Saturday, December 8, 2007

Loose Change: Final Cut is here

December 8, 2007


Anonymous said...

I am sure this fairy tale will do as well as the other anti US, and anti US military films have done

It will draw the same crowd of nuts and people in need of medical attention as Al's science fiction film

There are people oit there who know how to part liberal moonbats from their money - and while they will draw very small numbers of people to see this BS - they might break even ob their expenses

Real Truth Online said...

for the 1 millionith fucking time (since you have a learning disability) I DO NOT CARE about the film "Redacted"----I simply support Mark Cuban and Brian DePalma's right to make it!! You on the other hand (like your gay lover Bill O Reilly), LOVE criticizing and condemning movies that you've NEVER SEEN. Of course, you wont watch it because you HATE facts.

Oh and by the way, I hate to disappoint you but we agree AGAIN, I think Al Gore is a total fraud too. Global warming is not caused by man, it is caused by outer space. I agree there IS global warming (that cant be denied), but it is not man. They only say that so they can tax us for it. They are going to tax us for something they know damned well we cant do anything about. Gore winning the NPP was a total joke.

Oh and by the way, Loose Change is the most downloaded movie on the internet of ALL TIME. Funny how you dumbfucks contradict yourself. If The makers of Loose Change CHARGED money for it---then they are PROFITTING from 9-11, but since it is online for FREE, you say it is unpopular---lol. That just shows your lack of research. Why do you think there has been this increase of official story specials and hit pieces on TV lately? Because they are AFRAID that the numbers of Americans who are finding out about their lie is INCREASING, thats why!

If we were a fringe group and not making any impact, they would IGNORE us and just let us fade away, but it is obvious this is not the case. People like YOU know it too, thats why you never read anything, never investigate, never study, never question ANYTHING. You accept the official fairy tale hook, line and sinker like the ignorant sheep you are. Why dont you actually WATCH the film and offer a REAL critique of it and tell me things you dont agree with. Ahhh, no, you cant do that. That would take WORK and time away from sucking O' Reilly's cock, wouldnt it? Youre pathetic. Keep being the ignorant stooge you are being fooled by everything that is going on. I really feel sorry for you that you still have blinders on. I REALLY feel sorry for you, really.

Real Truth Online said...

I noticed that you havent posted anything on the Keith Olbermann special comment story----hmmm, I wonder why?????? Too much truth???? God I just feel so sorry for people like you that still, STILL defend this fucking dumbfuck, asshole president after all he's done! Its simply amazing!

Anonymous said...

Like Ron Pauls "support" - it means nothing

All the kooks (like you) who think 9-11 was a huge government conspiracy, will love this fairy tale

I did post comments to your other BS, but you decide NOT to post them.

Anonymous said...

Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval.

Seems Larry has to "approve" any comments you want to post

elvis said...

if you cant see that the govt wasnt behind 9/11 than you still think elvis is alive.

Real Truth Online said...

LOL----ahhh, so youre saying Ron paul's support is "fringe"??? Gee, wonder who is voting on the online votes then when he ALWAYS wins in the high 70's and 80's--(when you can ONLY VOTE ONCE)?? I wonder who is giving him 4.3 million is one day?? I wonder who will give him 12 million this quarter??? All ONE person I suppose---LOL. Funny how you pick and choose what conspiracy to believe in. On 9-11, no conspiracy even though the evidence is OVERWHELMING. Ron Paul---a BIG conspiracy to make it look like its millions and millions of voters when you think its only a FEW---when there's actually evidence that it's MANY, as I just stated above! You're so fucking insane and confused as to what you even believe in yourself---you need to lie to cover up lies. Do you even KNOW what you believe?

Like Ive said a TRILLION times----you keep saying its not a conspiracy and we're kooks--but have you refuted ONE thing? Have you even watched Loose Change to even be able to condemn it? Why dont you watch it and bring up SPECIFIC points and PROVE your side??? Know why? BECAUSE 1) youre too stupid to and 2) You CANT, because you KNOW we're right.

Keep in mind---we (the truthers) dont need to be right on EVERY SINGLE point on 9-11. We only have to be right about ONE thing. ONE thing would prove the conspiracy. YOU (the fairy tale believers/aka: the ones who believe that America is so weak and incompetent that we let a man in a cave BEAT US) have to be RIGHT on EVERY SINGLE point on 9-11. If you are WRONG on ONE thing----your whole story is blown.

Funny how you say Ive not been posting your comments---are you saying theres a CONSPIRACY against you to not post what you say? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! You believe at least TWO conspiracies now! ---you must be a KOOK-----you believe in conspiracies!!! LOL

when will you bring up an ACTUAL issue on 9-11 instead of the same old fucking tiresome Elvis, Bigfoot, take your meds references? All that does is solidify my side and makes you look like the true IDIOT you are.

Oh, and are you DODGING me on the question I asked you like 3 times now? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ENLIST AND GO TO IRAQ????

Anonymous said...

All of your BS has been refuted Larry Boy. I can see Keith Overbite foaming at the mouth if any of this crap wqs proven to be true

Moonbats like you sit behind a keyboard and smear the government and anyone who disagrees with you

Yet you can't prove any of the BS and are actually embarrassing to the liberal media

Remember what happened when a liberal reporter ran with something that was a fraud?

Hint, Dan Ratjher is no longer at See BS News

Anonymous said...

I see Larry has yet to post my responses to his rants on the other threads.

