Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bush gets something that 3,900 American families won’t get this year (or ever), a call from their child

Another sickening “awww” moment designed to make Bush appear like Ward Clever in a much needed time for him; when he is lying about Iran, his lowest approval ratings ever and 75% of the country wanting the war OVER

by Larry Simons
December 5, 2007

On Wednesday’s Ellen Degeneres Show, Jenna Bush, daughter of President Bush, appeared to promote a stupid book and to be a part of another “awww” moment created to make the Bush family appear “normal”, “sane” or like the average American family. In reality, it was just a psy op by Degeneres to cloud and manipulate the minds of the already fooled and dumbed down in this country.

Is Ellen a part of a conspiracy to make Bush seem like a “regular” guy? Who knows? But it’s really not the point here. The point is, Ellen doesn’t care about getting down to facts or confronting injustices. It’s just a nicey-nice show meant to entertain and remove people from the realities of their lives, even if it’s just for an hour.

What angers me is that in a time of war when soldiers are dying on a daily basis and the majority of this country wants this war over this kind of bullshit TV still fools people, and it makes me want to vomit for various reasons.

First of all, you can’t separate having the daughter of the President on your show, even if it’s to promote a book, from the realities of what is going on in this country. No mention of the war, civil liberties being violated, the latest NIE report on Iran……….nothing. No mention of their family history either…being tied to the bin Laden’s or her great-grandfather Prescott being tied to the Nazis. Nothing. This is the kind of TV you get in America. No wonder 9-11 doesn’t get investigated. We don’t even ask daughters of Presidents tough questions!

One might say, “it was the daughter, not Bush himself on the show”. If O.J. Simpson’s daughter was on the show, would she not be asked about ANYTHING concerning O.J. and Nicole Brown? How much more important are issues about this country than the irrelevant O.J. Simpson?

Secondly, I am tired of celebrities and politicans acting as if they are regular people. While on the phone with her Dad, Jenna says, “You’re not mad are you?”, in which Bush says, “No”. Ellen then says, “"Oh, she's great. She's scared she's going to get in trouble because I just said, `Is it easy to just pick up the phone and call your dad anytime?'"….."And now she's scared she's not going to get any Christmas presents."

Yeah, ok, she’s not going to get any presents. What the fuck does she need????? Her family gets billions from the Saudis and Ellen wants us to believe that she’s a regular person. Obviously, Ellen said that as a joke to make the idiots of America go “ha, ha, ha”.

I am sick of this kind of Beaver Cleaver TV. The country is going to total shit and we are supposed to sit back and laugh while Bush gets to do something that nearly 3,900 families in this country don’t get the privilege of doing…..talking to their children this Christmas…..or EVER AGAIN for that matter. It’s really disgusting and I’m sick of it.

Not one mention of Jenna going to Iraq and fighting either…or even asking if she would. Of course, we already know the answer to this one. In September she told ABC News “I think there are many ways to serve your country. I think ... what's most appropriate for me to do is to teach or to work in UNICEF and represent our country in Latin America."

Why does she get to pick and choose how she serves her country when her father is sending thousands to their deaths every year? Amazing.

Yes, I know. I’m “far left” and un-American for even suggesting that Jenna Bush serve in Iraq. A cause that is SO great and noble and Bush’s own children do not find it great and noble. How dare me!

Watch the stupid video, if you must:


Larry = Bill O'Reilly said...

Larry Simons as you were informed previously, you are not welcome on herald mail's poll site. Please, do not post your comments here on any topic. You are a cyber-stalker who obviously has no education or life whatsoever. People who dispise George Bush can't even stand your lies. You are the Bill O'Reilly of your own site... isn't that enough for you little man? We ask that you go monitor your own pathetic web site even though nobody visits since jas tore you a new arse and dismantled every 9/11 conspiracy theory you have (too bad you're too much of a pussy to debate him and have to delete the real truth).

We see you have a problem with our deleting your hateful, insulting rants towards everyone who disagrees with you but funny how you don't have a problem censoring people on your site. Hypocritical no?

Thank you and have fun spanking it to your imaginary girlfriend tonight you insipid volitile meaningless piece of virgin flesh.

Oh yeah, and your a pussy. Moderate that.

Real Truth Online said...

