Thursday, February 7, 2008

O’Reilly calls Willie Nelson a “pinhead” and NOT a patriot for merely doing what true patriots actually do: DISSENT

On the other hand, Loofah boy says HE is the patriot----why? Because he can PREDICT SUPERBOWL WINNERS!

by Larry Simons
February 7, 2008

Well, it didn’t take long for Billo to attack singer and activist Willie Nelson for comments he made concerning 9-11 on the Alex Jones radio show on Monday. Although some had doubted that this story would be aired at all because of the fact that it cannot be refuted that Nelson is a true American icon, the story was mentioned on a few news programs. Last night the propaganda king himself Bill O’ Reilly briefly mentioned it in his idiotic segment, “Pinheads and Patriots”.

Watch the clip:

Congratulations Loofah boy. You once again managed to fool your sheep by providing a 20-second snippet from an hour-long interview, and from those 20 seconds you were able to provide sound, intellectual debate on this clip, right? Oh, wait….you provided NO debate, NO intellectual insight on this at ALL. Billo just played the clip above and afterward said, “Good grief……pinhead.” Now THAT’S really sticking it to Willie Nelson, Billo!

Keep in mind one thing. I have no problem with the fact that O’ Reilly played just a short clip, because the clip that was played provided enough audio to gather that yes, Nelson does believe the twin towers may have been imploded. My problem comes from the fact that if this had been done to Billo (airing 20 seconds of a one-hour interview), he would be ready to hang the person reporting it from the highest noose and would claim, “THEY TOOK ME OUT OF CONTEXT!, THEY TOOK ME OUT OF CONTEXT!”, despite the fact that dozens of times in the past when O’Reilly has been criticized for controversial comments, COMPLETE transcripts were provided that showed the ENTIRE context of Billo’s dialogue and yet Billo would still cry, “Out of context!”

Of course, Billo can do this to others and he is completely justified for doing so. Mr. Falafel knows damned well that if he had played more of the interview or allowed 5-6 minutes to the segment and had a spokesman for Nelson on the show (ya know, since FOX is “fair and balanced”), then the public would have understood Nelson’s position a little more (even if they still had disagreed with him).

Billo leaves NO room for his sheep to objectionable about things like this. He is not happy unless EVERYONE believes the EXACT same thing he does, and he will do everything in his power to make that happen. If that means to censor, ignore, lie, twist, spin, manipulate, distort or ….yes, to even “take out of context”, Billo will do that.

Only Billo could call an American icon like Willie Nelson a pinhead and not be questioned by his devoted sheep. Dislike Willie Nelson all you want. Whether it’s because he smokes pot, or if you don’t like his music, or because of his tax evasion issues in the early 90’s. Regardless of what the reason is, none of this makes him un-American. Bill O’Reilly is a tool for a propaganda machine known as FOX News. Of course he will object to someone saying 9-11 was an inside job. That goes against the sole purpose of FOX News’ existence… be a mouthpiece for the White House.

If O’ Reilly disagrees with Nelson, why doesn’t he invite Nelson on the show? Why not a 5-6 minute segment on it and Billo can choose who he wants to be on his side? James Meigs (of Popular Mechanics) maybe? No, you won’t ever see that segment, because Billo only tells his sheep just enough information to have them think someone is nuts without providing any real debate, any specific information, any facts, any “fair and balanced” dialogue……nothing but “The seventy four year old singer counts himself among the 9/11 conspiracy nuts". Good job Billo….calling us “nuts”. We haven’t heard that one yet.

Billo has covered the 9-11 cover-up issue several times on his show. Personally, I have never seen O' Liar cover this topic fairly. In the rare instances where he actually has a member of 9-11 truth on the show, such as Jim Fetzer or Kevin Barrett, he has them on alone and usually it is at the end of the show. Billo is gracious enough to give them maybe 2 minutes, but even then Billo continually interrupts and talks over them so that their total talking time is roughly 20 seconds.

On the surface, it may appear as if O' Reilly gives 9-11 truth a platform for exposure because he doesn't have anyone who supports the official story on at the same time. But see, that's just it. Having another guest on with an opposing view would then make it a debate and it would require a longer segment, and of course Billo will never give 9-11 truth a long segment.

