Tuesday, March 11, 2008

God has never been in America

"Their (Christians) allegiance to God has blinded them from reality and has given them a license for their laziness"

by Larry Simons
March 11, 2008

To the millions of people in America who still believe the lie that God favors America, or that God sees us as better people because we put his name on our money or because we have a song called “God Bless America”, well, you couldn’t be more blind.

God left the building a long time ago. In fact, many would argue that God was never in America to begin with. After all, many of our founding fathers practiced religions contrary to the traditional Judeo-Christian teachings that many Protestants follow today.

Many founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson, were Deists. Deists typically rejected supernatural events like miracles and held that God did not intervene with the affairs of human life. Deists also typically saw scripture as human interpretation and not divine revelation.

John Adams was a Unitarian. Unitarians typically held that Jesus, although a great man and prophet, was not God himself. Ben Franklin was a Deist as well and later became a freemason (as many founding fathers were). Many religious people in Franklin’s day (mostly Catholics) believed Freemasonry to be a teaching of Deistic thought.

Millions of people who sit in pews every Sunday believe in the Judeo-Christian teaching of scripture. Meaning they believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross for the sins of mankind, was raised from the dead and ascended to Heaven where he now awaits his return (or second coming). They believe that Jesus was God himself. They believe God dwells within each and every believer. They believe God is omnipresent. The Bible does in fact teach all of these things. What people don’t realize is that many of our founding fathers believed the complete opposite of these teachings.

Does this make our founding fathers unintelligent men? Of course not. Our founders may very well have been the most intelligent people to ever grace our land. They had the ‘seeming’ foreknowledge to adopt laws that would protect our rights to speak, to worship, to be protected from illegal searches, to be protected from self-incrimination and the right to legal counsel. They also had the wisdom to grant the very freedoms that the Bible endorses without making the words of scripture the law itself.

Does that translate to “God being here?” Does that mean that our country was founded on biblical teaching? If so, how? The Constitution and Declaration of Independence might use terminology that reflects biblical inspiration, but to say that it was founded on biblical teaching is just plain absurd.

This is why the founders were very careful when writing the first amendment. They specifically included that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” It wouldn’t make any sense for the founders to say “we are establishing a federal or official religion, but yet you can worship anywhere you like”.

I could be an atheist and still be able to have the capability and intelligence to sit down with a group of men and come up with laws that protected and respected the basic human freedoms every man deserves. Naturally, I am not saying I am anywhere near having the intelligence the founders had, but you don’t need God or religion to create laws that protect and instill human freedom and dignity.

No, my friends, God has not been here in America for a very long time if he ever has been at all. Why would he be? Jump to present day. Look at us. We are by far the most hated country on Earth, thanks to Darth Bush, Dark Lord of the Sith.

Remember, this is the man who claimed that “God told me to attack Iraq”. Yep. That’s the answer. When you don’t want to be questioned or doubted in this country, all you have to say is “God told me to do it” and the sheeple take you at your word. I mean, good grief, how can someone be wrong who has a direct line to the Almighty?

Nevermind the fact that God (supposedly) is omniscient (all knowing). Yet, this same God told Bush that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s. Obviously God is in the same business that Bush is in: seeing things that don’t exist. Nevermind that God is adamantly against attacking innocent people. Nevermind that. Do we really want a president who hears voices? I have a message for you King George, we didn’t elect God, we elected YOU! (Well, I didn’t…either time)

I don’t want the future of my country to be threatened because of the decisions of maniacal tyrants who see things that aren’t there….like people walking on water, seas being parted and animals talking, but when things ARE there right in front of them (like a recession) claims they don’t exist.

God has never been here. He didn’t have to be. We had educated, freedom-loving men who wanted freedom and independence from tyranny. Our country was founded by intelligent men who wanted basic human rights given to all its citizens. They were all part of a religious affiliation, but most of them did not believe in the Judeo-Christian teachings most people claim they follow today. And so what? Who really cares? These men were logical thinkers. They were intelligent enough to have almost a foreknowledge of events yet to come, and yet their views of God were far from the basic teachings of the Bible.