LOL---personal attacks is all I usually get when the facts cant be addressed. The funniest thing you said is Ima cyber-stalker---from the one who comes to MY site and stalks ME. How is posting on a public site like the Herald Mail when the posts are not addressed to an individual person, but usually a TOPIC stalking? What am I stalking? Topics? LOL You come to MY site and attack me personally---thats not stalking?

Anonymous said...

dodge dodge dodge lol... weak

Real Truth Online said...

yeah, dodge my ass you chicken-shit dickhead. all YOU do is dodge. You dodge EVERY single post on my site asshole. when you DO post stuff, it has NOTHING to do with anything I say in the story. Gee, talk about OFF TOPIC! The story is about Jenna Bush calling Georgie boy on the Ellen show---you have ANYTHING to say about that? Of course not---why? Because Im RIGHT. Thats usually a big sign that I know Im right--when someone posts and they say NOTHING about the story---LOL. You are a fucking COWARD. Too coward to post your REAL name---which I DO, you are too coward to accept my invitation for a DEBATE----an invitation Ive made about 5 times now----only to be IGNORED every time. Too coward to make your OWN site and write your OWN stories---also too STUPID for that. Too coward to face facts. Youre 100% COWARD. Lets see how you spin that, asshole. Funny how you say I censor people, but I just posted your comments. What an ASS you are. I CONSTANTLY prove you wrong and make you out to be the ASS you are. Youre afraid of facts on 9-11, afraid of facts on the illegal war we're in. A SCAREDY CAT 100%!! Not ONE thing you EVER say has any validity or meaning. All you do is personally attack me when I post my stories. My attacks to you is based on TRUTH---because when I call you a chicken shit, a coward or a pussy, its usually after you have dodged my questions, invitations and my stories. When you see a story I do, you say "kook", "nut"----blah, blah, blah-----it makes you look like the total idiot you are. Are you ready for Ron Paul to DOUBLE his record-setting single day amount of 4.3 million? It will happen soon. Then what will you say? Its ONE person giving 10 million dollars? Nope, not possible. Ron Paul doesnt have Saudi buddies like your Lord and savior George Bush does. Ron Paul also has no ties to Hitler and Bin Laden---thats why you hate him so much, no ties to terror.

Anonymous said...

Seems Larry refuses to accept the fact he has been banned from the Herald Mail (and Lord only knows how many other boards)

It is sad to see one person consumed with so much hate and rage.

Moonbats like Larry love to use dead soldiers as political pawns to tryt and score political points - but they want to have them cut and run and surrender to the terrorists in Iraq's disgusting ad, the insults and sliming from Democrats like Kerry, Kennedy, and Durbin are common happenings - and sums up how moonbats like Larry really view the troops

Real Truth Online said...

i dont fucking care about the Herald Mail. They, like the rest of the media report NOTHING important. I love to use dead soldiers to score points??? I want them HOME dickhead!! You want them DEAD!!!! We CREATED the terrorists in IRAQ!! IRAQ had NOTHING to do with 9-11 and I hope to see the day when Bush and Cheney are imprisoned or executed for war crimes. Why do u keep mentioning DEMOCRATS?? I hate them too!!!!! I want Ron Paul as President!! HES A REPUBLICAN!!!!!! Unlike your NEOCON GOONS WHO LOVE BOMBING THE FUCKING WORLD!! What about Rush Limbaugh saying "the PHONY soldiers?????????" No mention of THAT huh?? Make your OWN blog! Too stupid for it--thats why u dont! Why do u keep STALKING me?? LOL. COWARD still going under Anonymous!

Anonymous said...

If you do not about the Herald mail, why do you still post there?

Moonbats like you use dead troops as props to try and oush your desire for surrender and appeasement to the terrorists.

