Saturday, January 26, 2008

It’s official: John McCain is insane

From flip-flopping more than a fish out of water to bold-faced lies, it can no longer be dismissed as ignorance or just mild hypocrisy…..John McCain has lost his freaking mind….REALLY

by Larry Simons
January 26, 2008

Thursdays GOP debate in Boca Raton, FL wasn’t too exciting to watch because of the pact all 5 GOP candidates made beforehand to not attack each other like the Democrats are currently doing, but hell, it sure was a lie-fest of gargantuan proportions. The biggest one, no doubt, was John McCain, first lying about the fact that he had never heard of any military leader that said our military effort could not be sustained in Iraq”. Of course, Tim Russert just sat there like the idiotic buffoon he is and did not call him on this monstrous lie.

McCain then said later that going into Iraq was not a mistake. In agreement with him were the other warmongering Neo-cons: Giuliani, Romney and Huckabee. Ron Paul naturally is consistent with his REAL Republican stance that it was a big mistake and we went there based on lies. The key word there is: CONSISTENT. I will address this in a bit, but first let me tackle McCain’s lie that no other military leader has stated that our military effort could not be sustained in Iraq.

During the debate, McCain said this in response to this question: “You have stated that you would leave troops in Iraq for an indefinite period. How will you do this? Both militarily and economically. Please, no generalities”

McCain: “I know of no military leader, including General Petraeus, who says we can’t sustain our effort in Iraq, so you’re wrong”

Oh, really McInsane?

Gordon Lubold of the Christian Science Monitor reported last month that General George Casey made it very clear that the efforts in Iraq “can’t be sustained”.

Casey: "We're deploying at unsustainable rates," General Casey said three weeks ago during remarks to an audience at the Brookings Institution in Washington. The Army agreed to a buildup of troops a year ago with the understanding that it was temporary, he said. "We can't sustain that. We have to come off of that, and we're working that very hard."

Here is the Christian Science Monitor column:

Keith Olbermann does a great segment on this story as well:

Of course, we all know that Casey is no longer in command in Iraq for telling the truth about troops levels not being able to be sustained and for his opposition to Bush for the surge. Enter asskisser Patraeus who took over command in Iraq last February. Now the GOP candidates (except Ron Paul) would have us believe that since casualty levels of U.S. troops have gone down below 40 per month in the last 4 months (38, 37, 23, 28 respectively), that the surge is “working” despite the fact that at certain points in the war we have had less or nearly the same number of casualties than listed above when there was no surge.

May 2003---37
June 2003---30
August 2003---35
September 2003---31
February 2004---20
March 2005---35
March 2006---31

Where were the surges during these low casualty months? We didn’t hear anything was “working” then, did we? We heard the President’s fantasies that things were “working”, but did we hear anything was working by sane people? NO. We didn’t. All of a sudden, we get 4 months in a row where the casualties have dropped and we hear “the surge is working”.

Those who are opposed to the war (which is 70% of this country) get accused of not being happy that the casualties are dropping. Of course, the fact that we want the war OVER—PERIOD means absolutely nothing to these warmongering chickenhawk cowards. No, we aren’t happy about the numbers, because we want the number at ZERO. 37, 30, 20, 31……these numbers are way too high for those of us who want the number at 0. Those numbers (above) make the pro-war people very happy. What these warmongering assholes don’t give a fuck about is that these numbers are just that to them….numbers. To us, they are brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, friends, uncles and aunts. To the ones who gladly chant the bloody cry of war but yet won’t enlist to fight the war themselves, these people are just pawns to be used for foreign policy (as Henry Kissinger would agree).

They scream that the surge is working but yet fail to ever mention that 2007 was the deadliest year of the war. No, this is unimportant to them. We had 4 straight months of fewer than 40 casualties. Yippee! Are the troops coming home? Of course not. They remain there. Would this drastic decrease in casualties make any of our GOP candidates sound the trumpet for immediate withdrawal of troops? Except Ron Paul, no it wouldn’t. They not only want our presence to REMAIN in Iraq, but they want us to attack Iran too!

Let us look at the numbers of casualties (per year) in this war:

2003---486 (not a full year)
2007---901 (good thing that surge was started!!)

Another excellent story by Keith on how many times Bush has declared there was “progress” in the war and that the “mission” of the war is to make Iraq “democratic”, even AFTER Bush already ADMITTED it already was “democratic” after he had returned from Iraq in June of 2006.

Every reason we have been given to us why this war is necessary has either been accomplished by us or has been proven it was never a reason to begin with: WMD’s, to make Iraq democratic, removal of Saddam…the list goes on and on. One by one, we either accomplish an objective or find out the objective was never the real reason. All the while Bush keeps adding things to that list. Then, we are told by Bush that we will be in Iraq until it respects the rights of its people and provides them security and that we will be an ally to THEM in the “war on terror” when our government has told us repeatedly that al Qaeda has been in Iraq before 9-11 and are there now. This, of course, is a big lie. Al Qaeda was not in Iraq before we invaded Iraq, but they are there now (because of us), and this is used by the warmongering Neo-cons as the reason we shall remain there.

Of course, some people don’t understand the whole Iraq fiasco, so I will explain it to them. This is the “Iraq War for idiots” version:

We are the bully on another kids’ playground. We go pick a fight with a boy who was doing nothing to us. We kick the boy’s ass. The boy’s friends get pissed and begin to attack. We kick the attackers’ asses, and then they begin to recruit more people to attack us. These attackers weren’t even around before we started the fight. Some of the attackers didn’t even exist before the fight, they were recruited. Now, as a result of our initial bullying, we have to stay there incase more attackers come, when in reality, if we would just leave altogether, no more attackers would come or be recruited. They would have no reason to attack or recruit---we’d be gone.

