Thursday, February 7, 2008

John McCain is winning primaries solely from anti-war and anti-Bush voters. What in the HELL is happening in this country?

John McCain has not won a single primary by people who say they are just Republicans. He’s winning the anti-war/anti-Bush vote. HOW??

by Larry Simons
February 7, 2008

When America breathes its last breath and dies, the official cause of death will not be “terrorist attack”, it will be suicide. That’s right. America is dying, and it’s dying at it’s own hands. America is pulling its own plug, biting its own bullet, kicking its own bucket. I’ve just read a statistic today that while it’s mind-numbingly unbelievable, it is not at all surprising given the fact that the level of utter stupidity in this country is at levels that dictators only dream of.

I believe America just might be the dumbest country in the world. I'm serious. And that even includes countries where it's citizens worship livestock and marry farm animals. After all, this is the country that produced "Beavis & Butt-head", "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?", the "Jackass" films and this girl:

(by the way, McCain WON South Carolina!)

John McCain won 9 states yesterday, more than Mitt Romney (7), and more than Mike Huckabee (5). All 3 of these candidates are very pro-Iraq war and pro-attacking Iran. (Yes, even the “Christian” guy wants to pre-emptively attack a country) What is particularly astonishing about John McCain according to author Matt Welch, in his new book, “McCain: The Myth of a Maverick”, is that McCain is not winning these states by people just claiming to be Republicans (according to exit polls), but he is winning from ANTI-war voters.

Welch recently appeared on Democracy Now and said this to host Amy Goodman

“It’s really interesting that in the primaries so far, if you look at the exit polls, among people who voted in the GOP primaries who consider themselves antiwar, anti-the-Iraq-war, and among voters who consider themselves angry at George Bush—and that’s a quote—and among independents, McCain is beating his opponents by two-to-one. If you actually look at people who describe themselves as just Republicans, McCain has not yet won a single primary. So he is basically winning the GOP primaries on the back of the antiwar vote, when in fact he would be the most explicitly interventionist president since Teddy Roosevelt, and he certainly makes George Bush look gun-shy by comparison.”

Watch the clip:

Of the 3 pro-war GOP candidates, John McCain is by far the most interventionalist and pro-war, yet he is winning primaries strictly from anti-war voters. What in the hell is going on here? Is there massive voter fraud going on here or massive ignorance of the American people? In 2006, voters elected Democrats to control the House and the Senate so they would do something about ending this war in Iraq. Of course, we know, the Democrats have done absolutely nothing and in most cases have even aided the President in continuing the war.

So how can John McCain be winning----anything? How can Romney and Huckabee be winning anything? Only GOP candidate Ron Paul is anti-war. How is he not winning? I could pick and choose the reasons but in reality, it’s a mixture of everything from voter fraud, ignorant Americans, mass media manipulation, smear campaigns and lies-----just to name a few.

Of course, only the well informed know the real reason: the New World Order has no intention of letting an anti-establishment, anti-war candidate in the White House. Ron Paul is the only candidate among both parties who would stop this war immediately and bring everyone home across the globe. The elite won’t let that happen.

Mentioning the New World Order and voter fraud tends to sound conspiratorial to the dumbed-down America crowd who watches the news media and actually believes what they hear. I’m well aware of the personal attacks that come with the territory of believing in the big conspiracy to silence one candidate. That being the case, let’s just cut through all the conspiratorial crap and go right to the footage.

If there is no conspiracy to silence Ron Paul and promote the anti-war candidates, then how else would you explain GOP candidates flat out telling the American people they will CONTINUE George Bush’s foreign policies of attacking other countries and staying in Iraq when over 70% of this country wants this war OVER??

For those of you with the attention span of a flea, here is John McCain telling us all how he will CONTINUE the war and attack Iran

McCain on staying in Iraq: “Make it 100” (referring to # of years we should stay there)

McCain singing “Bomb Iran” and people laughing about it

Tim Russert smoking McCain on Meet the Press about his OWN words he used in 1993 about getting out of Somalia. McCain says, “Well, if you want to compare Somalia with what’s going on in Iraq, then be my guest”. You’re right Johnny-boy, there is no comparison. We lost 43 in Somalia----we’ve lost nearly 100 times that in Iraq!

Here’s McCain condemning Ron Paul for wanting troops home from Iraq; calling him an “isolationist”

Although he attacks Ron Paul, here is John McCain in 1993 and 1994 talking EXACTLY like Ron Paul talks now---saying to get troops home NOW (from Somalia and Haiti) compared to what he says NOW in 2008

McCain saying an attack on Iran is close to reality (in other words----he is FOR it)

A nice montage on the flip-flopping and just plain insanity of John McCain

There were two people from both parties combined that I have always said would be worse than Bush: Giuliani (who has dropped out) and McCain. If McCain becomes President, America dies…..along with thousands and thousands more troops.


David H. Willis said...

As you know, I move in what would be traditionally considered "conservative christian" circles. I am quite stunned by how many of these folks seem to be willing to support McCain. It's the same old jive: "We can't let the dems win" or "Anybody but Hillary" or "Don't waste your vote on a third party guy." James Dobson shook it up a little by refusing to support McCain. I'm guessing the lesser of 2 evils nonsense will continue to keep the religious right in lock-step with the GOP.

Real Truth Online said...

I agree. I will never ever ever again in my life vote for the lesser of two evils. If I dont ever feel for a candidate like I do with Ron Paul---I am not voting.

mccain in '08 said...

Leave America now you ungrateful anti-American hatemongers. Seriously.

Real Truth Online said...

why dont you stop frequenting my site you warmongering dick? its hatemongering to want troops HOME and alive? its hatemongering to want our money spent HERE and not on FAILING foreign policy? YOU are the anti-American!!! You support McCain---a KNOWN liar about his torture. Its a FACT that he wasnt even tortured----he gave the enemy information gladly and freely---he was even called "songbird" because he gave up info freely to avoid torture! Why dont you learn FACTS before you post on here? Did you even look at the videos posted above of the flip-flopping McCain?? His own party even hates him!!! I noticed you didnt post at all on the O'Reilly story-----too much truth to handle in one day? All you do is call names and attack but dont say ONE word about SPECIFICS as to why you do so! You NEO-CON imbecile! Why dont you go read that thing you may have never heard of---its called the CONSTITUTION-----invite McCain over too so you can read it to him