When Billo has defenders of the official story on, like James Meigs, he gives them much longer amounts of time (usually in the first 20-30 minutes of the show) and never has anyone from 9-11 truth on to defend their side. That's "fair and balanced" alright. One side of the story where both the host and the guest agree.

Then, if calling Nelson a “pinhead” wasn’t enough, Billo tops it off by calling himself a patriot! Wow, really? Billo must have done something noble. Did Billo protest the war or someone’s individual rights? Did he enlist to fight in the war? Did he become an activist?, but what he did do was just as patriotic! Yes, that’s right…..Billo has predicted the winners of the last five Superbowls. Huh?

"I have the longest winning streak in the country. So in the Superbowl predicting category, I'm a Patriot", O’ Reilly bellowed. OK, nevermind how ridiculous that is. A 2nd grader could see just how stupid of a remark that is. Let’s actually analyze it. What does patriotism have to do with the Superbowl? Or picking winners? Where’s the connection? Just like the entire point of Billo’s show…….there IS none.

Besides, I thought you didn’t achieve patriot status until you correctly predicted at least TEN Superbowl winners! He’s only predicted FIVE! BILLO-----YOU’RE UN-AMERICAN! Hell, he didn’t even PICK the Patriots to win! You can’t actually BE a patriot and not pick a team CALLED the Patriots, can you??

I didn’t think so!

Does Billo even know what the MEANING to the word “patriot” is? In past segments of “Pinheads…” here are things that Billo has called “patriotic”:

*Julia Roberts for fighting back to paparazzi
*A mall Santa for having kids wish for their Daddy to come back from Iraq, and the father is there when they uncover their eyes
*Taye Diggs for singing in New Orleans
*A cop getting a woman out of a car on a railroad track before the train hit her

So, you see, Billo doesn’t know what a patriot even IS. He thinks being a patriot is simply just doing something good. All of the things above are good deeds, but not patriotic. Patriotism involves devotion and love for your country. Patriotism can also be dissent and disagreement with your government if you feel they are corrupt and not following your country’s rules or creed (or Constitution). To Bill O’ Reilly, you could be a patriot if you get your neighbor’s cat out of a tree.

Nelson, on the other hand, has done REAL patriotic deeds in his life, whether you agree that they are acts of patriotism or not. That doesn’t change the fact that they are. He has done benefit concerts for Earthquake victims, has defended and fought for his usage of marijuana (whether you think it’s immoral or not does not change the fact that fighting for this could be his Constitutional right to do so), has invested in bio-diesel plants that make fuel from vegetable oil and has given his money, time and efforts in numerous causes for animals, farmers and peace.

Nelson has also protested the IRS and at one time did not pay his taxes. Of course, we all know that the Income Tax is unconstitutional for an individuals’ labor. The tax code CLEARLY says the Income Tax is “voluntary compliance”. Voluntary, not mandatory. Yet Nelson was drug through the mud for years and insulted for this. Why? Because of the ignorance of the American people in not knowing what the Constitution says. What in the hell has Bill O’ Reilly done? I’ll tell you what he’s done……..NOTHING.

The bottom line is this: Bill O’ Reilly is a controlled media propagandist who wouldn’t know fairness and truth even if you could find them in a loofah. His job is to spew lies and spin to the American people on a daily basis. He’s a proven liar, neo-con and tool for the far-right. He has no interest in anything truthful or to “look out for you”. Only Bill O’ Reilly can call himself a patriot because he knows no one else will.


Anonymous said...

God I hate O'Reilly. Keep up the good work my friend. I am deeply saddened by the imminent nomination of McCain. Ron Paul was the first politician who has been open and honest about EVERYTHING. It just goes to show, the machine cannot be stopped. Americans today are fat, dumb, happy, and proud of it. Soon they'll realize that the NWO is not a joke or a conspiracy, rather a methodical approach to the disintegration of the free world. FTW!

Real Truth Online said...

thanks for the support! I wish I could get paid for exposing Billo's lies. It's a full time job and I STILL dont have time to cover them all!

