Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Glenn Beck condemns threat made at him, but 2 1/2 years ago he said he'd kill Michael Moore

Beck gives Ron Paul a full hour, but still can’t avoid being a hypocritical fraud
by Larry Simons
December 19, 2007

Ron Paul appeared on the Glenn Beck Show yesterday and it was a first for Paul. The first time Ron Paul has received this much exposure on one program…a full hour to talk about his campaign and about the issues. Glenn Beck definitely deserves a lot of credit for being fair and allowing Ron Paul to speak for this much time. No other show has given Ron Paul this much time, so in this sense Glenn Beck definitely deserves credit.

However, later in the interview, Beck chose to sidetrack from asking Ron Paul about his campaign and the issues to inform Paul that he (Beck) has received death threats. One in particular from a video that is supposedly online and from a Ron Paul supporter who apparently says in the video that Glenn Beck should be executed. He told Dr. Paul that he would send him the feed of the video at Paul’s location during the commercial break and did not play the clip on the air.

It was becoming clear at this point that Beck may have only given Ron Paul this hour only to serve as a way of ambushing Paul and to force him to offer a defense or a condemnation of this video. It was plain to see that this was an attempt to set-up Paul or at the very least to send a message to anyone watching that “Ron Paul supporters threaten people with death”.

Naturally, Ron Paul said that he preaches a message of non-violence and non-aggression and that anyone who threatens someone, especially using Ron Paul’s name, is wrong. During this particular segment the banner at the bottom of the screen still read (as it did most of the show) “Honest questions”, despite the fact that this line of questioning was far from honest. Paul even ended his answer to this question by saying, “I don’t think I should have to answer questions like this”.

I agree. He shouldn’t. Especially since on May 17, 2005, Glenn Beck, on his radio show, said this:

“Hang on, let me just tell you what I'm thinking. I'm thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I'm wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it. No, I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, you know, and I could just be choking the life out -- is this wrong? I stopped wearing my What Would Jesus -- band -- Do, and I've lost all sense of right and wrong now. I used to be able to say, "Yeah, I'd kill Michael Moore," and then I'd see the little band: What Would Jesus Do? And then I'd realize, "Oh, you wouldn't kill Michael Moore. Or at least you wouldn't choke him to death." And you know, well, I'm not sure”.

Glenn Beck had the audacity to go on the air and question Ron Paul about being threatened when he has actually threatened the life of Michael Moore. No one is condoning the threat made to Glenn Beck. What I do condemn though is, 1- Beck’s refusal to air the clip (he could have at LEAST aired the audio of it), and 2- Beck’s complete hypocrisy to condemn another for making a threat when he has threatened someone too.

In my personal opinion, condemning a threat made to you is your right. It is completely understandable to expose a threat and to attack it. But, when you don’t show the clip on the air, you are hiding something. I may be totally wrong about this, but if someone threatens your life and you have them on video saying it, why do you NOT expose it? For some strange reason, even if you wanted to protect the person making the threat, why wouldn’t you at least air the audio? It is also my opinion that under normal circumstances Glenn Beck has EVERY right to be angry about being threatened; he has NO right to go on the air and express his anger at being threatened when he has threatened Michael Moore.

Am I saying Beck shouldn’t be angry? No. He should be angry and take any threat made seriously and to contact authorities, etc..etc. But, for him to go on the air and tell the world that he is angry about his life being threatened when he has done the same thing, especially since finding the audio clip of Beck threatening Michael Moore is so easy to do, shows that Beck is not only hypocritical but just plain stupid.

My message to Beck is this: Glenn, I salute you for giving Ron Paul the hour you have promised you’d give him. I question your motives for doing it, but nonetheless, you kept your promise and you deserve credit for that. However, you’re still a Neo-con, hypocritical slug who will continue to be the ignorant dickhead you have been for the last 2-3 years. You may have some libertarian stances, but that doesn’t make you a libertarian. You support the Iraq war. That alone violates the libertarian view.

In light of Beck’s blatant hypocrisy, I have made another short film exposing Glenn Beck, the fraud. (Includes the audio of Beck's threat to kill Michael Moore)

Enjoy the film!

Thanks to Paul and Steve Watson at PrisonPlanet for posting my story


pehpsi said...

Nice one mate! That was quick. Your points are totally valid.

Tyrannically Handicapped said...

Adopting his principles and emulating his example.

July 9, 2007
Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters
By jwharton
The greatest phenomenon surrounding Ron Paul's candidacy for the GOP presidential ticket is us. It is abundantly clear he has something going for him that money cannot buy. No doubt the greatest benefit Ron Paul will receive during his campaign will be the free assistance supporters like you and me will give him. If the dollar value of this in terms of time and materials people are donating were to be summated he would be well into the tens of millions.
The powerful message of freedom is very unifying and it impels us to action. Because this is all spontaneous and voluntary, high levels of creativity foster great innovation in many areas of expression and outreach. My hope in writing this open letter is to applaud all that is being done and to give suggestions that will increase the quality and effectiveness of our efforts.
When making comments on web-sites, blogs, etc. increasing the signal to noise ratio would do a lot to propel the Ron Paul campaign forward. Staying on-topic and relevant or not posting anything would put an end to the "spammers" dismissal we currently suffer. Haughty and "your stupid if you don't support Ron Paul" tones in comments are at best unhelpful.

