Thursday, November 29, 2007

One more item to add to the list of things O’ Liar loves more than protecting troops: MONEY

Cuban: I had someone call FoxNews and tell them specifically, unequivocally that we wanted to run an ad for the movie Redacted.

FOX’s reply: No problem. Do you want to run the ads in both the live show and the repeat ?

by Larry Simons
November 28, 2007

Bill O’ Loofah keeps amazing me. He continues to surpass himself in the levels of hypocrisy that only Billo can achieve…and THAT takes some doing! He continues to smear Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban over his financing of the movie “Redacted” although 1) he’s never seen it, 2) Mark Cuban has done more for the troops and military recruiting in the past month than O’ Liar has done in his entire career and 3) (are you ready for this?)…..they (FOX) have aired trailers of the film “Redacted” during The O’ Reilly Factor!

Yes, that’s right folks. O’ Reilly claims the movie is “vile, awful, and anti-American” and the film could “PUT OUR TROOPS IN DANGER” but when Mark Cuban’s CASH is flashed under O’ Reilly’s nose, O’ Reilly just can’t resist cashing in. Let me get this straight Loofah boy….the movie itself is a “danger to the troops” but airing the trailer for the film during YOUR show isn’t a “danger to the troops”?

At this point, I would normally say “unbelievable”, but it’s not unbelievable. This all falls in line with how much of a pathetic, flaming FRAUD Billo really is! The FACT is, there is no doubt in my mind that The Lord of Loofahs has generated at least thousands more people to see this film that would have never seen the film if O’ Liar had just IGNORED IT! There’s one main reason Billo mentions these “vile, awful, anti-American” things (OTHER than the MONEY from the ads): He knows that this film will actually do well and what better way to get more viewers to watch his failing show than to stir up controversy….where no controversy exists.

Keith Olbermann does a great story on this from Monday’s “Countdown”:

and here is Keith mentioning from a previous show the fact that O’ Reilly aired the clip of “Redacted” during The O’ Reilly Factor:

Here is the clip that aired at approximately 8:37pm on November 15, 2007 during The O’ Reilly Factor

Perhaps, there’s no one better to shed some light on this story than Mark Cuban himself. The following is from Cuban’s website “Blog Maverick”:

Bill OReilly - Principle vs Money?
Nov 16th 2007 5:45PM
by Mark Cuban

To say Mr OReilly has had it in for me the last month or so would be an understatement. Every day he seemed to take pride in calling me every name in the book and questioning my patriotism. I've already covered my feelings on that subject in blog posts here and here. I've talked about what I, or anyone can do to serve their country here.

What I was curious about was whether this really was important to Mr OReilly, or whether he was just a ratings whore and would say whatever he needed to say to get more people to watch.

I needed to design a very simple test to determine Mr OReilly's motivation. It occured to me to see if FoxNews would take an ad for the movie Redacted.

I had someone call FoxNews and tell them specifically, unequivocally that we wanted to run an ad for the movie Redacted. The same movie Bill OReilly was so upset about.

They said no problem. Do you want to run the ads in both the live show and the repeat ?

Our first reaction was that this was just the sales department and at some point , someone at FoxNews would step in and stop the ads from running. The call to say they were stopping the ads never came.

The ad ran in both shows. Here is a link with Bill's smiling face at the end.

So Mr OReilly , the king of the OReilly Factor, the man who called this movie Anti American and said erroneously it could cause harm to American Troops, was willing to overlook those points and take our money to promote the movie.

We aren't talking about an ad in a show that Mr OReilly has an interest in. This is an ad in the TV show that bears his name. This is a show that he controls from top to bottom. He knowingly took multiple ads for a movie that he he hasnt seen, but believes to be vile. What does that say about Mr OReilly

Of course Mr OReilly can make the argument that he is not involved in the sale of ads, he leaves that to other people. OK, but lets think about the scenario at Fox News if that is the case.

If Mr OReilly doesnt know about the ads, I would think that the people at his show would know and care about his positions, wouldnt you ?" So the question is, do they know that Mr OReilly is all about the money first , last and every bit in between and thats why they took the ad ?

Or is it that they know exactly what Mr OReilly stands for and hate him for it, or could care less what he thinks and they took the ad to spite him ?

Is it that no one involved with Mr OReilly actually watches the show ? Which is why after the ad ran in the live show, no one caught it and had it replaced in the replay ?

its about responsibility Mr OReilly.

And while Im on the subject of Mr OReilly and his ethics, let me add a couple thoughts:

In response to Mr OReilly's comments that "he is going to be my worst nightmare". Well you have succeeded Mr OReilly. The people who take you literally took it upon themselves to call my businesses with bomb threats, threaten employees, myself and others with physical harm and wish every manor of death , injury and illness on us all. They also managed to fill up the telephone lines of the Fallen Patriot Fund so that we couldn't conduct business, and maybe its coincidence, but the fund's website went offline for the first time ever yesterday.

What say you Mr OReilly


Anonymous said...

No comment on your anti US military hit pieces bombing at the box office Larry?

Real Truth Online said...

Yeah, no comment, because Im not the one BOTHERED by it like BILLO is. I dont care about the movie---AT ALL. AT ALL. Why dont you address the video clip of BILLO showing the REDACTED TRAILER on HIS OWN SHOW on November 15??? Its on THIS POST! Just LOOK UP---but you wont, because you HATE FACTS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Then answer this question too after you IGNORE the REDACTED trailer during O' Reillys show: Did the troops kill an Iraqi family last year after beating them and raping them? Or was that all made up? Did it happen or not? Hmmm???????? Hmmm??????? Is that story a lie???? Hmmm?????? Hmmmmmmm??????????????? I'm sure Ill be ignored on BOTH of these points!! God I LOVE being RIGHT!! LOL