Anonymous said...

i heard billo had a gay affair.

xstarkiller said...

Hmmm, well Willie Nelson is in fact a pinhead, the comments that he made was just about the most retarded I have ever heard, in fact it appeared as Mr. Willie was even Doped up on the Larry King Live show. and as for you're "exposing" O'Reilly's lies yeah I really don't see where you have done that I read a few other, it just seems to me like a few unimportant Childish attacks on a decent man that is trying to expose the lies of the democrats and liberals and the main lier out there which I will not address with a proper presidential title as Mr Obama, as he is not a proper President. but furthermore you're blogs remain as, and always will unimportant childish attacks on people who wish that the United States would once again become a proper place to live in as it once was.

Larry said...

You must feel REAL proud defending a man who sexually harrassed his staffer 6 years ago [and settled out of court and gave her like 2 million to shut up, so he wouldnt have to go to trial] and who also said on the air that Shawn Hornbeck [the 15 year old boy who was sexually molested by his abductor for FOUR years] DESERVED what he got and NEVER apologized for saying it! Yeah, what a TRUE patriot O'Reilly is! He's a scumbag and a bully and if you still like O'Reilly after reading my stories on him where I present FACTS [NOT opinions] about him, then you havent read enough of them.

You've read ALL 96 stories Ive done on him????

xstarkiller said...

..And you are just person to Jump on the I hate O'Reilly Bandwagon, another Liberal Media Spin Doctor who enjoys defacing people who actually worry about the status of this nation, hmmm how about instead of Making a blog to deface some one; you make a Blog to gather people to help the nation? Instead of spreading Hate that this world already has enough of, Furthermore Its people Just like you Larry, Who in fact is making this nation as horrible as it is instead of adding good things to help, you would rather spread hate, and you wonder why People such as O'Reilly, Hannity, even [Glenn Beck]-( Post CNN[HIGHLY DEMOCRATIC/LIBERAL] Spin doctors) such as Your self Larry, realized just what was more important to the liberal Mediast's than the welfare of this great nation which we as people are Plainly turning to Shit, so how about about adding to the greater good than spending all youre time defacing people which i see u have what? 2 - 3 followers? and half of the comments are ur blogg is just random nothings sent by people who couldnt hold a conversion with their dog, so yeah how about that greater good? Put all of youre political views aside Mr Larry and go out and do something Constructive with youre time even a 10 year old can make a blog about hating something or some one but it takes a man to make a difference which apparantly you have shown you would rather Bitch about Small things than actually do something.

Larry said...

Take away Billo's 10 million a year salary and see how much he "cares" then. I do all my blogging and research for FREE. Let me know when you have read ALL 96 articles I wrote about Billo. So, youre OK that he says an 11 year old boy DESERVES to be raped and that he had "more fun" with his abductor than being with his own parents? Youre OK that he said an 18 year old murder victim was ASKING to be killed? Youre OK with him vilifying George Tiller for five years, fueling his murder and then when he is actually killed, says he "had it coming"? Youre OK with Billo sexually harrassing his staffer and then paying her to avoid a trial?

I dont just SAY things about O'Reilly, I PROVE them. Billo is a corporate controlled hack who is clearly bought off. 18 years ago on Inside Edition, he did a story about how the JFK assassination was a CONSPIRACY. NOW he believes that Oswald was the lone killer. He's a SELL OUT.

And who can forget Billo's nutty and deranged outburst on Inside Edition [that I have posted] here he shouts "We'll do it live! FUCK IT!"?? The fact that a guy can get THAT angry THAT fast over something THAT petty is evidence he is mentally ill and a danger to society. I guess Im "liberal" just for showing Billo's OWN words and actions! LOL

xstarkiller said...