Look where we are today. Our country is hated everywhere. Our freedoms are threatened and not by the supposed “terr-rists”. No, by people right here in this country. Our government claims that 19 terrorists hijacked 4 planes and attacked us 7 years ago. How did we respond? By doing the exact same thing: attacking a country that did nothing to us.

Did the terrorists end Habeas Corpus? Did the terrorists cover-up the investigation of 9-11? Did the terrorists sign laws and pass bills that violate our Constitution? (Patriot Act I & II, Military Commissions Act, HR 1955) Did the terrorists murder 700,000 innocent Iraqi citizens? Did the terrorists sign hundreds of signing statements for Bush to protect him and his administration from future charges of war crimes? Did the terrorists turn down an offer for us from Hugo Chavez to have oil at $50 a barrel? Did the terrorists say on several occasions, “I really don’t care about him (bin Laden). I really don’t spend that much time thinking about him?” Did the terrorists destroy our dollar and run up a 500 billion-dollar bill from this war? I could go on and on.

No, they didn’t do ANY of those things. Neo-conservatives did. God didn’t stop them because well….he’s not here. Even God is disgusted. I sometimes think to myself, “I’m glad God has deserted us…I’m glad all these bad things happen, because SOMETHING has to wake America up”. But, it doesn’t seem to be working. We still live in excess. Americans are still the fattest, laziest people on Earth and among many of the extremely obese are...you guessed it----the religious. I guess they figure they can pray to God to remove the blubber.

Nothing works for us...not even God. We still gleefully accept the high gas prices. We still buy things we don't need. We still accept anything...ANYTHING the media tells us, simply because they said it, without question, doubt or scrutiny. We still turn our brains into mush by watching the stupidest shit on TV. We still vote for pro-war candidates in our elections and we shun and vilify the true patriots who would end wars, restore our freedoms, restore our dollar and would make us thrive again as a country.

We still stick our heads in our asses and never care enough to investigate anything. Even something as important as the history of the people we elect into office every four years. We still vote for politicians based on appearence, popularity, religious affiliation, how funny or well-spoken they are, what state they're from, how well they dress, what TV show they appeared on, what music they like, what musical instrument they play or who they're related to.

Look what it gets us. Every four years, more of the same. All because we didn't bother taking the time to research that their voting records are abysmal, they are members of elite organizations that are as American as Naziism or that they make empty promises about issues they claim they can fix (like health care) when in reality they have no control over. All because Americans have no clue what the Constitution says themselves; why would they care where their candidate stood on it?

We are a country of complete idiots with a few intelligent, well informed people interspersed throughout us. We deserve everything we get. Maybe Ron Paul wasn't elected because we don't deserve Ron Paul yet. I sometimes wonder if God just drops by at times for brief visits and stays long enough just to whisper into the ears of the Neo-cons to tell them to smear and censor true patriots like Ron Paul, because he knows a land chock-full of babbling buffoons is not worthy of being graced with such a leader.

I remember in 2004 when the so-called “Christians” voted for Bush because he ran on promises to do something about abortion and gay marriage. Since then, how much have we heard about these issues? Would “not a word” be accurate? Now, here we are in 2008, after voting in a Democratic-controlled House and Senate just 16 months ago, with the biggest case of memory loss I’ve ever witnessed in my life, because the top 3 Presidential candidates that are getting votes are ALL PRO-WAR AND WILL ATTACK IRAN OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY PREEMPTIVELY.....NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY.

Our citizens and our media ignore Ron Paul, the one candidate that would seem to be the likely favorite among Christians, yet even among Christians he is ignored, shunned and vilified. Despite being married to the same woman for 51 years, delivering over 4,000 babies (obviously pro life), wanting personal civil liberties protected for our citizens and having a non-interventionist foreign policy-----all things which makes him about as Christian as you can get.