They have been all but driven out, and the people of Iraq are standing up to them, and tens of thousands are coming home

This is your worst nightmare coming to pass - after years of screaming the war is lost, we are winning

The made up "phony soldier" comment was directed toward one gut who the liberal media "reported" on. He made up lies about crimes committed by US troops - he never made it out of boot camp, let alone to Iraq

BTW, Rush turned Harry "the war is lost" Reids letter to Rush's boss into a $.2 million donation to a US Marine Corp charity

Anything "story" that fits the liberal medias predetermine dview of the US and her miltary is given front page coverage

Meanwhile the progres being made is downplayed or ignored

Real Truth Online said...

youre a fucking dickhead. You STILL ignore and DODGE the fact that 2007 is the DEADLIEST year of the war. Rush said "phony SOLDIERS" (PLURAL)---and if that fatass had nothing to hide then WHY when he replayed the tape on his radio show did he remove over TWO MINUTES from the ORIGINAL clip????? He said "phony soldierSSSSSSSSS" TWO AND A HALF MINUTES BEFORE he mentioned Jesse McBeth! I have a post on here where I made a film about that very thing. I'll look up the date of the post and you can watch the film----not that FACTS would change your pea fucking brain! Why do you keep bringing up DEMOCRATS like I agree with them?? The Democrats are assholes! I agree with you!!! How many fucking times do I have to say that? It just kills you that I dont fit into the typical "liberal" that you love to bash. I have conservative beliefs like I believe abortion is wrong. I want a REPUBLICAN to be our next President and I hate Democrats too-----all of that just kills you, doesnt it?? Good job addressing Keith's special comment-----I take it that you couldnt REFUTE it since you made NO COMMENT about it! LOL What a fucking waste of a human life you are! Go back to fucking O' Reilly in the ass like you usually do, SHEEP. Who's he going to interview next? Dora the Explorer??? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Real Truth Online said...

October 4, 2007 is the date of my Rush Limpballs story. Im sure you havent read it or WONT read it. Too many FACTS for you to face or handle. You dont even have to READ anything. I made it EASY for your pea brain to follow, its in FILM form---and you still wont bother. If you love the war so much----ENLIST and GO FIGHT! Ahhhhhh, different story now isnt it? You love the war so much when its OTHER PEOPLE fighting it! When I suggest YOU to go fight-----it's a big fat "NO" right?? CHICKENSHIT!!!!

Anonymous said...

D-Day was a deadly day - would you have demanded we leave Europe after taking the beaches? You moonbat libs are consumed with surrender and appeasement in Iraq

It must kill you inside to se Pres Bush was correct when he said the surge would bring results

The Rush attack was created to take the attention off the kook lefts "Gen Betray Us" ad

As with most BS from the moonbats, it backfired. Rush came out on top and the kooks (like you) are even more hate filled and desperate

Real Truth Online said...

Well, since WWII was APPROVED and AUTHORIZED by Congress then NO, I wouldnt have been against it!! DUMBASS! Only a DUMBFUCK like YOU would compare Iraq with WWII.

Although, it is PROVEN now that Roosevelt KNEW about Pearl Harbor in advance, that would make it an unconstitutional war, because only incidents that threaten America's safety makes wars we get involved in Constitutional, but Im sure since you HATE the Constitution and dont know ONE THING it says, you would disagree.

The surge is working? You might want to call the U.S. Army then and tell them they hate America for posting on their website that 2007 is the DEADLIEST YEAR OF THE WAR so far. Ive only said that 6 times now, and like everything else, you choose to ignore it. If I had your brain, I would take a pistol and blow my brains out (what little there is---it shouldnt make much of a mess). Do you ever READ anything (well, I mean EXCEPT for Mein Kempf) Do you ever read BOOKS, watch anything EXCEPT FIXED News? Do you???

LOL!!!! Funny you mention the Betray Us line and Rush in the same sentence!!! RUSH was the one who FIRST said that! I will find the link to the site and post it!! This PROVES you dont watch ANYTHING but FOX NEWS!!! Where do you get this word "Moonbats"? Who uses that? Rush? hannity????

Real Truth Online said...

Listen to the clip above--Rush Dickballs used the "Betray Us" line FIRST when he used it on Chuck Hagel on his radio show on January 25, 2007. REFUTE THAT asshole!!!

Real Truth Online said...

God it feels so damned GOOD being right ALL the time. When will you be right ONCE???

Real Truth Online said...

I noticed that you STILL havent posted on the Keith Olbermann special comment thread. Hmm, wonder why?

Oh, and by the way---why do you keep STALKING ME? This is MY site. Im not coming to YOUR site. Oh yeah, thats right--u have no site---youre too stupid to create one. LOL