Just hit her with a loofah Billy! Billo The Clown Now and Forever the Worst Role Model In The World!