Despite the good many of us do, some supporters' behavior is currently the strongest point to discredit Ron Paul. While we need to be prepared to see fake Ron Paul supporters trying to give him a black-eye from the inside by being rude and insolent, we should make sure we keep the high ground always and courteously dismiss the fakes if they rear up.

For example, I heard a radio interview of Ed Failor whining pitifully about Ron Paul supporters calling his home and screaming obscenities to his wife and children. Ron Paul would never inspire someone to that kind of deplorable behavior because it certainly is not what Ron Paul emanates. These people need to wake up if they think this will help. Ed Failor did Ron Paul a great favor as it turns out so he deserves our thanks. These people should apologize to Ed.

Very intelligent and thoughtful remarks to people's articles are some of the greatest tools to get people to open their mind and give Ron Paul sincere consideration. I generally enjoy the comments more than the articles. It?s how a person can see the character and spirit of the supporters and know their cause is real.

I remember on the "President of Hip Hop" came out with an initially negative depiction of Ron Paul as a racist. To his credit he said he wasn't concluding his opinion but that he encouraged people to look deeper. There were many who made comments thanking him for helping to expose information about Ron Paul and encouraged him to continue to look for positive aspects of Ron Paul's position on racism. A few weeks later he came back and said he decided Ron Paul is definitely not racist and that he deserves much more consideration. This could have just as easily gone the other way. Over zealous Ron Paul supporters could have hastily disparaged and insulted the "President of Hip Hop" and made an enemy out of him. This didn't happen and now we have a lot more friends.

This much I know, the issue here is Freedom. There is no such thing as a free republic that will last very long unless it is a republic of moral (and respectful) people. Not only do we need to get behind Ron Paul and rally for his support, but we each need to look at our own personal lives and see where we can become better people as individuals. There is nothing Ron Paul or the government can do to make us better people. That is our part of the deal and as we succeed on this front we will propel the cause of Freedom ahead. Neither of us can fight the freedom battle all on our own. We need Ron Paul and Ron Paul needs us.

For many decades the enemy of Freedom has been fomenting all kinds of perversions and divisions into our society to drive us apart and weaken us. We need to acknowledge this and realize much of what divides us stems from this artificial corruption of our culture. The time has come to be people worthy of individual freedom and there is no army or mob that can hold the powers of Heaven at bay from wiping away our dividers and oppressors, just as sunlight wipes away the darkness before it.

While I'm on a roll, I urge everyone making signs to avoid profanity and hateful slogans. I recently watched a video of Ron Paul in the parking lot prior to the June 30th rally and there was a very distasteful sign regarding President Bush. It looked so out of place next to a true statesman and founding father figure as Ron Paul. The message of Freedom and its positivism is what will build momentum. Presenting increased beams of light coming from our eyes is much preferable to the vitriol of hatred and profanity towards others. Freedom with respect needs to be the focus to keep the momentum going.

The new Peace and Freedom movement needs to be very careful to avoid internal corruptors. During the War in Vietnam the peace movement started out as a very honorable effort to put an end to a war no more sensible than the current war in Iraq. However, this movement was corrupted by free sex (make love not war), drugs and dehumanizing music becoming rampant among the groups. This was not a natural progressive development but instead it was deliberately infected with a new sub-culture to further erode the moral fabric of our nation and neuter the movement?s message. Let?s do our best to avoid having our movement derailed this time around.

Our revolution for freedom must have an accompanying revival of respect and dignity for ourselves and others in order to break through the chains that bind us down. We must be perpetually vigilant to safeguard the principles of Freedom. In short, if we love Ron Paul and what he stands for, we help him best by adopting his principles and emulating his example.

Kind regards,
Jason L Wharton

Real Truth Online said...

whats your point Jason? that I shouldnt expose hypocritical asses like Glenn Beck? I gave credit where credit was due to him, but nailed him for being the hypocrite he is. I call them like i see them. Better yet, I call them for what they ARE. If they lie, i call them liars. If they are hypocrites, I call them hypocrites. I agree with you that we shouldnt threaten and be childish, but I will not compromise exposing these lying, hypocritical asses that are accessories to the treasonous activities that are destroying this country by covering up, ignoring and distorting the TRUTH. People who truly hate Ron Paul, freedom and the Constitution will not be changed by me being nice to them when they lie, distort and ignore. These people hate America and freedom and they will continue to do so. I appreciate your concern but if youre asking me to compromise---I will not. Kind regards as well.

Anonymous said...

Glenn Back's alleged "Threat" against Michael Moore was, actually, a Public Service Message!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "nice one" Jason.

Fucking loon. hahahahahahahhhahahahaha..

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