hmmm i guess it ok for you and me to make a Quote containing profanity but go forbid a Celeb news host say "Fuck It, We'll Do It Live" which is a vary popular quote by many musicians and celeb's here is an example "Fuck It, We'll Do It Live" is the first live album by American horror punk musician Wednesday 13. It was released on November 14, 2008 through Hot Topic locations in the United States. yeah nobody said anything about that huh? O'reilly says it and you jump all over him, and good job totally avoiding all the points I made just so you can spew out more of the same old hate propaganda that its in all 96 of youre blogs which yes I read and is just the same old shit over and over again. my point is here; you seem to enjoy wasting your time blogging your ideas instead of doing something constructive. Instead of Spewing this I hate so and so liberal garbage why don't you put mind to something more useful? or like I said you enjoy defacing people? nothing better to do than obsess over some one who shares a different point than you; which obviously angers (it shows in your posts) throw all that I hate O'reilly shit out the window but I frankly don't care too much for him myself, so instead of trying to turn everything around clean out your ears and listen here, The ONLY people making sense in the media today are in fact O'reilly, Hannity and Glen Beck and whether you like it or not apparently not they are the #1 rated news casters out, which make them a walking target for Obsessive people as your self, and please dont argue this point youre 96 blogs prove other wise, for your patriotic blurt "here are things that Billo has called “patriotic”:

*Julia Roberts for fighting back to paparazzi ( obviously not)
*A mall Santa for having kids wish for their Daddy to come back from Iraq, and the father is there when they uncover their eyes ( no not patriotic at all a soldier (which i was was tyvm) could be there for there for his kids on christmas nope making that dream come true isnt very patriotic now is it?)
*Taye Diggs for singing in New Orleans (obviuosly not)
*A cop getting a woman out of a car on a railroad track before the train hit her ( oh surely not god forbid a cop saves a woman life and some one claims it as an act of patriotism) "

Now back on topic, O'REILLY: The kidnapping of those two boys should be front-page news in your house if you have kids. I actually hope I'm wrong about Shawn Hornbeck. I hope he did not make a conscious decision to accept his captivity because Devlin made things easy for him. No school, play all day long.

xstarkiller said...

But to just chalk this up to brainwashing and walk away is turning away from the true danger of child molesters and abductors. All American children must be taught survival skills, must be prepared to face crisis situations. That is the lesson of the Shawn Hornbeck story. And that's the "Memo." no you don't care to add that to the post do you? no just the points that make him look bad furthermore; Frankly George Tiller case any body who can Intentionally take the life of a child (Abortion) deserves what they have coming in the end. O'Reillys statement was Justified. and if u feel differently maybe you should look into your heart and rethink your motives a bit. do you have kids? if yes how would feel if they was to die? no wait strike that how about them not getting a chance a life at all! because some whore of a woman got knocked up and decided she just didnt want a baby? hmm kill it!!! good idea no morals at all... and the whole Kennedy assassination comment who cares? you are just obsessing there again, Bill O'reilly was in his prime (news related not age or sexual deviancy) at the time of the sexual assault case which was Never proved btw just another case of another multimillion dollar shakedown attempt by greedy hate stricken person such as youre self and here the facts about this case not youre liberal spin; he died settle out of court this day and age if you was a big hot shot celebrity and you was called rape or sexual assualt on would you? now would you take that to court hell you dont need to be a celebrity 9/10 "rape Victims" "sexual Assualt Victims " are blatant liars and this is proven , and those 9/10 people who was accused for such a false claim are doing time in prison for a crime they didn't commit again here is the result of your liberal America, get a good taste and stew in it my friend because with people such as your self whom would rather do more harm than good it's here to stay. and thats all I have to say now if you have anything Important to recant please do so and I will gladly argue my points further.

Larry said...

LOL, Im glad you decided to post O'Reilly's VERY WORDS "I actually hope I'm wrong about Shawn Hornbeck. I hope he did not make a conscious decision to accept his captivity because Devlin made things easy for him."

Because it turned out that O'Reilly WAS wrong about the Hornbeck case! 8 months after Billo made that statement they gave the details of the Hornbeck abduction when they convicted Devlin---and it turned out that billo WAS WRONG---and he claimed originally that if he was wrong, he'd APOLOGIZE--and he NEVER DID. I wrote a story about this AND even made a video about it----and you claimed you READ ALL 96 of my stories about it? Apparently NOT, because you posted his quote that has been proven FALSE.

Here are the links to THREE of my stories about Billo being WRONG about the Hornbeck case and NOT apologizing!

You read them huh? Sure about that?