Saturday, December 15, 2007

O’ Loofah compares those against saying “Merry Christmas” to the Taliban! Claims he “won” the PHONY “war on Christmas”!!

Then in the same segment evokes the founding fathers to make his point when on hundreds of other occasions IGNORES founding fathers’ words

by Larry Simons
December 15, 2007

If this weren’t so much fun, it would become tiresome fast. I’m referring to exposing the lies, spin and hypocrisy of The Lord of Loofah’s, Bill O’ Reilly. A few nights ago on his comedy show on FOX “News”, “The O’ Reilly Factor”, Billo claimed he has WON the fictitious “war on Christmas”. Not only is there NOT a war on Christmas, as he alone declares, but he even gets his facts wrong when he refers to the very stories he mentions.

Billo mentions the Wisconsin state assembly restoring the name “Christmas tree” to the Christmas tree. What he fails to mention or even fails to understand (or care about for that matter) is that the entire concept of the Christmas tree is not even in the Bible. In fact, Christmas trees originated in German paganism and many religious leaders throughout the years of its origin (15th and 16th centuries) were concerned that the tree would be a distraction from God’s word and the meaning of Christmas. Nooo, Billo doesn’t care about this, does he?

Only Billo can get happy that he won something that doesn’t exist. This might be due to the fact that he wins nothing among the things that DO exist….like ratings for example. FOX News and his show are continually dropping in ratings. This is the main reason Billo attacks people or organizations that he currently BEATS in ratings. You have to ask yourself, if you were beating someone in any aspect of life, why would you attack them unless the people you attack are gaining ground on you?

During Billo’s lies about how the S.P.’s (secular progressives…..again, another made-up O’ Reilly term) have “lost” and are outraged that they haven’t been able to sue anyone this year, Billo evokes the TALIBAN by saying this ridiculous statement, “…the Taliban-like oppression of the holiday has largely ceased.” After I laughed for 10 minutes straight, I noticed that Billo was totally contradicting himself (as usual). He was against the “S.P.’s” wanting Christmas “out of the public square” but made it very clear during his lie-fest that he wanted Christianity forced on people. If anything, as Keith Olbermann says in the clip below, people that want Christmas enforced onto the public are more “Taliban-like” in spirit!

Billo then played a tiny clip of him speaking with Alexia Kelley from the group Catholics in Alliance. Conveniently, as Billo often does, he only plays a clip showing the point he is trying to make in a favorable light, and not airing portions that would diminish his ideology. Miss Kelley INVITED Loofah boy to join in their campaign to “lift up the message of the common good” of the holiday season, in which Billo ignored her. THIS is why Billo doesn’t air BIG portions of clips, because he agreed with Alexia Kelley a lot during the segment, but since it didn’t support what he was saying at the time, it was irrelevant.

Billo also lies during the clip, saying to Miss Kelley that stores last year was telling their employees NOT to say “Merry Christmas”. First of all, it wasn’t store(S). It was ONE store. That store was Crate & Barrel, and they were NOT telling their employees to NOT say “Merry Christmas”. I personally called Crate & Barrel’s spokesperson Betty Kahn when this story broke out and she told me it was all a lie. Crate & Barrel had a policy of telling their employees that they weren’t REQUIRED to say Merry Christmas. Naturally, the Lord of Loofah’s did not see the difference between not being REQUIRED to say something and being told NOT to.

Here is the FULL clip of O’Loofah and Alexis Kelley:

In his unsurpassed hypocrisy, the most unbelievable comments during this segment was when he evoked the founding fathers by saying this:

“John Adams would be appalled! James Madison would have canceled his subscription to the Philadelphia Daily News. Benjamin Franklin might have even moved out of Philly. All of the founding fathers encouraged spirituality in the public square and opened all of their meetings with a prayer”.

OK, let’s break this down. John Adams was a Unitarian. Unitarians do not believe that Jesus was God himself, but only a great man and prophet. They do not even pray to Jesus, but to God himself, and since Jesus was NOT God himself to them, praying to Jesus would not much sense.

James Madison was an Episcopalian. Although they believe Jesus is the Son of God, many of their origins trace back to Catholicism. Since Billo evoked James Madison, then he should have been 100% on Alexia Kelley’s side and her campaign, instead of IGNORING it. As far as Madison canceling his subscription to a newspaper? He could have OWNED it, since he was pretty damned rich!

Benjamin Franklin was a Deist and had doubts as to the divinity of Jesus.

Also Billo, here are more FACTS for you. Since Christmas wasn’t a federal holiday until 1870 when Ulysses S. Grant made it one, I doubt if any of the founding fathers would have ANY of your views about Christmas. You know, the whole separation of church and state thing---heard of that?

Amazing how when Billo wants to make points to support HIS agenda, he evokes the founding fathers, in which, as I showed above, he even failed doing that! But when he has Ron Paul on his show and Ron Paul tells Billo that the founding fathers did not believe in interventionism and wanted peace with other countries, Billo wants to hear NONE of that shit. Billo supports the war in Iraq. The war in Iraq is unconstitutional; therefore the founding fathers would be against it. Billo doesn’t evoke the founders then, does he?

When Billo has a 9-11 truth activist on the show and they are expressing their views about the government and the President, and Billo threatens them with possible FBI investigations or says they should be LOCKED up, I don’t hear the evoking of the founding fathers THEN either. Of course not. The founding fathers wrote the First Amendment granting free speech. Billo is AGAINST free speech, so the founding fathers get the finger from Billo this time too.

Here's yet another example of Loofah boy's BIASED, UNfair and UNbalanced FAKE patriotism. On his stupid website, his latest poll question reads, "At this point in the campaign, which Republican candidate do you prefer?" He lists FOUR candidates (shown below). He EXCLUDES Ron Paul, the one who follows the Constitution and NEVER, EVER votes in violation of the Constitution and the closest one (by far) to our founding fathers. So, not only is O' Liar NOT being fair and balanced (as his network claims) by not posting ALL NINE Republicans running, but he excludes the one who is most like our founding fathers, Ron Paul.

I can hear his sheep saying, "Well, he's listing the front-runners". No, he's listing who FOX News LIKES. Ron Paul, by every category of what defines a "front-runner" IS a front-runner. He has won the most straw polls (35) to Fred Thompson's (34). He is #1 in military contributions. He has won nearly every online and televised poll after a debate. He is #3 in most cash on hand and he is currently setting single day records like the one on Nov. 5 where he raised 4.3 million in ONE DAY, and now is on pace to make nearly 7 million on Dec. 16. He has the most hits on YouTube of ALL candidates running. He has the most meet-up groups in the country with over 1,200. What else is required of someone to be front-runner? Answer: NOTHING

As stated above, when Billo wants to make his point to "appear" patriotic, he evokes the founding fathers. When a candidate like Ron Paul is running who is the closest candidate to Thomas Jefferson or George Washington we've had in 200 years, he EXCLUDES him from a poll!!!

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