No. America doesn’t want the candidate who would be the most like our founding fathers or Jesus himself. America wants Clinton, Obama and McCain----all pro-war, Neo-con, bought and paid for elitists. And why not? These same Christians voted for Bush, who just happens to be complicit in the biggest terrorist attack to ever hit our soil by knowing about it and doing nothing, and hand-picking his own people to investigate the attacks in order to cover it up and preventing it from being independent. Not to mention his membership in the secret societies Skull & Bones and the Bohemian Grove.

With the exception of a few (that I personally know), Christians/religious people are the ones who are most blind to what is really happening in this country. They feel that since God is in control, he couldn’t possibly let anything bad happen in America. Yet, the bad things continue to happen. Their allegiance to God has blinded them from reality and has given them a license for their laziness.

The irony here, of course, is that most of the founding fathers didn’t hold the traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs, yet The Constitution was followed and America was at its strongest then. Now, we live in a day where all you have to do is call yourself a Christian…and bingo….you are one despite what you do.

You can be Bush and attack other countries preemptively, take away people’s rights, cover-up terror investigations, torture prisoners, protect oil companies, violate the Constitution repeatedly, be chums with the the Bin Ladens and the Saudis (the country that produced 15 of the 19 hijackers), protect profit making crooks, appoint criminals to your cabinet, violate the Geneva Conventions, cut health care for war veterans and active military personnel and LIE about entering into wars-------and BABY------you’re still the world’s best Christian!

You can be Mike Huckabee and want to attack Iran, stay in Iraq, change the Constitution to incorporate the Bible in it-----and hell, you’re Billy Graham!

You can be John McCain and want to attack Iran, stay in Iraq and advocate torture, ---and you’re A-OK with Christians!

The so-called conservatives of today claim they are the “Christian” party and yet we are on the precipice of losing our country because of the decisions and policies of these lunatics.

America is about to be lost and it has nothing to do with abandoning religion. Religion is what destroys things. Most of the world’s atrocities of the past 2,000 years have all been done in the name of religion. Now, today, we find ourselves battling “Islamic extremists” all under the guise of “the war on terror”. Our presence in the Middle East is to protect Israel. Again, religion dictates our foreign policy. Religion will be death of this country…..the death of the world.

We have abandoned the Constitution. Since God has never been here and has no plans of showing up anytime soon, the Constitution is our only hope.


Real Truth Online said...

what's even sadder is that you repeatedly talk to yourself because I told you I will not post your comments until you answer my 9-11 comments, JAS. So, keep posting and talking to yourself. At least MY posts get posted---LOL.

Real Truth Online said...

yes Jas, and you KEEP COMING to my "hate" site, so you must LOVE it. I dont give a fuck about Spitzer. He's a member of the Counsel on Foreign Relations---a globalist Neo-con piece of shit.

Its amazing how many times I REPEATEDLY say on my site that Republicans and Democrats all come from the same bowl of shit, and yet you keep attempting to disprove me mentioning that Democrats are evil, no good assholes too! I KNOW THEY ARE! I can list 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats right off the top of my head that i DESPISE, but that still wont be good enough for YOU< will it? The video clip of Hillary Clinton at the top right of my page means nothing to you, I guess. Yeah, that has "I love Democrats" written all over it!

I hate Spitzer. He's a piece of shit and I'll be happy when he resigns! Gee, I bet that kills you hearing me say that. What will your response be now? I know it must be very hard to come up with more shit on me when you know I hate both parties---so Ill give you time.

Answer my 9-11 questions and Ill post your comments. This is not about censorship. I told you this on my March 3 story, that your comments will not be posted until you answer my 9-11 questions. Keep talking to yourself by posting things that will never see my site---it's making me laugh so hard I actually piss myself---lol.

Real Truth Online said...

