Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Debunkers' Best Rebuttal: "Willie Smokes Pot"

Frothing establishment bloggers feebly try to diffuse American icon's views on 9/11

Paul Joseph Watson
February 5, 2008

Establishment bloggers are in a bind today - attempting to ridicule American icon Willie Nelson for his comments about the WTC twin towers being imploded on 9/11, with the best rebuttal they can muster being the fact that Willie smokes pot.

When Charlie Sheen publicly questioned the official 9/11 story in March 2006, debunkers didn't tackle him on the facts, they tried to discredit him with lurid hit pieces about his behavior as a 20-something millionaire living in Las Vegas in the 1980's.

We fully expected the same tactics to be employed against Willie, but the fact that Nelson is a definitive icon of authentic Americana and is loved by both young and old with his music discarding the boundaries of political left and right, means the attacks will be like water off a duck's back.

Willie Nelson is no Rosie O'Donnell and though we commended Rosie at the time for speaking out, Bill O'Reilly is going to find it a little harder to grandstand with his phony patriot routine if he is foolish enough to take on Nelson, a man who has been a symbol of real patriotism for decades.

Neo-Con radio host Laura "I've been to Iraq" Ingraham decided to play it safe and resorted to the tired old yarn of airing twilight zone music alongside Willie's comments from yesterday's Alex Jones Show, before making a sophomoric joke about not being able to see through the marijuana smoke.

Bear in mind that half of these feverish Neo-Cons are probably hopped up on a menagerie of pharmacological poisons that kill more people in a year than pot ever did.

How do these self-important halfwits respond when the Japanese Parliament, the former German Defense Secretary or the former President of Italy start talking about 9/11 being an inside job? They don't. They just stick their heads in the ground and pretend it doesn't exist because they know that childish personal slurs are a feeble comeback to serious individuals discussing serious evidence.

In a week where the impartiality of the 9/11 Commission and its links with the White House has been widely reported, and in a presidential election year, the last thing the establishment wants is another national platform for 9/11 truth, which is what happened after Sheen bravely spoke out.

The armies of trolls and dim-witted debunkers don't have the necessary amount of brain cells to string together a cogent argument about why Willie might be wrong, so instead they just ape each other, spitting vitriol and insults in the echo chamber of idiocy.

Go right ahead punks, make our day. Because the only people in this world who matter are those who are actually able to form an opinion based on their own research. No matter how many times you snicker and guffaw "Willie smokes pot, Willie smokes pot, Willie's crazy, Willie's stoned," the fact is that large numbers of people will actually read what Willie said and then go and research it for themselves and find out the truth. You cannot stop this juggernaut with whining playground taunts.

The twin towers were imploded, they were pulverized into dust in little over ten seconds and collapsed at free fall speed. Anyone with two eyes and a brain can see that - whether they smoke weed or not.


Eugene said...

I smoked Pot and I turned out okay.....Of course I didn't exhale.

mccain in '08 said...

Ha just like I said. Now Paul can join brain dead Willie after getting about a thousand votes nation wide. BTW "wars" are what made you free to run this antiamerican site. Did you see the planes moron. Retard.

Real Truth Online said...

you know, i wont even waste my time on telling you how immensely stupid you are---Ill just say this: When McCain attacks Iran and they retaliate and wipe out several of our cities and gas is between $10-12 a gallon----Ill post on here and ask how happy you are (unless I am within one of the cities wiped out)----of course, being the Neo-con dumbass you are, I bet it will make you quite happy. I dont even have time to explain how truly un-American you are. The elections dont shock me at all----the controlled media combined with the stupidity of America----they will get what they voted for: war, war, war, war, martial law, the end of the Constitution, the end of America----its coming

Real Truth Online said...

oh and you still have yet to answer what plane hit WTC 7---hmmmm???????

mr vet said...

hey mcliar errrr mccain your lie about nam is shit,, read enormous crime shit for brains.