Friday, February 1, 2008

The Sultan of Spin turns his back and reneges on helping homeless vets, resulting in yet ANOTHER lie

Loofah boy lies AGAIN and does not have the balls to even face homeless vets who show up outside of FOX News studios wondering where Billo’s “help” is

by Larry Simons
February 1, 2008

On the January 15 telecast of the FOX comedy “The O’ Reilly Factor”, O’ Liar told his guest this, “If you know where there is a veteran sleeping under a bridge, you call me immediately and we will make sure that guy does not do it…..”

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Well, it took two weeks and although Billo didn’t go looking for any homeless vets, the homeless vets came to Billo; showing up outside of FOX News studios wondering where the cash was they was promised by the master of misinformation, O’ Liar.

Instead, one of Billo’s producers came out and asked the woman whose group provides housing for 83 homeless vets if she “had an appointment”. So, now our brave men and women who served our country and risked their lives to provide the very freedom we enjoy need an “appointment”??

After all, Loofah boy bellowed on the air to “let him know” if there were any homeless vets out there so he could “help” them. Naturally, we all know that “help” to Billo means to completely ignore, to not apologize, to disrespect them, to lie to them…..oh and yeah….to NOT help them!

The producer then took the homeless vets inside the lobby so he could accept the petition they had started with 17,000 signatures demanding that Billo apologize. That will be the day. Billo admit he’s wrong? Billo even go outside and thank them? Asking for an apology is too nice. I’d sue him for promising something on the air that he had no intention of delivering.

Watch the video of Keith’s excellent story on this:

More video

Not ONCE did Billo come out to shake any hands, thank them or say he was sorry.




David H. Willis said...


I think I've found your blog. You definitely work hard at this and I'm sure I'll discover a lot of good stuff here. I will be back soon.


Real Truth Online said...

Thanks Dave. You will see that I have changed since the college days alot--but in some ways I haven't. Another thing to keep in mind---I dont blindly believe things. I'm a skeptic by nature. If I believe something to be true, that means I have asked hundreds of questions and I have really put it through the fire. I'm not one of those people who easily latch on to a belief and just go where the wind blows. I'm not asking you to agree with everything I say on here---or with anything really. Do what I've done, research things yourself and draw your own conclusion. Our government is lying to us about 9-11, plain and simple. I'm not wishy-washy on this topic. They lied--not because they were merely incompetent---(thats their smokescreen)----but because at the very least they let it happen or at the very most they orchestrated it. I have been called nuts many times and even had my life threatened---but you will notice from the comments on here that the people who disagree with me and call me a "kook" will never refute anything I say or even debate me. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. My gripe is when they wont even debate it. It's like if someone walked up to you and said "You're nuts for believing in Jesus" and then called you names and threatened you, but then never ever sat down and had a rational debate and discussed why you believe it and why they dont. The reality is, they dont want the truth. I think deep down they know that we are right, but they are afraid of admitting because in admitting it, it would mean they now have to do something about their corrupt and treasonous government and of course, they are too lazy to, or they don't want to interrupt the comfort of their lives. It's the equivalent of 2 parents who just heard the news of their daughter dying in a car accident and they deny it continually and get mad at the people telling them the news, until eventually they face the awful reality of the truth. Well, in this case, people have been angry at me and they have denied it, but they haven't reached the discovery of the truth yet, because they are fearful of it. This is why people attack, attack, attack but will never debate, because debating would mean two things: 1) they have to find out all these facts that they (deep down) dont want to know and 2) it would require them to know what they are talking about, which in many cases, they dont. They just see whats on TV and dont know anything outside of that. We, who have brains, know that the media only reports what they want us to know----which is only about 5% of the total truth and they distort and lie about the rest. Do you realize how many people Ive talked to about 9-11 that didnt even know a third building (WTC 7) collapsed on 9-11? It's our wonderful media covering things up---thats why these people have absolutely no clue whats going on. They know we're right, but wont admit, because admitting it would mean they would have to investigate and put time into it---time that they either dont have or they dont want to give. If you have questions on anything, feel free to ask. Ive studied 9-11 now for 3 1/2 years. One of my favorite authors on the truth of 9-11 is david Ray Griffin---who actually is a Christian, and used to teach theology at a college in California. His books are excellent. I have a book list on the right side of the page where you can view his books (scroll down). I have tons of DVD's that I give away for free about this. (We are accused of wanting to profit from this--lol). Good to hear from you.

