Wednesday, February 20, 2008

O’ Liar FINALLY admits that his own network [FOX News] is IRRESPONSIBLE

12 years too late, O’ Reilly FINALLY admits that FOX News is irresponsible when they do the EXACT same thing he condemns another news network for

by Larry Simons
February 20, 2008

Of course, this was an indirect admittance since O’ Reilly NEVER actually admits to any wrongdoing, lies or hypocrisy directly. On last night’s telecast of FOX’s #1 comedy “The O’ Reilly Factor”, O’ Liar condemned NBC for having the audacity to stoop so low as to give airtime to Obama supporter Robert Holeman, who was in a confrontation with Bill Clinton on Hillary’s campaign trail in Ohio, on Sunday.

O’ Liar: “…and this video surfaced of President Clinton pointing his finger at an Obama supporter who was apparently baiting him. Now there are plenty of nuts on the campaign trail, but you don’t legitimize them if you are a responsible news agency. However, NBC news gave the Clinton guy airtime..”

Then, no less than one hour later on the White House's...oooops, I mean FOX News' "Hannity & Colmes", the very SAME, CONDEMNED clip was given airtime by the partners in propaganda, Sean Hannity & Alan Colmes, when they not only AIRED the clip, but had an interview with Holeman. Geesh Billo, at least Joe Scarborough didn't interview Holeman!

So, FIXED News gets the hypocrisy award for giving the story airtime, and the "we are worse than a hypocrite" award for interviewing the guy. Double trophies....well deserved.

Here is the clip from “Morning Joe” on MSNBC (the airtime O’ Loofah condemns):

Here is O’ Reilly slamming NBC for giving Holeman airtime:

Here is Holeman on “Hannity & Colmes” an HOUR after O’ Reilly slammed NBC for giving him airtime:

Of course, this story is no big deal but it serves at yet ANOTHER example among the never-ending list of distortions and hypocritical remarks that come straight from the O’ Reilly handbook. It is simply amazing how easier and easier it gets to expose the lies, spin and hypocrisy of FOX News.

To be fair, all networks are bought and paid for and do their fair share of bias reporting, distorting facts and dishing out hypocrisy. It’s very rare that you get to see hypocrisy this blatant and so poorly timed as what was displayed on FIXED News last night.

FOX News is making this WAY too easy for me. Exposing these liars is now easier to do than wiping my ass!

I smell another Worst Person in the World award for FOX News in the near future----I say tomorrow!

UPDATE: Yep! I was right! Billo gets the gold!

Naturally, this leads to yet another great film from Real Truth Films---my first of 2008! Enjoy!

Once again, thanks to PrisonPlanet for posting my story


Daniel Schinzing said...

I read your article about O'Liar on and thought the disrespect you showed to the subjects of your distain admirable! I love it when a writer uses terms of endearment such as those most deserving of such disrespect. Thanks.

Real Truth Online said...

I think you mean "disdain" and yes I see right through your sarcasm. I am not showing disrespect to anyone. I am simply calling people what they are according to their actions and words. If someone flat out lies to you, is it disrespectful of you to call them a liar? Obviously not, but that's EXACTLY what you are saying to me right now---that it's disrespectful of me to call these people at FOX what they are---frauds. I get attacked all the time for my views on 9-11 from idiots (and that's what they are--idiots [by their words and actions]) that would spend more time researching a statistic of a football game than they would researching the deaths of 3,000 people on 9-11, and that's what THEY do---use ad hominem attacks on me. They read my views on 9-11 and say "KOOK", "NUT", "America-hater" without refuting ONE thing I've said. THAT'S where name-calling is wrong--when you call names and don't give one reason for doing it. If someone tried refuting me and they pointed out an obvious lie or distortion (other than it being accidental) they'd have every right to call me a liar).

But when I do stories on O Reilly or Hannity or anyone in the media that flat out lies, yes, I call them liars---and it's well deserved---because their actions and words have already dictated that they are---all I'm doing is writing about it. If a person robs a bank, that person is a thief regardless if I call him a thief. So, actually calling him a thief is WRONG according to you?? If O' Reilly or FOX News did nothing to warrant being branded liars or hypocrites, I'd be wrong for calling them that. If you don't see the difference between calling someone a name when they've outwardly displayed that they are the very thing you called them and calling them a name when they did nothing to warrant it----well, then that makes you an IDIOT.

By the way, I loved how you hid behind your sarcasm to attempt to make the point that I had no merit to call them names, but yet you didn't specifically explain why I didn't have the right to. Tell me ONE thing I said in my story that was unwarranted and not deserved. I'm waiting....