Wednesday, January 30, 2008

America’s biggest threat: Americans

America is on the brink of ending and it’s not because of terrorists; it’s because of the stupidity of Americans. What will it take for Americans to wake up?

by Larry Simons
January 30, 2008

What is the hell is happening in this country when just 14 months ago, this country overwhelmingly voted to elect Democrats to control the House and Senate (mostly due to the fact that 70% of this country wanted this war over), and here we are in January of 2008 in the middle of a Presidential race watching the same people vote for a man who has just recently said that he wants the United States in Iraq for 100 years?

Yes, I am speaking of John “I LOVE WAR” McCain. Tonight he won the state of Florida, and it has just been reported that he will win all of Florida’s 57 delegates. What in the hell is going on in this country when we are so against a war that we vote for one party to end it, and then just over a year we vote for the biggest pro-war candidate in this race? It’s unbelievable. I mean, I knew Americans were stupid, but this blatantly stupid? Wow!

Haven’t we had ENOUGH of this bullshit for the past 7 years? Americans want another George Bush in the White House? This is what they will get with John McCain. More wars. He ADMITS it. This is what he said in Florida 2 days ago, "There's going to be other wars. ... I'm sorry to tell you, there's going to be other wars. We will never surrender but there will be other wars."

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Pat Buchanan had this to say on Morning Joe yesterday, “That's one of the things that makes me very nervous about him," Buchanan went on. "There's no doubt John McCain is going to be a war president. ... His whole career is wrapped up in the military, national security. He's in Putin's face, he's threatening the Iranians, we're going to be in Iraq a hundred years."

People who support McCain's crazy talk say that “McCain didn’t say we’d START the wars”. OK, you’re right, he didn’t, but he sure as hell is for attacking Iran and staying in Iraq. He’s not made this a secret.

Others say that the media is giving McCain and his crazy pro-war speeches exposure so that the American people will come out in support of Hillary Clinton, who has said (NOW) she is against the war—even though she was very for it in 2002 when she voted on it. How can you trust someone who once said “yes” and is now saying “no” (to war)? The answer is, you can’t. This is what John Kerry was vilified for in 2004---flip-flopping, yet Clinton and Edwards seem to get a free pass for flip-flopping.

Make no mistake...Hillary Clinton WILL continue this war. She will NOT end it. When she says she will end it, she is LYING. She will continue this war. If you believe she will stop this war, then you probably believe gas prices will go down if she's elected President. You probably believe all the damage that Bush has done will be undone if she's elected. If you believe she will do anything good for America, then any ridicule I could possibly give you would just be punishing you more because your own mind is already punishing you enough.

Regardless of who is our next President (with the exception of Ron Paul), nothing will change, nothing will get better and there will be no hope of living in the America we’ve always dreamed of living in. There are powerful people in powerful places working hard to make sure this will never happen. They are also very patient people. If it takes them 50, 100 or 150 years, so be it, as long as the end result meets their goal. This is exactly why Ron Paul scores astronomical numbers in areas that are not controlled: the internet, text-messaging polls, etc.. but does not do that well in the “so-called” national polls, and it’s exactly why he is definitely silenced by the controlled media.

Personally, I don’t believe the numbers coming out of Florida, or in any state really. There’s just no way these numbers can be accurate when the majority of Americans do not want this war. It’s all about consistency---not conspiracy theories. Ron Paul has won every single televised poll after debates. He has won the majority of the straw polls and has the most meet-up groups and YouTube hits, yet we are to believe he only received 3% of the vote in Florida?

Once again, this is not about bitterness because Ron Paul did not score higher. This is about the blatant inconsistency of the facts. There are already early reports coming out of Florida that voting machines have been switched and tampered with. Did 646,000 really vote for pro-war McCain? I seriously doubt it. But, if more than 5 Americans voted for the warmongering Neocon slug then it’s way too many, and this issue all goes back to just how stupid Americans really are.

What will it take for Americans to wake up? Being completely censored on the internet and having to pay for sending emails? $10.00 a gallon gas prices? Another terrorist attack that will (not MIGHT---WILL) initiate complete martial law (which will mean the establishment of curfews and the complete loss of civil liberties)? An economy that will never EVER get better because of endless wars? The reality of the joining together of Canada, United States and Mexico (commonly referred to as the North American Union)? Being carted off to internment camps?

What will it take America?

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that will completely follow the Constitution and prevent any of the above from happening. With other candidates, it will range from more of the same to bits and pieces of the above mentioned to all of the above mentioned.

More Americans than ever are waking up, but sadly, it’s not enough. Giving up is not the answer, but unless multitudes more wake up and see what is happening, we will lose this country, plain and simple. The corrupt and controlled media mixed in with the catastrophic apathy of Americans will end America as we know it------and it all will end without the help from a single terrorist.

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aol said...

great post real truth. its amazing how ron paul has won aols straw poll the last 6 weeks but this prick bastard seems to win. somethings wrong here.