Yes, and another thing that hasnt happened------you answering my 9-11 questions. All you fucking idiots know how to do is repeat yourself and say "kook" over and over and yet you dont SPECIFICALLY address anything we say----why is that? Hmmmm, so lets get this straight....WE are the nuts, but you cant answer questions that the nuts ask? Hmmmmm.

By the way, Jas, how does it feel talking to yourself? I suggest one thing. You claim you come to my "hate" site out of boredom. Try something new that youve NEVER done before. Why dont you CRITIQUE it and SPECIFICALLY address things I say and DEBUNK what I say? Know why you wont? Because you CANT! If you can......DO IT!

Now, time for you to post something else that wont be shown---lol.

Real Truth Online said...

ahhh, you just cant enough of my "un-American" site thats filled with "hate"----LOL. You just keep coming back. I dont think a Christian would CONTINUALLY frequent sites on Satanism, but you keep revisiting "anti-Americanism" and "hatred". You must really love those two things yourself. LOL

No, you're not stupid because you dont believe the 9-11 stuff. I have never ever called anyone "stupid" for not BELIEVING it. Its when you totally IGNORE evidence and VALID questions that you never EVER answer that makes you stupid. Remember, there is a BIG difference between stupidity and ignorance. You fall under both categories. You are ignorant of facts (Im guessing thats why you havent answered the two questions I asked under the Feb 28 post) because you dont know what my question is even referring to--because you havent researched it. When you dont KNOW the facts, that's called "ignorance". When you IGNORE the facts and refuse to answer my questions and then call me a "kook" and then with the same breath claim that I have not posted "one fact" (as you say)---that is called "stupidity", because I CONTINUALLY post facts-----facts that you CONTINUALLY ignore---like the two questions I asked in the Feb 28 postings. Ignoring my questions doesnt make my questions non-existant.

Your debating skills however ARE non-existant! So, when will you answer those two questions I asked? Here, incase you're too lazy to look them up again, I will re-post them so you can SEE once AGAIN the FACTS that you continually claim I dont post.

Here you go:

1) Why was there no mention of the fact that Saeed Sheilkh (the man who wired lead hijacker Mohamed Atta 100,000 dollars) was an ISI agent (the ISI is the Pakistan CIA) and why the head of the ISI (General Mahmoud Ahmad) was in Washington DC meeting with OUR CIA director George Tenet on the days before and ON 9-11?

2) Why the FAA did not IMMEDIATELY know a hijacking had occured on all 4 planes when all the pilot has to do to alert ground control of a hijacking is punch in a 4-digit code?

There you go, more "non-existant" facts that I never ever post. You will never ever ANSWER them, because you are afraid of what the answers are. Only pussies are afraid of the truth even when it's something they dont want to hear or accept. Be a MAN for once in your life and answer the questions. CHICKEN??

Anonymous said...

As Larry the Fruitcake types his kook conspiracy theories please have the Twilight Zone playing in the background

Then you wonder why you nuts are dismissed - and your hate and abger uncrease

I have seen this crap before:

9/11 Video Doesn't Hold Water

The U.S. Justice Department released a video last week of what appears to be American Airlines Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001.

Bush must take Charlie Sheen for an idiot.

The right-wing mind control machine may have pulled the wool over the eyes of the ignorant red state masses, but when it comes to the finer intricacies of aeronautical engineering and aviation crash physics, they’re on Big Chuck’s turf.

If there are two things Charlie Sheen knows, they are: 1) It’s not “kiddie porn” if the website says the babes are “barely legal”, and 2) a Boeing 757 doesn’t simply zip to the ground like a bullet and disintegrate on impact as if it had slammed into a reinforced concrete fortress at 400 mph. Anyone in the movie business will tell you that when a commercial aircraft crashes, it sort of glides down in slow motion, clips the guitar off the top of the Hard Rock CafĂ©, and then skids on its belly for about 13 blocks before screeching to a halt mere inches away from the edge of a cliff. Yet to this day, any photographs taken of the Pentagon crash site show very little debris, if any at all.

