Saturday, February 9, 2008

McCain's Presidential Ambitions Set To Be Swiftboated

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth member set to launch counter-offensive to reclaim Republican Party

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
February 8, 2008

Remnants of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth group that contributed to torpedoing John Kerry's presidential ambitions in 2004 are set to derail John McCain's hopes of becoming the Republican nominee by forcing the GOP to jettison the Senator and instigating a revolution within the party to return it to its conservative roots.

It was McCain himself that leapt to Kerry's defense during the Swift Boat controversy four years ago and now the individuals that started the offensive against Kerry are set to turn on McCain.

The campaign is being led by Sergeant Ted Sampley who has devoted much of his post-military career to campaigning for the safe return of lost POW's stranded behind enemy lines. He is Vice President of Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Rally Washington, D.C., which has no less than half a million active members.

Sampley also runs Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain organization, which has been instrumental in exposing the fact that McCain's status as a war hero and the claim that he was tortured in Vietnam is a complete fabrication, as well as highlighting the fact that McCain poses as a veteran's advocate yet abandons them on every turnkey issue.

"We are planning right now a counter-offensive called GOP Tea Party, and in the spirit of 1773 when the colonists rebelled against the King of England and tossed all that tea over, we're going to rebel against the Republican Party and toss McCain over," Sampley told the Alex Jones Show.

"We hope to start a revolution within the Republican Party to cleanse it of all the left-leaning Republicans and McCain is a leftist if you look at his major activity," he added, pointing out that McCain has direct links to the Clintons and would be no different than having Hillary in the White House.

Sampley said that the move would consist of convincing around 10 per cent of Republicans to sign a pledge promising that they would not vote for McCain, and re-establish the real conservative roots of the Republican Party.

"We were the first to open up on John Kerry and we took a lot of crap," said Sampley, "the same stuff's going to be thrown at us about McCain that was thrown at us about John Kerry," said Sampley.

"McCain is a deceiver, he is the great deceiver, you can't trust him," he added.

Sampley dismissed the importance of McCain's delegate support, saying that as long as 10 per cent could be made to sign the pledge, the Republicans would be forced to jettison McCain, leading to a brokered convention and the selection of a different nominee.

"When the Republican establishment is confronted with the cold fact that if the party nominates McCain, all efforts to win the presidency will be in vain. It will be forced to "broker" the leftist McCain into oblivion where he rightfully belongs," reads the GOP Tea Party website.

Whether Sampley's efforts will be successful largely hinges on whether establishment Republican-leaning and Neo-Con news outlets and talk radio give the campaign any attention.

Can the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and Glenn Beck really be relied upon to sink McCain's aspirations or will they mothball the story to ensure a completely staged McCain vs. Hillary contest ensues?

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David H. Willis said...

Do you think Huckabee will pull of an upset and beat out McCain? I'm not for the governor, but I'd like to see McCain get knocked off. He seems to be the biggest war guy of them all.

Real Truth Online said...

to be quite honest Dave, it doesnt matter now. with Ron Paul withdrawing this leaves no one worth voting for. Im not voting. Voting for any of the ones remaining is pointless. Hillary, Obama, McCain and Huckabee----all warmongerers who have no clue nor could care less what the Constitution says. They will all attack Iran or some other country and will all stay in Iraq. Dont let them fool you. They are all for the REAL ID cards coming soon. They are all members of the Bilderbergers or CFR---meaning: they all want one world government. None of them will close the borders and none of them will end the war in Iraq. It doesnt matter. More and more and more and more of the same. The elections dont matter now-----Bush will be handing the baton to HIMSELF.