It’s one thing to be for or against a war. But when you have hypocritical, Neo-con slugs like John McCain flat out lying and flip-flopping, it just makes one amazed that anyone could be this blatant with this level of hypocrisy.

McCain addressed Congress twice (in 1993 and 1994) to end two wars we were involved in when Clinton was President. Watch the videos below and be amazed at the words McCain uses: phrases like “nation building”, “bring them (troops) home as soon as possible”, “Americans did not support..nation building”, “let’s not lose any more American lives”, “The Haitians were to police themselves” (in other words: WE aren’t to police the world).

Is this John McCain talking or RON PAUL? It sure LOOKS like John McCain! What the holy hell happened to him? When did he sell out his REPUBLICAN ideals? WHY did he sell out? Was it because a DEMOCRAT was President then? Was it because he was SANE then? Was it because he was not bought and paid for then?

Keep in mind these statistics as you watch these videos:

Casualties in Somalia (43) McCain wanted troops home IMMEDIATELY
Casualties in Haiti (4) McCain wanted troops home IMMEDIATELY
Casualties in Iraq (so far) (3,926) McCain wants to STAY in Iraq for 100 years!

Here is McCain from 1993 (wanting troops home from Somalia)

Mr. President, there is no reason for the United States of America to remain in Somalia. The American people want them home, I believe that the majority of Congress wants them home, and to set an artificial date of March 31 or even February 1st, in my view, is not acceptable. The criteria should be to bring them home as rapidly and safely as possible. An evolution, which I think could be completed in a matter of weeks. Mr. President, our continued military presence in Somalia allows another situation to arise which could then lead to the wounding, killing, or capture of the of American fighting men and women. We should do all in our power to avoid that. Date certain, Mr. President, are not the criteria here. What's the criteria and what should be the criteria is our immediate, orderly withdrawal from Somalia. And if we don't do that, and other Americans die, other Americans are wounded, other Americans are captured, because we stayed too long, longer than necessary, then I would say that the responsibilities for that lie with the Congress of the United States who did not exercise their authority under the Constitution of the United States and mandate that they be brought home as quickly and safely as possible. But the mission which the American people supported and this Congress supported, in an overwhelming resolution, has been accomplished. The American people did not support the goals of nation-building, peacemaking, law and order and certainly not warlord funding. For us to get into nation-building, law and order, etc, I think is a tragic and terrible mistake. But the argument that somehow the United States would suffer a loss to our prestige and our viability, as far as the No. 1 superpower in the world, I think, is baloney. The fact is, what can hurt our prestige, Mr. President, I'll tell you what can hurt our viability, as the world's superpower, and that is, if we inmesh ourselves in a drawn-out situation, which entails the loss of American lives, more debacles like the one we saw with the failed mission to capture Aidid's lieutenants, using American forces, and that then will be what hurts our prestige. Look at the tragedy in Beirut, Mr. President, 240 young Marines lost their lives, but we got out. Now is the time for us to get out of Somalia, as rapidly and as promptly and as safely as possible.

Here is McCain from 1994 (wanting troops home from Haiti)

One of the reasons why people are convinced, why many of these experts are convinced, that this situation is one which is increasingly difficult to solve, is because of the fact that we were there once before. The right course of action is to make preparations as quickly as possible to bring our people home. It does not mean as soon as order is restored to Haiti, it doesn't mean as soon as Democracy is flourishing in Haiti, it doesn't mean as soon as we've established a viable nation in Haiti, as soon as possible means as soon as we can get out of Haiti without losing any American lives. Now there may be different interpretations of this Resolution on the other side but it is my view and I want to make it clear and I think the majority of the American people's view that as soon as possible means as soon as possible. Exactly what those words state. The Haitians were to police themselves but the cooperation that was to prevent mission creep has not materialized and U.S. troops have assumed a greater and greater responsibility for policing Haiti. We all see on CNN what they are doing. Day by day their mission expands. American military personnel have been tasked with preventing looting, stopping Haitian on Haitian violence, protecting private property and arresting attaches.

I seem to recall John McCain accusing Ron Paul of being an isolationist back in November during one of the debates. McCain told Paul, "That kind of isolationism is what caused WW II...we allowed Hitler to come to power with that kind of isolationism and appeasement, and I want to tell you something sir..I just finished having Thanskgiving with the troops and their message to you is...let us win".

Well, Johnny boy, then why didn't you spend Thanksgiving with the troops in Somalia and Haiti? Were you afraid they was going to say, "let us win" when you wanted them home? Wasn't it very isolationist of you to want those troops home from Somalia and Haiti 14 and 15 years ago? Don't you realize it was that kind of isolationism that put Hitler in power? We all know that 9-11 has turned you into Rambo, but for the love of God, instead of looking for Bin Laden or WMD's, have the troops search for the 1993/1994 John McCain!


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nice try dirtbag--but im not falling for it---that's a phishing website to get personal info from people. Nice try but I wasnt fooled.

Anonymous said...

your comments on troop casualties in Iraq over the past four months are completely wrong.

September, 2009 - 10
October, 2009 - 9
November, 2009 - 11
December, 2009 - 3

And so far in 2010 - 4

Larry said...

Who are you talking about anon 12:17?? I wrote this story in january 2008!!!!!!!

Larry said...

The story as written in January 2008! The figures I gave were for September--December 2007!!! Geesh! Did you go to the Sarah Palin school for reading comprehension? Naturally if you take TWO YEARS to post a comment to a story, you're going to have to do some extra reading----that includes looking at the DATE the story was written! Whew!

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