Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why wasn’t Bill O’Reilly TASERED for using profanity and assaulting an Obama staffer?

Some people get tased for SPEAKING at political events, but Billo SHOVES and shouts profanities at a political event and gets away with it?

by Larry Simons
January 8, 2008

Where were the police in New Hampshire on Saturday? Where were the tasers? How is it even possible that a big fat bully like Bill O’Reilly can waltz into a political forum and shove and shout profanities at one of the staff members of a Presidential nominee and nothing happens?

Of course, the Sultan of Spin in his spinning ways lies about the incident. Here is the video clip of O’ Liar LYING about the incident after it happened this past Saturday. Billo says, “so I asked him (the Obama staffer) fairly nicely, you’re blocking our shot sir, you need to move a little bit…so I had to gently remove him from that position”.

Then Brian Wilson asked, “there are reports that there was a scuffle, was there a scuffle?” O’ Liar says, “No, there was no scuffle at all, I just removed him from uh, in front of the camera”. Then Wilson asked, “there are reports there may have been profanities uttered, were there profanities uttered?” Billo says, “Uh, I might have called him an SOB…possible (laughs), but nothing more than that”. Then Loofah boy concluded, “No one is going to block a shot on the O’ Reilly factor… is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN”.

Oooooooo. Tough guy.

How do I KNOW the account in the above clip is a lie? An attack by the Daily Kos? Media Matters? Olbermann? Any other “smear merchants”?? NOPE, but from BILLO HIMSELF, as evidenced in THIS CLIP:

Gotta give Mr. Falafel credit for airing the clip that contradicts his OWN account given to Brian Wilson just two days prior. So, we see here that Billo did not “GENTLY remove him from that position”, as we see Billo shoving the staffer yelling, “Don’t block the shot! Don’t block the shot…got it??” The staffer said, “I’m working here”, in which Billo said, “No you’re not! You’re blocking the shot! Get him out of here!” Then Billo points at him and says, “That’s really low class sir!”

So, we clearly see that Billo told the truth on just about….nothing. He can’t even get the facts right when he reports stories about HIMSELF! How do you expect him to get it right on ANY other story?

What I found really interesting is what he said about the guy who was tasered by the police at a John Kerry speech back in September:

BILLO: “He wanted to disrupt the forum, and to me, I think he should be prosecuted.” Later adding, “What about disrupting the peace? You know, this is what…look, the guy goes in there, he’s totally inappropriate in every way…there isn’t one appropriate thing the man did. He wants to disrupt the forum. Security has an obligation not to allow the forum to be disrupted."

Watch the video:

OK, Billo. YOU disrupted a political forum! Do YOU think you should be prosecuted and tasered??? Hmmm? All the guy did at the John Kerry speech was stand up and speak. YOU, on the other hand, SHOVED a staff member of a Presidential candidate and shouted profanities at him. So, YOU resorted to VIOLENCE, whereas the man tasered did NOT. Why didn’t any cops taser YOU Billo? Hmmmm? Why aren’t YOU arrested? Hmmm? Why aren’t YOU being prosecuted? Hmmm???

Once again, Billo, you do something MUCH worse than someone else, in whom you advocated harsh punishment administered, and you don’t apply the SAME (or greater) punishment to yourself! You’re a hypocritical, lying scumbag!

Well, Billo, although you were able to escape the taser, the arrest and the prosecution, you was not able to escape the ridicule of Olbermann in the latest installment of puppet theater:


Anonymous said...

You are a complete idiot. I just cant believe how stupid you are to think the two incidences are alike

Anonymous said...

Look at him in that video, smirking as he claims he was "Defending the constitution". DEFENDING THE CONSTITUTION?!?! AAAH HHAHAHAHHAHAHA. Instant classic.

jon potz said...

Bill is scum.

End of story...


Jesus Lopez Viejo
LVC ( Liberals Versus Conservatives )

Real Truth Online said...

yeah anon 1, you're right--the two incidents are NOT the same, the event Billo was at makes his actions MUCH worse, since we have a history in this country of people RUNNING for President that have been shot (B. Kennedy, George Wallace) and I cant think of ANY assassination attempts on people who FORMERLY ran for President. Now, obviously Billo wasn't trying to kill anyone and if you thought that's what I was implying then you're missing my point. My point is, since we have had incidents in the past of presidential candidates having their life threatened, protection and security is hightened at events like the ones Billo was at. If anything --even the slightest bit of disruption happens, usually the Secret Service is one top of it in an instant. It is their job to always ASSUME the worst and to ASSUME someone might be hostile enough to want to assassinate---since, like I said, we have a history of it already. People in the press shouldnt be treated any differently. The Kerry event was different. Although he is a political figure and he still, Im sure, travels with security---we have NO history of people who formerly ran for President being shot. That doesnt mean the protection should be lowered, it means the motivation behind an assassination attempt is lowered dramatically, if it there at all, so the "possibility" of such an action has no precedent. Im sure you will call this spin, but it's FACT.

FLC said...

God bless Ron Paul!
Fuck O'Liar!

Felekar said...

It's sort of a knee-jerk reaction, but the reason Billo wasn't tasered is, I think, because he's famous.
Famous people have a sort of immunity about them that we, the regular citizen, do not share.
Any celebrity can do nearly any crime and get away with a far less severe punishment than a Regular Joe doing the same thing. This is true for every account that I can think of.

And going on to add a little background info about this event. Back in February Fox news went on a huge tirade about how Obama went to a Muslim school when he was a kid. This is not true. Since then Obama has refused to have any dealings with Faux News and its employees.

I would be perfectly unsurprised if Senator Obama, or one of his people, had instructed the staffers to get in the way of Faux News cameras if they saw them.
Billo is a face that really stands out in a crowd, as is the big Fox News logo they would have plastered on their camera/mics.

Anyway, those are my thoughts.

NotMe said...

Hey Larry, just wondering if you have seen this.

New Hampshire District Admits Ron Paul Votes Not Counted

The head clerk of the New Hampshire town of Sutton has been forced to admit that Ron Paul received 31 votes yet when the final amount was transferred to a summary sheet and sent out to the media, the total was listed as zero. The fiasco throws the entire primary into doubt and could lead to a re-count.

Real Truth Online said...

felekar---I totally agree with everything you said.

NotMe (jeff?)--yes I saw that story. Sutton county added back the 31 votes. But that was just ONE county---how many other counties did this happen in?

Youcrazyparaoid said...

Simple answer: Secret Service is not armed with TASERs and doesn't react stupidly like state cops in selected videos.

jack rabbit said...

nice job, you may find some parallel stuff at americanjourney.blogspot if u r interested