You’d think that if Bush was going to stage a phony plane crash convincing enough to fool everyone but our most brightest Hollywood stars, he’d at least toss a landing gear or a section of the fuselage out onto the lawn. But the Shrub got cocky and slipped up, and Charlie Sheen was all over him like Charlie Sheen on a barely legal call girl. Now, when a majority of celebrities believe Bush personally flew into the Pentagon with a pair of ACME bat wings and a giant firecracker strapped to his back, out comes this convenient video. But nobody’s buying it, least of all Charlie Sheen.

The video itself is of such poor quality that it wouldn’t even fool Emilio Estevez. The Pentagon can photograph me from outer space, yet they can’t put a camera in their parking lot capable of producing an image larger than three inches wide?

I’m afraid that until Bush provides Sheen with some better footage, or finally allows Molly Ringwald to analyze metallurgical data from all the supposed “debris” recovered at the “crash site”, the jury is still out on Bush's innocence, as well as the fate of Flight 77.

Real Truth Online said...

Its comments like THAT that make you STUPID. You can NOT believe in the cover-up of 9-11 all you want, and I would just call you "ignorant" (meaning 'lacking facts') but when you CONTINUALLY resort to namecalling (as a debating tactic), ad hominem attacks, sarcastic remarks, ignoring, deflecting and dodging of my question----it makes you not only stupid, but a complete fucking IDIOT. Yes, I called you a name---BASED on your idiotic comment. YOU call names as a debating tactic. I tell you what Jas----find me ONE fucking photo of ANY plane crash in the history of the world where there was NOT any debris. You wont be able to---none exists. Plane parts do not just fucking vaporize----especially the fucking ENGINES. Tell me something genius. How does the nose of a plane (which is the weakest part of the plane by the way) puncture SIX fucking walls if the plane vaporzied??? What---the plane easily punctured C, D and E rings of the Pentagon and after it went through the 6th wall (3 rings/6 walls) then it just turned into nothing?? You are a COMPLETE IDIOT. The fact that you have to resort to the sarcasm and the "nut" comments ALL BY THEMSELVES gives credence to our story!

You are not even capable of debating a topic seriously. And I noticed (of course) that you yet AGAIN did not answer my two questions that Ive asked THREE times now! Yep, Jas, Im such a "nut" but you're too fucking stupid to give answers to a "nuts" questions!

And another thing asshole----is Charlie Sheen NOT an American citizen? Isnt that all the requirement he needs to have an opinion and question things? So, because he's an actor, he's wrong? People like you make me fucking sick to my stomach. You will NEVER answer my questions because you have NO answers. All you can come up with is sarcasm and ad hominem attacks--------its getting pretty fucking old. I have put you on permanent block since I have given you about 100 chances to answer my qyestions---and naturally, you REFUSE to answer them----that tells me one thing: You CANT answer them and you are AFRAID of facts you fucking pussy.

Every post you leave from here on out will not even be SEEN by me let alone posted. So now you really WILL be talking to yourself. Bye by dumbass. Oh and by the way, the two questions I asked were two of the semi-basic ones. I have about 80 questions that are MUCH more detailed and more impossible to answer. You couldnt handle the two I gave-----MORON! By the way, nice copy and paste job---there's no way any of the above post was from you----LOL. Cant even write his own fucking posts! LOL. Remember---responding is futile, I wont even see it. LOL

Real Truth Online said...

Thanks for continuing to be anti-American by visiting my anti-American site! LOL Thanks for the hits!

realtruthiness said...

another great post larry..this is why people hate christians and all thier bullshit. these very same people that say you hate america are the same low life pieces of shit that thump thier bible say thier with god, dont look at the 5th comandment, support that lump of shit we call mccain, support the war and the irony of it all, they themselves wouldnt serve if you pushed them...hypocrites. these people while thier on thier knees before you should just thank while you shoot the real truth all over thier face....lol..lol...lol