I guees Larry is tired of having his ass kicked on all of them at the same time

What a typical liberal - he whines about other sites "censoring" him, as he does the same thong to others

Keep waving the white flag Larry, and showing yur support and devotion to the terrorists and those who hate America as much as you do

Real Truth Online said...

nice job DODGING everything i said ONCE again! Just the same old rants and attacks and NO refutes. Not ONE. I noticed that you had NO comment whatsoever on the Rush Limpdick FIRST saying Senator "Betray Us" referring to Chuck Hagel. Why did you ignore that? No answer to my question "why dont you enlist?" Why did u ignore that?

You're funny, saying Im censoring when Im posting EVERY comment you post, and then you say im deleting posts! Are you saying its a CONSPIRACY against you?????? Waaa waaaa. Baby wets.

You say Ive been refuted----by who? When? How? show me ONE place or list ONE fact where Ive been refuted---just ONE. One is all I ask for----ONE. Can you at least do that? Of course you cant.

Why did Rush cut out 2 1/2 minutes from his replaying of the full "phony soldiers" tape??? Why? Will you ignore that too???? Of course you will------you fucking wingnut.

Show my support for terrorists? At least Im not FRIENDS with them like your bastard Bush is. Daddy Bush was in Washington D.C. on 9-11 with Shafig bin Laden--bin Laden's brother---and I love terrorists?? LOL---Im sure you'll have no comment to this either!! AS USUAL

The fact that you just keep ranting solidifies my points. If you had FACTS, youd list them, like I do. I mention SPECIFIC facts---you just rant and attack. Namecalling and attacking is easy. A 2nd grader can do that. Why dont you mention SPECIFIC things and answer my questions?

Answer the Rush Limpdick "Hagel "betray us" story--did u watch the you tube video? of course not. Cant handle facts.

and answer why you arent enlisting in the service-----so you HATE America?????????

Oh an answer how a guy in a cave outsmarted and duped the defense, military and intelligence agencies of the most powerful country on Earth on 9-11. Only a person who hates his country would accept that his country was weak and failed that day to a guy in a cave.

Kill yourself now, please

Real Truth Online said...

oh yeah, ANOTHER question you didnt answer-----your comment on BILLO showing the Redacted trailer during his show on Nov 15?? LOL---ill be ignored....AGAIN. You just hate facing facts. Here come the Bigfoot and Elvis references again---LOL!

Anonymous said...

Snore, this movie is for easily misled sheep who believe what 2 teenagers with a bong and movie making software can create in their spare time. Can't wait until the next "final cut" comes out.

Real Truth Online said...

lol----what a fucking COWARD. Not answering my questions AGAIN, and going under "anonymous". I answer questions and put my name on here. You are a COWARD. You answer nothing and refute nothing. You basically amount to nothing. The mere fact that you ignore my questions gives 100% credence to my claims----thank you.

Anonymous said...

You guys need to stop messing with Larry. I used to know him and he's seriously mentally ill. When he doesn't take his medication he can decomp really fast. Look back on the threads from previous years (if he hasn't already deleted them) and see how he threatens people and even stalks them. He's dangerous and I'm not joking. Stop fucking with the poor boy.

Real Truth Online said...

but yet you stalk ME on MY site! LOL. Nice try to appear like someone "else" so you can still post but IGNORE my questions. It's the old Jas tactic--in fact, im sure you ARE Jas.

I love when facts are so hard to face that when you blatantly ignore them, it's as obvious as a turd floating on the water. You have STILL not commented on the Olbermann thread. Fear must be a terrible thing to live with "anonymous"---LOL

Real American said...

Dude, you must be on drugs to believe any of this shit. You say no one answers your questions, I'll answer any of them you dipshit. Glad to see most the people who post disagree with your crazy ass.

Real Truth Online said...

ok, asshole, just to name a few right off the top of my head:

1.)Why did NORAD stand down on 9-11 when it is STANDARD PROCEDURE to intercept planes when they go off course--it happens 100 times a year SUCCESSFULLY and it failed FOUR times on 9-11---why?

2) Why did the Secret Service get the President the HELL out of the school on 9-11 when it was PUBLIC knowledge that Bush was visiting the school? in other words--how did they KNOW a plane wouldnt come crashing through the school? (worst case scenarios are ALWAYS assumed by the Secret Service)

3) Why did the 9-11 commission state in its opening line as its main objective: we are not here to find out who did this attack, we are only here to prevent future ones? Im paraphrasing, but thats what they said. Why would the investigation NOT be to find out who caused 9-11?

4) How did Giuliani, policemen and other officials KNOW the twin towers and building 7 were going to collapse before they did?

5) Why is Building 7's collapse NO WHERE mentioned in the 9-11 commission report?

6) Why was Philip Zelikow chosen to head the Investigation of 9-11 when HE WAS THE SAME GUY WHO co-wrote the Bush Doctrine (the document that basically uses 9-11 as the very reason for attacking Iraq)???? (I cant wait to hear your answer for this!)

7) On 9-11, why was Pakistan's Chief Spy General Mahmoud Ahmad (who was the money-man: the one who wired hijacker Mohammad Atta the money for 9-11) at a breakfast with OUR CIA director George Tenet? What in the FUCK could they have been POSSIBLY discussing?????? Can you answer that???

I just gave 7 questions right off the top of my head. I have about 120 more if you can answer even ONE of these. Im predicting, even if you ATTEMPT to address any of these questions, you will not actually answer ANY of them. There ya go, 7 questions---can you handle them? Im saying "NO"

Real Truth Online said...

thats what i thought you fucking coward. I give you questions, and you are no where to be found. BOK BOK BOK BOK BOK BOK BOK

realtruth said...

I KNEW he'd run FAR FAR away from my questions----PUSSY!