Tuesday, March 4, 2008

U.S. soldier throws puppy off of cliff

Soldier throws a puppy from a cliff like it was a rock, laughs about it

by Larry Simons
March 4, 2008

We already know policy makers and politicians do not care about the 4,000 U.S. soldiers and nearly 700,000 dead Iraqis this illegal, unconstitutional war has already claimed. But will they care about a psychopathic soldier throwing a puppy off of a cliff? I would like to think they would. The fact is, Bush and his warmongering administration cares nothing about human life or any kind of life, including animals. I’m sure this clip will never be shown on FOX News, CNN or any other news channel that is in lockstep with this administrations foreign policy.

Watch the clip (caution: children should not watch this)

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Of course, the big difference here obviously is that although I want the war over and the troops home and I’m sickened by each and every death that occurs, at least the soldiers have the means to defend themselves, unlike this defenseless animal that a sick soldier tosses off of a cliff like it was a rock. Even after the dog can be heard yelping as it is in mid-air, the soldiers can still be heard laughing and one says, “that was mean” jokingly.

Of course, propagandists like Bill O’ Reilly will no doubt refuse to show the clip, and anyone who does will be labeled a “far left loon” who hates America. That’s right, to Billo you can’t show clips like this. You can’t reveal the truth, because if you do, you’re emboldening the enemy. You’re a terrorist sympathizer….you’re aiding alQaeda.

Billo won’t show you clips from the film “Redacted” or the documentary “Taxi to the Dark Side” which show American troops killing innocent Iraqis and Afghans. No, of course he won’t. Billo would rather condemn and demonize those who DO show the clips, because to Billo, showing the clips or portraying it in movies is worse than the act itself.

I’m not even a dog lover, but this was just terrible to watch. I don’t have to be a big fan of dogs to recognize utter and unmistakable cruelty to another living creature.

Naturally, the warmongering Neo-con assholes will think I’m politicizing this in order to support my stance against this war. My reply?: I’m not “politicizing” nothing but as far as using it as an example for why I want this war over? Goddamned right! This is the kind of BULLSHIT that only solidifies and adds to the reasons of why this PHONY war should be over and why we should be out of Iraq!

Do I NEED this story to add to my reasons or my anger? Of course not. I already have over 704,000 of them to justify my stance on why this war needs to end. This story just adds to the sheer inhumanity of this senseless war. The very same people who will look at this clip and think it’s no big deal are the same chicken-shit motherfuckers who are too PUSSY to march down to the recruiting office to enlist.

I hope at least one soldier will be coming home soon. The sick bastard in this clip to face charges for cruelty to animals.

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Anonymous said...

Some say he is already dead and the yelping is added. Look at the pups rear legs. They are coiled upward. HE IS NOT DEAD !