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The Lord of Loofahs schooled by a kid….AGAIN

O’ Liar proves his ignorance of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence by being schooled by a kid who calls him on it

by Larry Simons
January 3, 2008

He’s back. The Lord of Loofahs. The Sultan of Spin. The Prince of Propaganda. Yes, O’ Liar has returned and breaks in the new year accomplishing something for the second time now that not many on this planet would let happen ONE time……being educated, historically, by a kid.

Watch the clip:

On the January 2 telecast of FOX noise’s #1 comedy, the O’ Reilly Factor, O’ Liar read this email from Courtney Yong, apparently one of the 12 kids in the country who actually owns a copy of “Kids Are Americans Too”:

"Mr. O'Reilly, I really enjoyed 'Kids Are Americans Too' but in the first sentence of Chapter Three you say the Constitution guarantees 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' Isn't that from the Declaration of Independence?"

Of course, one to never, ever admit a mistake or to say “I’m wrong”, Loofah boy was not about to begin now. Instead, despite his own show’s rallying cry “The No Spin Zone”; he spins his ass off in his reply:

"Another excellent question, Courtney. The reason the Constitution was forged was to assure new American citizens the right to free life and access to pursue happiness in his or her own way. The Declaration was the statement; the Constitution, the instrument." (HUH??)

Nice try, Billo. In other words, you were WRONG and the girl was RIGHT. The big problem with your response is the mere fact that you didn’t SAY that the “pursuit of happiness” was in the Declaration of Independence. You said it was in the Constitution. We here at Real Truth already know that Billo not only does not know what the Constitution says (nor does he care), but NOW we know that Billo believes there are things in the Constitution that are not there at all.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time Billo was schooled by a kid about one of his books. Watch this 16-year-old kick Billo’s ass:

Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal. You might say, “well, it was a simple mistake”. OK. I’ll give you that. The problem with this “mistake” is that he makes these “mistakes” quite often. In fact, he makes them so often that his “mistakes” frequently are called LIES. You say, “well, why wouldn’t Billo just ignore this email if he wasn’t trying to bring attention to his mistake?” OK. Fair question. Here’s my answer:

How many copies of this book have been printed? Probably millions. How many have been sold? No idea, but I’m sure A LOT less than millions. This mistake is printed in millions of copies of books. Unlike on his own show when Billo can chop up film footage and edit out his mistakes and lies; he cannot do this in this case. He has control with the film-editing machine. He has NO control over the fact that there are millions of copies of books out there on shelves in bookstores, with this HUGE mistake in the open for all to see.

He only read ONE email on the air. I’m convinced he has probably received hundreds of emails reminding Billo of his big fat mistake. I’m sure with the fact that there are millions of books printed combined with the hundreds of emails he has received about this, he can no longer ignore this glaring mistake. Whether he chose to address this on the air, or he was forced to address it by his producers, I’m sure a decision was made to address this mistake. Of course, along with that decision, I’m sure, was the intentional plan to make sure to not ADMIT it was a mistake.

This is O’ Reilly’s trademark: to either not admit a mistake at all, or if the mistake is addressed at all, to NEVER admit a mistake was made. His response, “The reason the Constitution was forged was to assure new American citizens the right to free life and access to pursue happiness in his or her own way. The Declaration was the statement; the Constitution, the instrument”, is classic SPIN. For Mr. Falafel to spin in the sacred “No Spin Zone”, well, is pure hypocrisy…which Billo is no stranger to.

Keep in mind, this is the man who said on at least THREE different occasions that a Polk Award was really a Peabody Award, then claimed he “misspoke”. This is the man who also said he was an Independent while he was a registered Republican and then claimed he simply “forgot” he was. This is the man who doesn’t even know where he was raised. He continually claims he was raised in working class Levittown, NY, when in FACT he was raised in Westbury, NY, much higher class than Levittown.

The biggest issue I have with this glaring error is the fact that whenever Billo has arguments with people and shouts at them on his show, he loves to point out that he was once a TEACHER…as if that is supposed to make his opponent wave the white flag or wave their arms chanting “I’m not worthy” like Wayne Campbell. Also, Billo's signature proclaimation (whenever he disagrees with someone) is that they are "UN-American" or they "hate America". How American is it for O' Liar to brag that he was once a teacher and then be CORRECTED on the air by a kid who knows more about this country's most sacred documents than HE does?

He has also boasted on several occasions during his shouting matches that he knows more about the Constitution than the target of his bullying.

Here’s Billo, thinking he knows more about the Constitution than Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson does. (Of course, EXCEPT the part where he thinks the Constitution mentions “the pursuit of happiness”!!)

It’s one thing to get completely taken to school by a kid. But, to have it done to you TWICE? BEYOND embarrassing. The worst part is the fact that even to a KID, he can’t or won’t even admit he’s wrong.

BILLO…how do you sleep at night KNOWING you’re a total FRAUD??

Here ya go BILLO, study this picture very hard...
(click to enlarge)

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