David H. Willis said...

Hey bro. I'm about truth - the real truth, so I weigh everything based whether it is true or not. I can't stand when people are afraid to examine an issue to see if they've sold a bunch of...

I recently discovered Alex Jones. Whenever I hear the "mainstreamers" dismiss him it makes all the more interested in what he has to say. When I hear an outcry against people being lunatics, etc. it usually sparks my curiosity. A lot of my church friends walk in lock step with the republicans like thry're the apostles or something! Il ove telling folks I support Ron Paul. You well know the expressions I get in return. If the "ol' boys" club can run a town, why can't they run bigger entities? Hmmm.

I belive in freedom of speech and truth, so, like I said, I'll be back with an open mind.

Take care!
PS. I love the pic with you Ron Paul!

Real Truth Online said...

good job Dave---glad to see not all churchgoers are blind to the real truth. Most churchgoers have issues with this because they believe in the notion that 'since God is in control---these evil people couldnt possibly be in America (that God loves so much) trying to ruin America'. I dont associate with church people anymore for this very reason---with the exceptions being my old college friends of course. I do have friends here in town at the meetings I go to who are religious that do know the real truth of whats going on. We dont always agree on everything, but we agree on the important things. I went to NYC in 2006--met Alex Jones and several other truth activists (see pics below) and it was an experience. Alex sounds like a preacher when he stands behind the podium and shouts "death to the New World Order!'---it was kinda funny in a way, but I love Alex. I was actually with him in NYC at ground zero as he was being interviewed by a local NY radio station and filmed the interview myself. I was interviewed by a British teacher who was there and when she saw my shirt that said "investigate 9-11" she was very interested and asked me all about it. She said she had a class back in England that she was going to show this interview to. She taped me about 20 minutes or so and I hadnt even begun to scrath the surface with information. She had never heard any of the things I was saying---she was shocked. Others walked by and said "your shirt is a disgrace"-----I said kindly, "well the government's story is a disgrace too" and walked away. I wasnt gonna let them provoke me into an argument so the cops could cart me off. I have tons of DVD's I can send to you totally free of charge Dave. Dont worry---none of it is copyrighted and the makers actually want us to make copies and give them out. I have every Alex Jones DVD--he's made 15. The Ron Paul trip was great. Me and my friend stopped by Shanksville before going to Pittsburgh to see Ron paul. It was a great night.

Youre exactly right about the estbalishment media and elitists calling us "kooks" and "nuts"--and that usually means there is substance in our stances. When Charlie Sheen went public in 2006 about 9-11---all they did was give credence to his views by attacking his character and when CNN had a poll after the Charlie Sheen segment asking if people thought Charlie Sheen was right----84% said yes. Its no secret that I believe that Bush is not only the worst President we've ever had, but he's guilty of so many crimes of war and treason, it's impossible to keep count. I believe Cheney was directly involved in the orchestration of 9-11----and keep in mind Dave, Im a skeptic, I weigh things. Im totally convinced Cheney was directly involved with 9-11. They are all criminals in the Bush administration---every last one of them. Bush is a member of the secret society Skull & Bones and the Bohemian Grove in California----how Christian is that? I have the DVD from 2000 when Alex Jones snuck into Bohemian Grove and filmed the rituals---its good. Im sure you realize that watching mainstream news is by far the worst thing you can do to get news. I only watch one----Keith Olbermann. Hes the closest to the truth. I watch Billo too, but only in the way a movie critic watches a film---to critique it and to inform my readers of his monstrous lies. I do most of my stories on Loofah boy---as you can see. Good to see you arent one of the mindless controlled sheep of America Dave! I can make DVD's pretty quick---so if you want any-----let me know. Oh and sorry that I have comment moderation on----theres this ASS that loves to leave these incredibly long posts on my site when I had them off----he does it to spam the comment thread---because he cant win the war on facts, he has to be an assey assington and spam my site. He also does it so he can claim that Im censoring people---lol. I let him think that--it makes him happy. See ya.

David H. Willis said...

Feel free to send me anything at your convenience. Thanks.

Real Truth Online said...

whats your address? You can post it here----i have moderation enabled. All posts go to my regular email before I post them. Dont worry, the post with your address on it will be deleted after i write it down. Take care

Real Truth Online said...

Got it Dave, thanks. Some DVD's should be arriving soon.